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G1 Mystery Solved

In the 2005 film 'BIONICLE: WEB OF SHADOWS', a work of absolute and unparalleled art, the character RAHAGA NORIK (a small red helicopter rahkshi turaga) explains about the MYTHICAL RAHI KEETONGU. Another character, ONEWA HORDIKA, misinterprets this as the KEY TO NONGU, a legendary artefact. The mystery is not (it is a key) what it is or where it can be found, but what it unlocks.


Thus I present to you our guess: in all of GENERATION ONE BIONICLE, there is only one candidate that fits. They are the GAHLOK. But this then presents a problem, as there are multiple Gahlok. Thus, we can eliminate the Gahlok and we are left with... GAHLOK-KAL. If we were to tell ONEWA, regardless of form, about GAHLOK-KAL, it is likely it would be misinterpreted as the 'GAH-LOCK ALL!' Thus, we have the first part of our guess.


The second part of our guess is about deciphering the sentence, as it is not exactly telling us much, If we assume that the name of GAHLOK-KAL hides the truth behind what the KEY TO NONGU unlocks, then we do not have much to go on. Thus, we look to the homophones and homonyms. If we do, we find a much more telling sentence: "GA - LOCK ALL!' Thus, we find that KEY TO NONGU unlocks something in or around water. To make sense of the other two words, we swap them around, so we end up with "GA - ALL LOCK". This tells us even more: that the KEY TO NONGU unlocks EVERYTHING, as said by the 'ALL LOCK' part of the message hidden in GAHLOK-KAL's name.


Thus, we learn why the KEY TO NONGU is so legendary: it unlocks ALL when put into the ALL LOCK located in or near water.


The next mystery to uncover is: WHERE IS IT? That we cannot decipher, however if you donate to us 5w a day, we just might be able to come up with an explanation.




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Wasn't it Matau that misheard "Keetongu" in such an unconceivable way?

Yes, that's correct.


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