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This Will Work Out Well

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Since my blog is now being ignored, I can use it to talk to myself in private.


Adv: So how are you today my very good friend?


Aid: I'm very well. And you?


Adv: I'm terrible. It is impossible to kill one who is no longer in reality.


Aid: Maybe you should consider a new target?


Adv: Blasphemy!


Aid: OK, OK.... How about you use someone as a dart board?


Adv: *Throws dart at self*


Aid: Not you! That hurt you know...


Adv: Maybe I should focus on the BRC...


Aid: But the set database is so much more funner!


Adv: True... Well perhaps I should finish that Makuta topic...


Aid: It is finished... Just not posted...


Adv: Maybe get Zedsis to make up some pretty pictures for them? =)


Aid: I'll be on it in a cats eye.


Adv: What the dog does that mean you fool?


Aid: Whatever you want it to mean my good friend.


Adv: I don't like you, go back to sleep.


Aid: But it's two in the afternoon!


Adv: Just do it!


Aid: OK... *Goes to sleep*

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You're only supposed to talk to yourself in private? Ooooh...


See, told you.



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Y'know, a blog ain't exacly the best place to have a private conversation with oneself, y'know.

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