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Day 4: With Hopefully More Entries on the Way...



(You're probably thinking to yourself, wow, that was fast.)




The Fire Chronicles: Finale


Part 3: The Flames Die Out Forever?


Several millennia ago only seemed like a few days ago for Angonce.

He had spent his entire life on the planet, left to deal with beings on his own while other Great Beings left to party some light years away. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also had to deal with keeping Ranox imprisoned until the day his destiny broke him free. It was safe to say that Angonce hadn’t been having the greatest of times, and why he wanted at least one of his problems to go away made sense for sure.

As Angonce battled Ranox, he thought about these things. Yeah, nothing more really needs to be said. That’s enough psychological torment for now, guys.

Seriously, I need a new day job!


Below Ranox…


“Are you sure about this, Photok?”

“He…took everything from me…my camera…my friends…my freaking liberty…well, I’m gonna give him death.”

Tanma activated his wings, and Photok, on his back, activated his jet engine-thingy. “For Unity, Duty, and Destiny, let’s kill this thing, brother. For Takua.”

“FOR TAKUA!” Photok screamed as they flew into the sky and attacked Ranox. Tahu only watched from the bottom, still in shock.

“There’s got to be something. Why didn’t Ranox die when Helryx sacrificed herself?! They—should—both—be—dead.”

“Because maybe, just maybe, the prophecy has more to tell us.” Gali landed swiftly right next to him, and gave Tahu the two parts.

“That’s…incredible. What do we even—“

A wave of water pushed the two away milliseconds before a giant ball of shadow fell down below the beast, and they washed ashore next to the Wall of Records. Tahu was shivering. “How—much—longer—“

“It’ll be over soon, don’t—“

“CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT I’VE DONE? I RUINED EVERYTHING. I RUINED OUR DESTINIES.” Tahu stood up, swaying back and forth as fresh fire coursed through him. “EVERYONE’S DEATH IS MY—“

“NO!” Nuhrii and Gali tackled Tahu before he unleashed a Nova Blast and burned away the entire planet.

“Stop it! None of this is your fault, none of it at all! You gave me a chance to redeem myself, a chance for everyone to rise up against this fiend and crush his hopes and dreams! And although many will go, and all will cry…

Tahu snapped out of his rage. His mask flashed gold as an ancient voice came from him.

“Hidden in the forgotten land, is the story that started after the sand…the power of seven shall stand. The quiet one shall be humble until the end, but the host will seek power, and power she shall lend…to both aid and defend.

There is one more fatal blow, to continue the universe’s go…two will go although, and two will mourn with a steady flow. The fallen rule shall arise in surprise, and with the other, eliminate the demise…and though many will go, and all will cry…”

Gali and Nuhrii looked at each other nervously. The prophecy had unfolded right from Tahu’s mouth, right in front of their very eyes.

They didn’t understand much of it, however. But Tahu did, and the truth startled him. “I need to get onto Ranox’s back.”

“…what even…” Kiina said, rushing in.

“I’ll tell you later…maybe. But guys, this is what needs to happen. And without buts, or whys, or any dissatisfactions, this needs to occur now. We’re so close, guys. So close.”


In the Air…


“You can’t win—Nui—not again…”

Mata Nui swung his blade blindly and effortlessly as it cleanly sliced off the Prototype Robot’s head. He watched as the robot turned into a dark, shadowy dust and the head plummeted into a legion of Bokoblins.

Mata Nui turned swiftly as he was scratched by the claws of the ferocious beast. As he moved his head more towards Ranox in an attempt to get him to touch the Mask of Life, the Great Beast kicked at Mata Nui’s chest, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to fall, as he fell he shrunk to his old size so he would not damage his fellow comrades.

Ranox hovered above the ground, high in the air, as his feet began to grow closer to the ground. In doing so, Ranox grew at least one and a half times his size, and his red eyes continued to glow menacingly.

"All is going according to plan. I can't fail now!"

A flash of stars appeared before his eyes, and Ranox was startled to see Kirby and Angonce fly ahead of him, straight for his shadowy wings. Super Sonic hopped off Kirby’s Dragoon and made a halo-shaped tear in the first of the Great Beast’s wings, while Angonce simply tore through it in his own starship.

As Ranox fell to the ground, his legs extended just a little bit, and his arms grew even more to come close to the length of his legs. Ranox snarled as he hit the ground, and shockwaves spread throughout the planet, killing most of its fauna and knocking down a good deal of the army. “Don’t worry, I can still kill you all on—wait, what is on my back?!”

Tahu sat comfortably on Ranox’s back, his swords pointed down at the beast’s body. His mask was solid gold, and he gave off a radiant vibe of fearlessness and hope as he began stabbing Ranox.

As Ranox turned behind him, Kiina thrust her trident into Ranox’s eye, which made Ranox grasp for his hurt eye. His legs imbalanced, he fell to the ground as cannons and mortars, commandeered by Nuhrii, Snake, and the Toa Voya, shot at the beast.

“We did not fight in vain, Ranox. I hope you know that now, that all you have fought for wasn’t worth it.”

“No…Tahu…maybe they did not fight in vain, but you…certainly did!” Ranox rolled around onto his back, thrusting the Toa off near the Council. In about two seconds, Ranox had turned back around and pounced onto the Toa, punching him with a shadowy fist that sent another shockwave across the planet after crushing the hero’s life force out of him.

“TAHU! NO!” Kiina screamed, lunging at the beast.


“No, you will not!” A knight in gray-purplish armor appeared and stabbed Ranox in the forehead.

The beast stumbled back and fell, clutching his head. “What—ow—is the meaning of—“

“Hello, old master.” Axonn stood on Ranox’s face, bold, tall, and powerful, with Ooccoo holding the Dominion Rod on his shoulder. “Fancy seeing you here in this interesting situation. I mean, I could swear you told old Axxie that he was getting something out of this, but I mean, if you want to kill me now—“

All the remaining members of the Orderly Empire II army surrounded Ranox, every single one of them ready to fire.

“—you’re gonna have a baddd time.”

Ranox smirked. “You honestly think your army can—“

“I didn’t say my army. I said that Axxie could…or rather, the prophecy did. So, I mean…I guess it’s gonna happen now…any last words?”

“You insignificant flea! You honestly think that you and your mediocre army can kill me? Screw the prophecy…what were the words to that stupid thing anyway…only one again can rise?”

“Sure,” Axonn said as he slammed his axe into Ranox’s gaping wound, and his vision turned white.


……are we in Heaven yet……?


The Fire Chronicles


Epilogue: Tight Ends (we hope)


To Whoever it May Concern…


If you’ve found this letter, well, you’ve probably been through a lot to find it. Either that, or you probably just got bored and started digging randomly near the Left Lake. I’m fine with either.


Anyway, to start off, I was Tahu: Toa of Platinum at the time of writing this letter, but by the time you read this I’ll hopefully be vacationing somewhere in Tahiti…and I’ll also be known as Metahu. Sound confusing? I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get any easier from here, cupcake.


Anyway, my alternate self and I have decided to split up the events after the Great War against Ranox. I guess I’ll talk about the boring stuff.


After that white blinding light and stuff, Ranox’s dead beastly body kind of exploded but then sucked itself into a tiny little ball. Meta and I were the only ones awake to cast off the antagonistic particles into some other comedy, and then the vision cleared and Mata Nui restored the land to normal (again).


I finally decided to cast away the Nintendo characters, as most of them belong in the new Smash and other games anyway (poor Ice Climbers though). It took about a month to rebuild everything else, although this was mainly because Meta and I sort of assisted/sat back, relaxed and drank some nice English tea. Overall, I plan to never come back and to forever seal myself away from this comedic drama…I guess to save my power? I don’t know…maybe I’m sounding just a tad bit cruel here.


~Tahu: Toa of Platinum


To Our Next Great Hero (or possibly a gravedigger)…


If you’ve found this by the East Lake, hey, you are a Warp Star! (Ugh, that was super corny.)


My name was originally Meta Nuva, but by the time you read this I’ll be back with my somewhat mediocre opposite, merged into the wonderful new Metahu (jeez, I just hope there’s no relation to that other Great Being…)


I’ve been tasked with giving a report of the occurrences of today’s troubles and stuff. So, instead of making you read a flashback of sorts, I’ll just get straight to the point. Yes, the prophecy was fulfilled, and one again did rise… thankfully it wasn’t Ranox, otherwise we’d all be dead by now. Pretty much all of the good guys made it out relatively well, and now that the remainder of the Orderly Empire’s beings are leader-less, Axonn’s made a pact with Tahu to merge both empires…no Orderly Hau though…that’d be way too weird.


Gali and Kiina both survived, and both have come to the mutual agreement not to fight over Tahu (thank Nui.) Nuhrii has also been honored as a war hero, as well as Axonn and his trusty bird, who also somehow survived the fight to rejoin Link and return to the gaming world.


Icarax and Takadox, while not playing a huge role in the war, did fight on our side with their legions of Rahkshi. However, when offered to be a part of the Council, both declined and went up north. Their activity is confusing, but I’m not worried at the moment…


That really wraps it up. There’s not much of anything left to say here. Really, I’ve got nothing.


“And you say that I rave-rant.”


“Shut up, Narrator. Just because you did help save the universe does not give you the right to sass me around. Especially when I’m merged with that mediocrist.”




“Mediocrist isn’t even a word, Meta.”


“Shut up, Titler. Can we just get this over with?”


“Why do you want this to be over so quickly?”


“With your creations, anything can go wrong, even in the final chapter.”


“…you sort of have a point there. Ah well. Any final words?”


“Sorry this doofus here wrote such an awful tale.”


“Sorry you had to deal with this guy, and that stupid Great Being too.”


“What stupid Great—“


“See what you did? You’ve already sparked a sequel to this tragedy!”


“Even though it’s already been announced…”


“It’s not like anyone’s actually going to read it.”


“Shut up, Narrator. Let’s just get this over with.”




That night, Mata Nui had a very interesting dream.


It started out in the form of a Nintendo Direct, revealing several features of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Though Mata Nui only believed it was a dream, it was actually implemented into his head using Kirby’s mystical dream powers…if that’s what we’re calling them.


The dream then shifted to Mata Nui and a few other ancient beings sitting around a dying campfire. As Mata Nui shook hands with one of them, the fire died instantly, only leaving behind its gray, but still glowing red ashes and embers. He felt chills of power, if that’s what you want to call it, surging through his body as he woke up, shivering.


“That…was only…a dream…right?” No answer. Mata Nui sighed a sigh a relief. “Well then, I guess there’s no problem here.”




“Nice EarthBound reference.”








I did post The Ashes, the nex...t installment in the TAoT series, without finishing this comedy, but I ended up cancelling it; it had very little response from the forum, was heavily unfocused, and really wasn't planned out all that well. For all intents and purposes, I am not posting any drafts from that comedy, really because I don't have much and it all makes no sense.


What I'm planning to do now is vent on this blog, as expected, but also release content regarding the third season of the remake of TAoT. Later today, I'm also going to be posting a poll, sort of, where anyone will be able to suggest/vote for a title to the comedy. Keep in mind that I already have titles for each season of the remake. What I want is an overarching title that represents the comedy and plot of the story as a whole, without being terribly basic. Let's get the creative juices flowing!


See you soon,




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