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I find your lack of faith disturbing brotha'


This disco-station will be operational on schedule.


I hope so commander, the Emperor is not as groovy, as I am.

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The Death Star is actually a giant mirror-ball! :P


The Groove is strong with this one...


Indeed you've become funky, as the Emperor has forseen...

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Join the Disco side Luke!


Never! You killed my DJ!


No, Luke! I am your DJ!


The bomb ^^


"This is a piece of junk!"


"She may not look like much but she's the grooviest disco in the whole galaxy." (The funky falcon)


"Plus, I built in a few extras." *turns on disco-light*

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Arn't you a little short for a dancer?




(my brain is dead)


The dark side of the disco grants many dancemoves, some of them to be conscidered...unnatural.

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