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Online Coursing (& Other School Thoughts)



I'm taking my first fully online course this semester. I'm taking two. I took a hybrid part-online-part-live course last semester and that didn't...go so hot. But so far these haven't been too bad. I'm only going to university 3 days of the week, so I generally have time to work on the online stuff, but man, work piles up fast. This stuff is neverending. My first year in university I had a pretty...let's call it "lax" approach to my classes. Pretty much never did any of the assigned readings, did half-hearted or rushed or last-minute work on most everything and just was pretty lazy in my attitude towards university. And I...well, I did still end up with mostly A's and high B's and stuff, so I guess that worked out fine for me while it lasted, but this semester where two of the classes rely entirely on me actually having some motivation to do stuff and keeping up with work, well...after the first week back I realized this wasn't working out at all.


So now I'm really trying to change my approach. Usually the idea of studying or doing homework was always such a drag because I had all this other fun stuff to do, so I guess I've finally come to realize I don't necessarily need to do only one or the other (so I'm taking breaks in between work and stuff, keeping motivation up). And it's been going well, actually. I've been doing all the work I have to, turning in or finishing things usually ahead of time. Trying to keep up. I will say, having taken the same haphazard approach to schooling all throughout k-12 that I did in my first semester in university, this whole "paying attention and doing my work" thing feels pretty weird, but it's cool. Every year I'm like "this time i'll get down to business and become a good student." Only took me 19 years to finally do it. Better late than never, I suppose.


I think I've been having less stress as a result of all this, anyway. Can't complain (too much).


Anyway, the online courses sure are new to me. Odd thing, working at my pace. Having the lectures available to watch whenever it's convenient during the week instead of at a set time is definitely, well, convenient, though. As is the fact that often I can play the lecture video at faster speeds. Such a time saver. Real life is missing out.


I also like the fact that if I get kinda bored during an online lecture I can just start playing with my toys to avoid falling asleep. Real life really is missing out.

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