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E3: Day One



Why are they remastering Skyrim? Can we at least wait a decade? This generation has had too much of it already...


Though if whoever is in possession of the Xeno series licences wants to remaster those for current gen hardware I will definitely throw money their way...


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i will continue being disappointed in this e3 unless xenoblade x2 gets confirmed


or another game with mechs on an alien planet. that'd make me happy too.

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Have you played Xenogears/Xenosaga? If not they're done by the same company and they're really good.

i have not but the main reason i like XBX is because of the exploration. if those games deliver on that i'll like 'em.

it's so pretty i want more games like that

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Yeah probably not so much then. The main reason I liked Xenoblade was the story, or else I probably wouldn't have made it through, don't get me wrong the gameplay was fantastic but it took me 80 hours and that's longer then I spend on most games.

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