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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D



Going to try and cover the games as I play them this year. No clue how long that will last haha.


But first up in 2016 is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, the first game I played this year and the first one I beat. I've now played four games in The Legend of Zelda! While the previous three were all very different, this one did feel like more of the same. Which it obviously should have, being a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. That's not a bad thing in the least, though. In fact it made getting into the game very easy, since there wasn't a whole lot unfamiliar. Except, of course, the masks.


Those were an interesting mechanic. A few were just a pain to acquire - I did do a 100% run - while some were just plain useless. Besides the transformations, I used the Bunny Hood and Blast Mask the most. The Bunny Hood was just great. Loved being able to move faster once I acquired it. The transformations were really fun to use too. Now that was an exciting change. Rolling around as a Goron was a blast. I like that each didn't feel totally useless after you completed their corresponding jungles. It all just depended on how you wanted to play and where you wanted to explore, which was cool.


Unfortunately, I do have to admit that I absolutely required a guide. I don't think I could have completed the game 100% without one. Certainly beat it in time (which reminds me I should go try and beat Majora without using Fierce Deity because that was too easy), but not fully. I don't know how much easier the remake was compared to the original; there were parts, notably boss battles, where I felt it might have been too simple. But I'm not sure. I got through the swamp and mountain, including getting most things in those areas, on my own. But before I went to the ocean I decided to go back and get the dungeon faeries and it was just all downhill from there... Used a guide probably too much. I tried to do the puzzles on my own, but was still constantly referencing for hidden items. Plus all those side quests for masks... Like Anju and Kafei ugh...


I still liked the game. The time crunch was very annoying at times, but I know it's part of what made the game different and don't hate it. After learning the inverted song of time it was hardly an issue anyway. I just can't help but feel a little guilty about how I ended up playing it.


Totally another solid game in the series and has me looking forward to more. I'll be playing Twilight Princess next, but who knows what others I might end up checking out this year.



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They did simplify the bosses for the remake. Their balloon eye weak points are all new, as is Gyorg's second phase and the entirety of the Twinmold fight. But the Majora fight is pathetically easy in both versions if you have the Fierce Deity.

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They simplified the bosses in the remakes? Wow... Well, Gyorg was a pain in the neck and Twinmold was really easy to screw up by you simply running out of magic juice. Ghot was difficult as well, but very forgiving when it came to messing up. Odolwa was probably the only boss that was "easy" (sans Deity mask) in the original.


Majora isn't a hugely difficult fight to win, I think, but it certainly has its moment. It can be somewhat fun, even.


Most of the masks are one off masks used for specific side-quests. Some are fun though, like the Bremen Mask. I like to just march around Clock Town wearing it XD The side-quests to get some of the masks (I though) were fun, too. Especially the Anju-Kafei side quest 8D

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I thought the eyes were kind of a weird thing. I think Gyorg is the one I had the most difficulty with just because I couldn't figure out the second phase for a bit. And even when I did, kept screwing up so it was just becoming frustrating.


On Anju and Kafei, having to do it twice to get all items was a drag. It was certainly the most interesting side quest at least. Oh, and I did like all of the ones at Romani's Ranch.

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See, I'm not sure what you're talking about with a second phase for Gyorg. *looks it up* Wow. That is a completely different fight. I mean, it is utterly different. In the original, you have to stun him, and then jump in the water and zap him with the Zora form's electrical field.


*looks up the other bosses* Odolwa used to just be "slash his legs." No specific weak point. Goht didn't change much, apparently, besides the addition of the seemingly optional weak point. Twinmold is also a very different fight. You were given the Giant's Mask well before the fight, and both worms were handled the same way: sword to the face or tail. Alternatively you could apparently use fire and ice arrows (against the blue and red tails respectively). You also couldn't do any of this "grab the boss" stuff O_o that does sound kinda fun, though. And Majora itself seems to have been unchanged as far as I can tell.


Romani Ranch and the Anju/Kafei quests are great stuff. I've always wondered, though, would it be at all possible to do both in the same period? Because making the first meet with Anju would put you really close to being late for the Romani Ranch invasion.

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