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Mask Maker



As a final act in 2016, I've posted an epic entitled Mask Maker. It's a final take on the Bionicle G1 storyline that has been taking shape for a few years now. Here's the main topic and the review topic if you're interested in reading and/or commenting. It'll also be on my tumblr blog. See ya '16.




CH 1 Labor

CH 2 Deadline

CH 3 Last

CH 4 Embrace

CH 5 All Wrong

CH 6 Ages

CH 7 Invert

CH 8 No

CH 9 Door

CH 10 Goodbye

CH 11 Mask Maker (Final)

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I second Iruini's compliments. Not just because your linguistic creativity is awe-inspiring, but also because your highlighting of mounds of fantastic Bionicle fan-art has shown me that the Bionicle fanbase isn't dead after all. I guess I just assumed that because BZPower is on life support. It appears I've been out of the loop, 'cause I really don't do the tumblr thing. Maybe I should start though. :)

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As with anything, the fanbase has calmed down quite a bit with the end of G2, but it's hardly dead! Tumblr is just one outgrowth of it, and I'm glad that the blog was an encouragement to you in some small way. =)

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