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A Pink Letter For...

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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


You know who you are. You've probably noticed a few hints. But, if there are any doubts... you can click for affirmation...







You are awesome! :happy:



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:P I agree with BZPower guest.


I feel sorry for the people who don't get the joke, though... Especially when they find out about the joke...

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Aww, that's so sweet! ^_^


I've never seen that done before... frankly, I never knew it was possible. :mellow:


Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, Turakii!

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Classy Turakii, I didn't think such a thing was possible, but once again, you prove that pink is the answer to everything. *claps*

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Well, that letter was really well-written and lettered! Excellent work on the colouring, Tury. Also, excellent work on that new drawing up on your site! Happy St. Valentine's Day, Tury!


This has been a public service announcement by the evil and insufferably pessimistic Biobylon 5.


PS, also, I hovered over the link which confirmed my suspicions. You're my favourite person in the world, Tury.

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I heard that this whole "showuser=X" thing was getting old before I'd ever even heard of it, but you used it creatively.


Seriously though, I think you're taking this calculator thing a bit far... :wub: :lol: :D


Ah, what the heck.




takumasmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:

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Really, I know that my avatar is a bishounen, but frankly, the joke is getting old. At leat put some sort of acronym tag on it to say what it is so that we don't have to get suckered into clicking. -_-


Although that was sweet of you, whoever you did write that letter for.



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Aw, how sweet. *sniff* You really didn't have to do that all for me. *sniff*

I think I'll go and have a good cry. *runs off*


Ah, that's better. But isn't everybody else going to feel upset that I'm the one the letter links too? We need to be fair you know...




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