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BZPower's Bota Magna: Ask Anything



I think at this point I've hinted enough that I do plan to one day host a BZPower's Bota Magna as a sort of sequel-but-also-not-really-sequel to BZPower's Bara Magna. So now I'd like to ask you to ask anything you can come up with.


Did you know:

  • There are biomechanical dinosaurs on Bota Magna?
  • Bota Magna is home to the vast majority of the Earth Tribe, including the Element Lord of Earth?
  • There is an Ancient Fortress, the origins of which unknown?
  • The Red Stars in the skies can tell the future?
  • Some - but by no means all - of Bota Magna's inhabitants are zealously technophobic, to the point where they fused their armor with plants?
  • The Sand Tribe on Bota Magna did not regress in intelligence the same way the sand tribe on Bara Magna did, and that they once had a city of their own?
  • The Skrall homeland is located on Bota Magna?

Ask me anything about Bota Magna.


Recommended Comments

Can I play my character from BZP's Bara-Magna



Yes. Other people besides you or Burnmad? Probably not unless they can come up with a really good justification



Can we find a way to blow up the Red Stars?


That depends.



can i just be a plant


Plants don't get to do anything though. There's technophobic people with plant armour but they're not exactly plants. What exactly would you do as a plant?



Can we do stuff on the Red Star when we die?


No, Agori generally are not inhabitants of the Matoran Universe and thus do not go to the Red Star.






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