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Have spent the past hour or so trying to make sense of the Lego shop website. Nothing works! VIP wise, for me, anyway. It's just a friggin mess. I can actually only log in in the first place by clicking links in my email, for starters...and I am pretty sure I already put in all my info here a while ago. Years ago. Because I've ordered from them before. I mean yeah I haven't made a purchase from the Lego shop since March last year or something but this is no reason for it to flip out at me. It wants me to keep filling in my information, it thinks I'm a new member that needs to register his card or something, every time I click anything related to the VIP program it's "welcome to VIP please go screw yourself"...I have 109 points on my account, and the site gave me a huge scare when I tried to do what it says and update my information and when I logged back in I had 0. It came back after a bit or so for no reason. Or I mean, I hope. I'm *trying* to buy something, but I can't use my points. The option is not there. It just says "you need 100 points to earn a reward." Website, I have the 100 points. And also the shop keeps telling me shipping for purchases over 35 bucks in June is free for VIP members, but it still wants to charge me. Nothing makes sense.


So BLARGH. BLARGH to you, shop dot lego dot com. (slash en us). Screw your nonsense. I was gonna spend money on some Lego at long last but seriously, screw all this.






This is not what I hoped to be doing at 1 in the morning.

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