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GameBoy Color



So long story, but I ordered a GameBoy Color game off Amazon and it just arrived today.


So I popped it in and turned it on and goodness gracious me.


I used to play on this? For multiple hours at a time? WITH NO BACK LIGHT?! How do I have any eyesight at all???? This screen is so absurdly tiny. A 2.32 inch display? Are you joking me?


I got my GameBoy Color almost 17 years ago. I can't wait to see what gaming is like in 2034.

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I had one of those squiggly lights you plugged into the side, and I want to say that helped?  Eventually the neck and bulb both gave out, though, so not sure if you could find a working one today.

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In the future everything will be chrome holograms.


"I can't lieve I ev played a game in technicolor." Is what we will all say, but the term technicolor shall be replaced by the word "Biv" which is the last syllable of ROY G BIV as all words shall be one syllable in the future.

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all words shall be one syllable in the future.

Just one?  No can do.  Why would you think that?  How could that be?  I don't think it can be done.  Why do you say such things?

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