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Pohatu & Ketar



Acquired Pohatu + Ketar.


Let's start with Ketar.


Ketar is... Ketar. A bit awkward constructed, if anything. Especially compared to the other creatures. Its back does not look pretty, which is bad since that's what you see from the sides and from the top. I don't understand why the glatorian necks that hold the arms have the axles of the gear pieces poking out through them. Why not use one of those Ikir uses to prevent the y-joints from having the axle pieces poke through them? It's just two small pieces and an incredibly simple solution that would go some way to improving Ketar's appearance. There's no reason not to have them. Then there's the tail. This really highlights why CCBS needs an equivalent of that y-joint variant that was common titan sets 2004-2006. Or instead of that, instead of the angled dual-connector thing, why not use one of the ordinary non-angled dual-connector and add one of those singular ball joints onto the end, then the CCBS bone portion of the tail? Along with some more bones to make the tail longer. Gives the tail articulation without sacrificing the function. And why the random gunmetal piece of unification? Ketar already has silver, Pohatu has silver, the only set that does have a gunmetal piece of unification is Umarak so there is really no reason for the piece of unification to be gunmetal instead of silver. As it is, it's one of the two colours really taking away from Ketar's colour scheme. The other is the dark brown. It would be fine if they were tan like the vorox armour piece and Pohatu's torso. or even silver. Also, I don't think the dark brown works well with the transparent neon green, not as much as burnt orange or dark tan do. I think the nicest thing I can say about Ketar is that Ketar looks fine as long as you look away from the torso.


Pohatu, thankfully, is much better. He's the Toa of Stone. The silver works decently well. Though I'm not sure if the transparent neon green armour on the transparent green bones work. Transparent-on-transparent worked on Onua because transparent purple isn't as eye-blinding and only noticeable in bright light, but transparent neon green is very noticeable except in dim or no light. So it's a huge mass of bright in a set with otherwise dark colours. The shells should be dark tan or burnt orange rather than what they are. Preferably burnt orange. On a more positive note, I like the shoulders. Out of Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu, I think Pohatu makes the best use of Voroxiculus Scapulosis (commonly known as 'Vorox Shoulder Syndrome). It makes his shoulders look either wider than they are or narrower than they are, I can't really tell. But it does help carry a desert feel, especially with the lower part of the glatorian neck exposed and the bohrok teeth. He's got a pretty nice weapon. Simple, but it works. It's not a spear (spears have shorter blades, I think) and the rock is nice. Strangely, the crystal piece Pohatu uses seems to be blended between silver and a very odd shade of transparent green. It's not quite transparent neon green, as in some lights it resembles the transparent regular green Uxar and Umarak use. But it's not transparent regular green either. So I don't know what colour it is exactly, but it's a weird colour. I like the new mask of Pohatu. If only because the top has more detailing on it. Last year, Pohatu looked a bit bald (especially with the drained version of the mask) after a while and that bothered me.


Unification: ...I don't even know. Pohatu gains... not armour. Not wings. Something. It's something. It doesn't really look as good as the other unifications. Nor does it look good. Nor does it give Pohatu anything useful. Ketar's just a weight on Pohatu's back that doesn't add anything useful. Ketar's blade-claw-things aren't useful since they have extremely limited articulation while not having that great a reach while on Pohatu's back, and the tail's too short to give Pohatu a stinger tail. The legs are too short to wrap around Pohatu's torso to give him extra armour, and it just ends up looking odd if you try. I totally get why Pohatu hates scorpios now - they make him carry then on his back, and give nothing useful. If anyone can make sense of Pohatu's useless unification, it's not me.


Ketar, Ketar. Worst creature, worst unification.

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