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Re: Smash Bros.



Last Smash Bros. Direct yesterday.


Cannot believe that yet another Fire Emblem character is being added, and one from a game that's not even out yet, no less. I was pretty upset at first, but now I'm just disappointed. Corrin is the last Nintendo character to be added to Smash 4. This would've been a great opportunity to put in an iconic/classic character from Nintendo's rich history - looking at you, K Rool and Isaac - but instead they went for what's pretty much a blatant cash grab with FE Fates being released soon. As far as I know, pretty much nobody cares about this character. The very faint silver lining is that his moveset looks somewhat decent. No excitement for or interest in this character whatsoever.


I am excited for Cloud, though, who's actually an iconic character who a lot of people have wanted in Smash as a pipe dream for years. Haven't bought him yet, but I plan to do so soon. I thought it was kind of dumb that so much time in the Direct was spent showing off his moveset (and the movesets of the other characters) - the important thing to show in the Direct is that something is in the game in the first place; I'd rather read detailed information on the website later. Eh.


Bayonetta looks cool; she's someone I'd been hoping would make it for a while even if I've never played her games. I was pretty disappointed that they only included one character from the ballot, though, since there were doubtless dozens of characters who did well in the ballot and would fit very well in Smash. Ah, well, guess there's always Smash 5.


I guess there was a "goodbye" closing sequence but I was too busy being sad about Wolf not making it to pay attention. Back to Project M we go.


too bad PM died for a Knuckles Mii costume


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There were plenty of people who wanted Corrin. For Smash 5. We didn't think that it was even possible, so many Corrin fans didn't even vote or campaign for him. Sure, there's a ton of others I would have wanted more, but this is fine.


I think K. Rool and Isaac suffer from a lack of appearances. Obviously, with the way DLC has gone, there are virtually no "rules" about who can and can't be in Smash, but Sakurai does seem to be avoiding retro characters unless the characters themselves are classics--not just their games. Duck Hunt and Little Mac match that. K. Rool, unfortunately, hasn't even appeared in a DK game since the N64, and he hasn't appeared in the DKC series since Retro got a hold of it. Isaac, meanwhile, was only the main protagonist of one game.


As I recall it, Sakurai once said in an interview that he almost passed on Ganondorf because he wasn't sure if he was likely to appear in another game besides OoT. But as a Ridley fan, I wouldn't take Sakurai at his exact words. He's dreadfully inconsistent.

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I'd be down for Corrin in Smash 5 if his game is popular internationally and he's a good character within the source material and he's still popular several years down the road. It's just too soon to tell. Also, I'm not really into Fire Emblem at all, but doesn't his Smash appearance involve spoilers for his actual game?


That's an interesting observation that I hadn't noticed before. Still, online polls, unreliable though they may be, seem to indicate that K Rool and Isaac probably did reasonably well in the ballot, which I'd hope would indicate to Sakurai that they're popular enough to warrant inclusion. But, as you say, who can fathom the mind of the all-powerful Samurai?


So anyway, where do I board the Sma5h hype train again?

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I would be shocked if Fates fails internationally. And, while I've been avoiding spoilers as best I can, it sounds like Corrin is one of the most popular characters within his game (moreso if he is a she). As for the future, yeah, we can't tell yet. And no, his dragon form doesn't spoil anything. It was already in the trailers. Omega Yato, I don't know, but people have told me that doesn't really spoil anything either.


The ballot apparently only affected two characters: Cloud and Bayonetta. (He mentioned that Cloud was the most requested Squeenix character.) I'm sure Sakurai noticed, otherwise Geno and K. Rool wouldn't have gotten Mii constumes. But apparently only one character was going to win, and that was Bayonetta. I'm sure he'll keep some of those characters in mind for Smash 5, but that's no guarantee, either.


They haven't built the rails for that train yet. But the tracks are being mapped out on the NX Railroad. Choo-choo!

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