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Round and round we go - the 100th redesign

Taka Nuvia



Long story short, I was recently reminded of the Clockwork Night game over in G&T ages ago, and realized that the character I played there had the same name as my usual OC/BZP namesake, if you will. And was an Agori/Protector - and that I'd never drawn her, so hey, why not redesign my 13-year-old OC again. So that's what I did, gleefully ignoring that everyone was supposed to be from the Jungle region so I can stick to the old colour scheme, and here we are.

Notable design changes:

  • dropped the wings because that's just silly
  • exchanged the very impractical staff/halberd/spear weapon thingie for a slightly less imprcatical one
  • the mask, obviously (though some design elements are there to reflect the Avohkii, like the split design of the lower parts of the mask)

I did keep the skull belt, patterns under the eyes, heterochromia and Mata feet because rule of cool. ^_^
Honestly I might keep this iteration around for the next few years. It's something new, and I like it better than ye olde "Toa has been half corrupted by shadows but not really" concept.

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I was also surprised when I saw it was only 3 years ago! Due to things that happened both globally and just specifically in my personal timestream it feels like two life times ago somehow

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