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Real Talk

Pahrak Model ZX


The Lego Movie 2 made me cry and reexamine my life and is easily on par with the original (and The Lego Batman Movie), but


While I completely understand it wouldn’t be all that practical to put focus on a long-dead theme and the scale would be a huge issue, the fact that it's partially driven by a teenager making his Lego sets/stories as edgy as he possibly can


And they didn't make a single joke about Bionicle??


Missed opportunity

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Clearly the Sis-Star world dislikes CCBS; all those large scale figures and they're all sculpture based instead of using proper ball joints. So sad.


(The Dad's probably hording his Bionicle collection in the attic where the kids can't get to it.)



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:kaukau: Really good movie, and a fitting sequel.  The only reason why the first one's probably still the best is because the themes were more uniquely LEGO-specific, whereas this was more about childhood and playtime in general.  But dang, if it wasn't still good.


And yeah, now that you mentioned it, the absense of a Bionicle reference was a pretty big missed opportunity.  If there's a third one, there has to be Bionicle in it!



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