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802 Already

Pahrak Model ZX


It still feels like Gen VII just stared, but we’re already getting the last Pokémon in the current National Dex order!


Stop by GameStop between now and the 23rd to get a code to download Marshadow, the very first Fighting/Ghost type! It’ll also come with Marshadium Z, letting Marshadow use its unique Z Move, Soul-Stealing Seven Star Strike. How cool does that sound?


Just about a month until Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! With the reveal of new Ultra Beasts, I can’t help but wonder if more Mythicals are programmed in as well, meaning we could get another few years of Gen VII. I hope we do, I can’t afford a new console.

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i mean we got a mainline switch title confirmed

chances are, gen vii won't last much longer. US/UM are gonna be the last (mainline) hurrah for pokemon on the 3DS, probably.


but i don't think we'll get pokemon switch until 2019.

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