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What Should The Next Staff Name Change Be?

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Binary Code


In light of the recent staff name changes, I started thinking of other name changes they should do. And now you can too. Think of some interesting name changes, and post them here. I'll get us started off:


Charlie Brown names!


Need I say more?



Noob names!


They change their name to noobish ones, (for example, kopakamahrinuva, or tahu099023) and post noobish ways lieek tihs.


I don't want to hog all the good ideas, so I'll let you start posting!



I'm Binary Code, and you're not.


In the early days of the telephone, operators would pick up a call and use the phrase, "Well, are you there?". It wasn't until 1895 that someone suggested answering the phone with the phrase "number please?"


Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?- Steven Spielberg

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I know this is probably not going to happen, but Code Lyoko.


I think Tufi would probably be Yumi. :P





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