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Creepy Images on the Frontpage of BZP....

Toa Smoke Monster


Last month, when we got a preview for the Winter Toy Shop set, this image of what appears to be a guy holding a Juggle's head mounted to a staff was on the frontpage:



This month, when the Luke Skywalker contraction set was reviewed, this creepy image of Luke Skywalker staring into your consciousness was on the frontpage:




And both of these were posted before Halloween. It makes me wonder what we will see on the frontpage when October get here. :P

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So, three more creepy images, then a the final sixth image on halloween, which shall be the final piece in a plan to conquer not just the world but all worlds beyond it, while also gaining myriads of servants made soulless by the aforementioned creepy images? Just look at that Luke. The eyes want to eat your soul. It consumes souls, because it does not have one.


I must confess, I am made soulless by these images. Luke has absorbed my soul and I SERVE HIM FOR ETERNITY.

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