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1) "Omg your hair is perf, I am jelly"


"Omg I need ur eye color"


"Omg that outfit looks fab on u" etc


2) Finally my brothers are outnumbered. REVENGE!


3) Insanity I can handle. Evil would mean I'd keep an eye on them and contact authorities if it got too serious.


4) Pfft, only the original could be this fabulous.

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1. Partner up for super hero crime fighting duo!

2. Partner up for super hero crime fight trio. (I assume the cloning would give us super powers too, right?)

3. Are we talking more evil or just opposite? Because that might make the clone good.

4. If they've found a way to replicate a lifetime of memories that weren't real for a clone, then does it even matter? (Plus, if they did, then they reeeeeally screwed up with their content choices. "Let's make this clone obsessed with Bionicle toys" sure great idea.)



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1. Kill it with fire.

2. Kill them with fire.

3. Um... The clone wouldn't be any different.


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1. I do.

2. Make space for another bed in my room, I suppose. Among other things.

3. Reclaim the space in my room that formerly belonged to my original clone.

4. I am.

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