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Bota Magna

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Vibrant. Wet. Dense. The Jungle Moon of Bota Magna is no place for the faint of heart.

Yet its inhabitants defy its many dangers; of gargantuan wildlife amd the labyrinthine jungle floors eternally shadowed by the canopies above; to build some of the most impressive settlements that have ever graced Spherus Magna - or a part of it. Krutiera Magna, the most advanced city to have ever existed, utilising its local resource-rich environment to develop, expand, and advance. Bota Minor, a city of trees manipulated so finely that nearly everything in the city is grown, rather than built; a monument to nature and a rejection of technology. Antrauta, a carved cavern network for the exiled, spurned, and unwanted, where they can band together. Together, these settlements, along with those hardy enough to live in the wilderness, have gotten along in relative peace, if not apathy.

In spite of everything, Bota Magna's future is uncertain. Tensions that have existed for thousands of years are beginning to boil, and are becoming increasingly harder to ignore; such as that between Krutiera Magna, with its acceptance of technology, and Bota Minor, with its complete and utter rejection of technology; still remembering the horrors of the Shattering. Those in the wilderness are beginning to wonder how long it is before Krutiera Magna deforests what they know to be their own homes in search of resources for itself; and those in Antrauta are tired of being outcasts just about everywhere else. 

Most unusually, Bota Magna itself has been graced from visitors... visitors from Bara Magna, the first to do so in many millennia... some who intended to come, some who didn't.

Everyone on Bota Magna is very nervous.

Because this is Bota Magna, and everything is about to fall apart.

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