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Metroid Prime Federation Force: Project Golem Trailer

Toa Smoke Monster



Since I'm posting some Metroid-related stuff on my blog for the theme's 30th anniversary, I'd thought I would post this here and give you all my thoughts on it.


1. I like that it mentions Samus's fight against Phazon. From the way it sounds, it looks like this game's story takes place after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Though that's just a guess on my part.


2. I really like how the game looks. It definitely has the 'Metroid' feel IMO.


3. From watching some of the game play, I kind of get Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes vibes. In that you could play the game in single player, but could also do it in multiplayer. I don't know if that is true, since what I know about the game is solely based on this trailer and the announcement trailer from E3 2015. But it does look like that is what going to be in this game from what I'm seeing.


4. Federation soldiers using mech suits in battles. That alone makes this game cooler to me. :P


5. And finally, those Space Pirates look great. They really have the 'Metroid Prime' feel going for them.


Overall, I actually looking forward to this game. Is it the Metroid game I was expecting to see after Other M? No. But I'm willing to give this game a shot, and I hope other Metroid fans do as well. Who knows? Maybe this could be a great entry into the franchise. We'll see when it comes out.


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It can be a solo player game, actually. Which is something I think a lot of people have missed, since I think it was only just stealth confirmed on the Nintendo site. xD

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The whole situation makes me a little sad. On one hand I understand why the fans are frustrated as Nintendo seems to have a habit of leaving franchises with no updates for years on end and this really isn't a standard Metroid game. But on the other hand it looks interesting and fun and this backlash can't be fun for the creators if the game. Plus the outspoken fans are handling it quite poorly.


I for one will be getting it as it does look enjoyable and interesting.

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originally i was very much unhappy with the game because i thought it was just sportball and that was all...probably because i missed part of the first announcement


now it looks like a fun co-op metroid prime like game and thus i'm looking forwards to it.

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After all the time I spent with Metroid Prime Hunters I think Federation Force looks fun, I am excited to play co-op with friends. The Prime series is honestly my favorite part of Metroid and this might open the series up to new fans.


I think Federation Force will be a lot of fun and could have some good challenge with co-op.

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From that new footage, it looks a lot more like a successor to Hunters than the earlier footage suggested. It actually looks a bit like a Metroid game now, which is good.



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