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Once you go Mac...

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Jean Valjean


:kaukau: You never go back. At least, that's what I hear. Honestly, if I went Mac, I probably wouldn't go back, either. It isn't because it's so much better than everything else, because I actually never liked the interface of Macs. At least they have changed their mouses from those ugly early 2000's which thought that it was a good idea to be featureless.


Still, fewer viruses are written for them. Once you get to a certain age, you become a single-issue voter when it comes to which computer gets your vote. Interface is completely irrelevant if your computer doesn't have the best security on the market.


That, plus if you buy one thing from Apple, you're strongly incentivised to make all of your other products Apple in order to make everything compatible.


Anyway, I'm going to stick with my regular PC for another five years. I spent over two thousand dollars on it, and I want to get all my money's worth before replacing it. If I can make my computer last at least eight years, preferably over ten, then I'm happy. When it finally gives up the ghost, then I'll upgrade to whatever the most advanced Mac laptop is by then. Which means that I'm likely to spend $10,000 on the laptop alone. And then I'll probably want whatever flagship iPhone is on the market, which I'd imagine will be amazing in 2025 or so. They'll probably be out with Bluetooth 7 by then, too.


Honestly, I get pretty confused by those people who upgrade their phone with every new model. Are the incremental improvements worth $1,000? I only just upgraded to a smartphone for the first time less than half a year ago. That's right; just a few months ago, I was using a dinosaur phone. Imagine the contrast when I upgraded to a used 2017 smartphone. That phone was worth $100 when it was first released, but compared to my flip phone it was a $1,000 upgrade. It has quite a few new features. And sure, some of the new phones have even more features, but how many of those are worth an extra $1,000? Because I'm not going to pay that money for a phone whose features I mostly already have. I'm basically buying my current phone, plus something else that may be tacked on to that. Until such a time that I do upgrade, I'm keeping an Excel sheet of all of the new technologies and estimating a dollar value for the usefulness of each. I'd like to quantify exactly how much better my eventual replacement phone will be compared to my current one.


Anyway, that's part of how I look at things.


Also, the Galaxy Note 9 isn't a piece of junk. There's still quite a bit of latency with its S Pen. Apparently people think it's perfect, and I'm looking at it like it's a piece of tech in its early stages of development. It's a cool idea, though. I can imagine buying my father something from the Galaxy Note series in a few years. He likes the idea of getting a Ring, but they're made for people who use contemporary phones, and he still uses a dinosaur phone. I figure that maybe the only way he'll upgrade is when his Fliposaurus rex goes extinct and a smart phone is his only choice. He hates them, much like me, but he might like something with a built-in stylus. So yeah, when he's forced to transition give up on the 90's (it will be painful for both of us, because I haven't fully given up on the 90's, either), I think I'll help him get a Galaxy Note 13 or whatever is out by then. Some people are saying that the smartphone will be dead by 2025, and if a couple of years out from that these rumors are looking increasingly plausible, then I'll probably hold off even longer. If he's going to upgrade, he may as well get the best possible upgrade to make it worth it.


Also, sometime in the 2020's is when I'm going to be the age he was when he had me, and from then on we'll both be closer in age than we are apart, and we'll be members of a couple of older generations spectating the developments of a newer generation who are native inhabitants of this millennia.



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