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A Dance of Titans - July Haul





  • A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons
  • Transformers Titans Return Blurr
  • Transformers Titans Return Skullsmasher

Really don't know how much longer I'm going to keep this up. Just whenever I post elsewhere I feel the need to here as well since I've never missed a month... Kept me coming back to this place every once in a while at the very least.


Anyway, didn't get much. Wanted more but just couldn't find many TR in stores.



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Oh. I actually meant to get a lot of BIONICLE too thanks to TRU's sale. But I procrastinated ordering until Quake Beast was out of stock and then I couldn't find one in store so... Just didn't do it. A lot of stuff's getting slashed on Amazon though. Might still try and finish the set just for the heck of it... I dunno..

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