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inbetween flights

Akaku: Master of Flight


Hey guys, mobile bzp is so weird! Ill respond to yall's pms once im back on a desktop around this time tommorow. Right now im at calgary international airport, between a connected flight from vancouver to my home in ontario, where ill be visiting my family for the holidays. Quite excited!


So... ive got around 40 minutes to kill, so ill talk about things.


Terrible comics is off to a terrible start, really. But it was to be expected :P hopfully we get less terrible as time goes on! I have faith in us, or at least faith in my fellow authors :)


Lotn is still ongoing. It was put on hold by a wwii comic i was doing for school with just as much time and details put into it, which i cant put here since historically accurate flags and uniforms of a certain country involved probably aren't appropriate here :P


ive learned alot though, certainty a few things already that will help drastically with improving efficiency behind the scenes, but there will also be some noticable improvements in the comic itself. And im still learning more next term, too! :D


anyways the formatting is starting to be weird and buggy in my entry so im going to stop there for now.


Happy holidays, everyone! :)


--Akaku: master of flight

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