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So I Thought

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So I woke up and looked inside the inside of the refrigerator. No eggs. No milk. Then I realized I had cut my forehead, and was wearing that dress that's so white, but so dirty.


First, to the forehead. Bandaid to the spot.


Then to the dress.


Except I was a girl




That doesn't normally happen. No, not at all.


I shrugged it off, and went to get the mail. The dress, however, had no sleeves, and I started to freeze...literally. In a few minutes times I was a frozen block of ice.


Skip three thousand years into the future.


My dress is still there, and still dirty. Gotta get those stains off. But my forehead feels fine.


I look around. No cars, streets, homes, streetlights. What the heck?! What kind of strange future can this be? Or...did I just fall asleep?


A donkey came up behind me and scared the livin' you-know-what out of me. It nuzzled its nose on my dirty dress and all my stains vanished, but my forehead began to bleed again.


I was confused. Very.


Then the donkey started to talk...yeah, talk.


"What on earth are you doing on my lawn?" it asked.


"Uh...your lawn?"


"Yeah! Beat it, kid."


I ran, slowly at first, but then much quicker. Much, much quicker. But my now-clean dress was prohibiting me in my attempt to flee. I looked down to pick up the bottom of the dress, but it wasn't there. Or any other articles of clothing.


It was only after then that I woke up.


I was a boy again, which I was much thankful for. Being a girl just wasn't for me. Besides, dresses are so stupid.


"Thank goodness, it was only a dream!" I exclaimed.


"Says you." said a donkey who was floating in the air above me.

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