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Survivors of the Red Star



A while back (almost a year, actually) I posted a series of Bionicle short-fiction snippets over on this blog. Each post was an entry into a larger story, which was intended as an expansion of the Bionicle G1 storyline related to the nature of the Red Star (specifically, what if the Red Star fell out of orbit? Who might survive, and what would they do?)


I got through five posts (and a sixth was in the works) before burning out, as happens, and they never generated much interest, so I let it rest. Lately though, I’ve been feeling nostalgic, so I thought I’d give it another plug.

Here are links to each post, in order:

1. When the Red World fell at last, there were few survivors…

2. We continued our journey away from the great wreck the next day.

3. How Yi Resolved to Reach the Sky

4. Muru continued with his tale:

5. How Yi Struggled Against the Red Below and the Dark Above



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Ooh I like this. Cool concept for a story, and you've done an excellent job capturing that old school vibe (especially during the story of Yi) even though the actual narrative is about later material. Please do write more!

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