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Got this on my eleventh summer box. I actually wanted the Champion skin (ie the white version of this), but I'll take it if it means I don't have to spend the rest of the month grinding levels for loot boxes


Game is Overwatch for those unaware.

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I got the Lucio Skin in one of the packs I got, which was pretty cool, I think I also got the Genji one. really want the Mercy one though.


What platform do you play on?

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@Shockwave: PC, if you're on PC also and want to add me I'll look up my Bnet ID later.


@Tarn: Keep at it man, this is the only skin I've gotten so far. The McCree skin is pretty dope, easily tied with this one for second best summer skin


@Ehks: The D.Va skin is nice but it's not as good as her Junker skin imo

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Junebug is pretty good, but it's not good enough for me to blow credits on since I've gotten both Junker and B.Va as random drops.


My battletag is baltarc#1148 by the way, if anyone wants to add me.

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I got the Champion one for Zarya, but that's about it. Would like the Genji one and the Lucio one, since i play those characters a decent amount, haha. 

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