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on my way out



sup dudes, dudettes, and wonderful in-betweens


that annoying thing known as life that some people may or may not have experience with is catching up with me and as a result I've found it necessary to cut some things out of it, BZP being one of them


there's no hard feelings or anything, it's just time for me to move on


I'll still probably lurk every once in a while and I may pop back in on special occasions (my 10th BZPversary coming up in a few months, for example) but for the forseeable future I won't be active


if you wanna keep in contact with me I've got a tumblr (scythey) and a twitter (scytheyyy) which I still regularly use. be warned that both contain NSFBZP language and content, however


it's been real BZP, I wish you all the best (those of you who aren't backstabbing sociopathic scumbags, anyway~)

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