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Stuck for 10 More Days



So Homestuck's ending in 10 days.


So that's pretty weird. I mean, it's weird, right? It's pretty weird. It's gonna end on its 7th birthday. Seven years is a pretty long time for a comic to last, even if a couple of those have been pretty empty. I've only been following it for about 5 and a half years, even if a couple of those have been pretty empty, but that's still a lot. Like, that's a lot.


That's gonna be weird. In two weeks I'm gonna be able to say "oh yeah, Homestuck ended on Wednesday" and what even is that sentence? It doesn't even compute.


A lot of people used to be into Homestuck back in like, 2010-12. Especially on this site, which on late 2010 was basically full of MSPA fans. Not as many people are into it as much these days, or at least it seems that way. And with all those empty years and such, I suppose it is only to be expected.


But hey, I'm still into it. There are some things I'm not that big a fan of of the latest parts of the comic, but eh. It's Homestuck, and I love Homestuck. And it's ending. So that's weird.


I wanted to do a reread when the comic was over. Or, like, leading up to it. Back when the Gigapause started and that was supposed to be the pause to end it all, and apparently it would all then be posted in one go (ha and a bigger, louder ha), I wanted to be able to read the whole thing. That obviously didn't exactly happen, since the comic didn't end in 2014 as one would have thought, and I lost track of time so now I'm 10 days away from the ending and I'm on, what, page 2 out of some 8080+ pages?


And I mean, it's all ending on the 13th but EoA6 is this Wednesday. I kinda wanna catch the EoA. So, two days, 8080+ pages, 817500+ words, 100+ flashes....


I can do it, probably. Probably definitely. Defs totes...


So yeah, the end is nigh. Maybe Hiveswap will be nigh at some point too.

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It's odd, a few years ago it felt like it'd never end - felt like it'd just keep going somehow. Kind of feels odd that it felt like it was meant to end three years ago or so. and back then it was only four years after it started. Now it's seven years after it started, and it's ending. Think that's kind of overwhelming a lot of the fans right now. It's certainly overwhelming me. 


Even the seemingly endless things end.

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