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My top 10 bonkles



I finally decided to sit down and make a list of my favorite 10 bionicle sets pre-2015. This got a little weird for me. While I was compiling this, I realized I wasn't being completely objective, as far as how the sets stands alone as a set. I decided, however, to keep going like this. Take this list as not a strictly objective view of the sets. This is just a list of my favorite sets/characters. Also I should say that this list will probably change as I continue to fill in my collection. I don't own any of the 08/09 vehicle sets, and I know those are highly regarded sets and for good reason. Okay. Here we gooooo.....


1. Brutaka

I think this is a pretty obvious and fair choice. This is definitely one of the most well built sets we ever got. Brutaka should be at the top of everyone's list. Everything from his custom feet, up to his olmak, is perfect. We even got extra articulation from his hidden daggers. His streamlined shape and figure is definitely a masterpiece of a Lego set.


2. Sidorak

This is definitely a very subjective opinion. Sidorak is more or less my favorite character from the entire generation. His set has always been one of my favorites as well. Even though he has some weird articulation and posing restrictions, I have still always loved him. His shape and flow always worked really well for me, especially because I myself have always been a very tall and slender person. He is also one of the only 05 sets with the ability to hold his rhotuka in place. Considering the fact that every single figure from 05 had a rhotuka spinner, it was definitely a big deal to me that he could effectively hold his in place. His custom

Built head was always one of my favorites as well. I'll stop talking about sidorak now. I love him.


3. Karzahni

This is a set that I only very recently came into possession of. I spent a lot of time, before I owned him, looking over pictures of him and speculating as to how much I would actually like it once it was in my hands. He's also one of my favorite characters from the entire generation. After finally getting this set and building it, I instantly fell in love with it. There are some obvious flaws with it, mainly the various lose spikes that decorate him, but I still very much love this set. The extra matoran and trap are also pretty great. You get 4 sets in 1! That's amazing! If there was a pre-mutation karzahni set, that would probably have been my number 1 pick. But alas, we got weird mutant karzahni instead, and he's still pretty freakin sick.


4. Tarakava

The Tarakava was the first bionicle set I ever got. I was 9 years old, and they were the greatest things ever. This is what started it all for me. Nostalgia aside, they're still two of the coolest things we ever got. Two giant treaded lizard things that box? Oh yeahhhh. They still are some of the most fascinating looking things we ever got, and I still love playing with them some 14 years later.


5. Makuta

This was the first time we got the big bad, and this is definitely my favorite incarnation of him. Everything about this set just screams HEY IM A BAD DUDE WHO DOES BAD STUFF. I was so bummed when his mask in MOL was changed. The set form kraahkan is one of the coolest masks ever. I always loved this set, even though his legs are basically immobile. I still love it for what it is and visually, it's one of the coolest looking sets.


6. Maxilos

This is another obvious pick, and the only reason he isn't higher, is because of the nostalgia I have attached to the previous sets on the list. Maxilos rules and if you don't agree, I feel sorry for you.


7. Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo

I wanted to include the toa metru on this list somehow, and I felt choosing Lhikan was the best way to do this. The metru were my favorite toa we got in G1. Lhikan was probably the best metru build toa. His hau is awesome, and his twin swords are even more awesome. Kikanalo is also a really impressive piece. His build is sturdy and strong, and his custom built head is another one of the best ones we ever got. The two of the them together make for a quite memorable and awesome set.


8. Lesovikk

This is one of the few vehicle sets I currently own. I always really liked Lesovikk as a character, and I definitely always loved the set. Lesovikk himself is just a regular inika/piraka build, but I always liked him more than most other sets built in this style. His sea sled thing is awesome too. Mounted cordak blasters are always a plus.


9. Krekka

Most people seem to not like Krekka. I've always loved this set a lot. Despite the obvious lack of elbows, everything about his build and functions are just awesome. He looks super complex and robotic. This has always greatly appealed to me. I proudly have him on display and I always will. He's definitely one of the most fun builds I've ever put together.


10. Takanuva

For similar reasons as Lhikan, I chose Takanuva as a representative for the mata/nuva sets. It's where this all began, and I had to include that era of toa somewhere on this list. Takanuva is a fine choice, I think, with both his role as the coveted 7th toa and the inclusion of the ussanui in the set. The ussanui is pretty sick and was always one of my favorite looking vehicles. Takanuva himself just rules. It's hard to beat that gold avohkii. Nostalgia rush. MOL. Good memories. Happy times. Yay!


Okay so that about does it. I purposely did not include anything from G2. The new generation of sets are honestly some of the best sets we ever got, but we still have several years to see where this will go. I am super hyped bionicle is back and I can't get over how great it's honestly been so far. All the issues aside, G2 bionicle rules and I can't wait for 2016!!

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