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Oh Joy!

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Vezok's Friend


Sooo, as some of you know I made an entry about Crysis, the most awesome FPS for PC out there (and a piece from german software-smithies :P), around last year.


I've played through the game several times now, but something went missing after a while. Though I played on 1280x800, I couldn't put in any better shaders or shadows, not to mention particles and rendered light.

But after some experiments I gave up...until I got Asassins Creed. Now, there I played on 1280x800 as well but had the same problem: No FX possible. Until I reduced the resolution to 1024x768 and lo and behold:There came the effects.


Which gave me the idea to try the same with Crysis/Crysis Warhead). And it worked. My resolution for those two currently is 800x600, but who cares when the game looks freaking awesome because of it! :P

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You should had told me that problem sooner and I could had helped solved the problem! I had the same issue (lagging, couldn't use certain effects, etc) awhile back with some games. I had it on some large resolution and it was terrible--but when I got smaller everything ran smoothly.


The smaller size isn't bad at all, it's just your eyes trying to get use to your screen's native size and when you switch over to a different one via gaming.


AC ftw! I'm going to have to try out Crysis sometime...

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