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Do You Know Solek?

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Monday, February 16, 2009
Presidents' Day


"This is Toa Tahu, the Toa of Fire. He wears the Mask of Shielding and wields the Myranah ghost blaster. He is sworn to defeat the Makuta."
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Heh, I actually downloaded that episode and trimmed those two clips out as fast as I could. Awesome how well they stuck to storyline! The Tahu scene could have been all info from Shop @ Home, but the Solek one pretty well tells me they did their homework.


Hey, Planetperson, if you don't already have the scenes, I'd be glad to send 'em to you. PM me if you want 'em.


*has been looking for somewhere to discuss this but the topic was closed*


~ :a: :t:

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For Solek they clearly visited his page on Links to sites with forums are NOT allowed..


?? That is not a site with forums.


Would that be Bionicle Wikia? (No, not BS01.) Actually, it DOES have forums. I've seen them.


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