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I Finally Gave In...

Toa Smoke Monster


I think I've stated this sometime before, but I really don't like ordering stuff online. I much prefer to go to a store and get whatever I need/want to get. This applies to Bionicle sets, video game consoles and games, books, and anything else I want to buy. Maybe its just a fear of having my info hacked and losing money from it, or maybe its something else. I'm not sure. But I try to not buy things off the Internet unless I absolutely have no other choice.


Which brings me to the closest bookstore to where I live, a Barnes and Noble, and the latest Bionicle book, The Revenge of the Skull Spiders. As you may know, this Bionicle book came out last month. But according to the Barnes and Noble website, my nearest store STILL doesn't have it on their store shelves as of this entry! It's been over a month since it came out, and the site still says the store doesn't have it. It baffles me.


And for anyone wondering why I just don't go to the store myself and just to see if the book is there, I don't really want to do that because the store is almost seven miles from my house. And since I work five days out of the week and usually have other stuff to do on my two days off, making that drive while not knowing for sure that the book is there isn't exactly something I want to do.


So I caved and just bought it off the Barnes and Noble website. Again, its not something I like to do. But I really want to read this book, especially since I've heard that its almost entirely new content. So I figured this would be worth an exception.


The site told that the book will be here Monday. Hopefully it will be, as I look forward to finally reading it.

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When I first went to pick it up the day it came out, I was told that not only did they not have it, they weren't going to stock it save for online. So I ordered it from Amazon. Because as much as I'd hate for Barnes & Noble to go the way of Borders, physical locations are the only thing they have over Amazon and if they aren't going to stock the books I want there then I can save money by taking my business elsewhere.

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