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Surprise, surprise.  The Toa of Electricity likes the new Electric Types.


I'm fairly certain my obsession with Electricity started with Pokémon.


It looks like a baby tropical Scizor.


It looks like a pile of awesome wrapped in a tiki mask. 8D


Stand in awe of the electric chicken god


He will slay your nightmares and become them.


I am in love with Kuwaganon.


Kuwaganon looks pretty awesome, and being based on a stag beetle does not hurt its image. :) However, its name looks a bit familiar...



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Meanwhile I'm like facing the elite four with whatever Litten evolves into and five Cutieflies.


More like Cutiefives eh?


Litten and the Cutie Five...that would make a good band name, actually.  If you have spare time in your Alola journey you should totally try to book some gigs for them.

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