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The Right Me

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So, Niki really needed to re-publish this, more for herself that anything else.




Living life and doing stuff at school is harder this year, for multiple reasons. It took me a while to remember that the hectic pace of life won't stop just because inconvenient or seemingly unfair things happen to me or to people I know. It's difficult, and sometimes it's hard to realize that all I can do is keep trekking and aim for the main promises I gave to myself and to other people. I have no reason to mope about it - in fact, that often just makes it worse. I have people I know who love me, so even if I feel alone, I can't use the excuse of being alone.


I may not be able to do things I used to for whatever reason, but I can still encourage, train, chide, listen, understand, and love. I can still be me, even when it feels like life is trying to turn me into someone else.


That's really, really hard to do some days, but it's always true.


The current me wants to be kind, compassionate, honest, understanding of other people and putting them before myself. I'll take that any day over being negative, self-centered, snappy, rude, and deceitful, simply because life is taking a turn I am scared about or that I do not want.


I'd rather be a person other people enjoy, and more importantly I'd like to be someone I can enjoy looking back at in the mirror every day. Wouldn't you agree? :)



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Well, that just sorta punched me in the gut. In a good way I suppose.


You take care though, I'm glad you're taking things all right. You better know it, you are loved muchily.

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Same here, same here ^^ I mean I am certainly not where I am right now and I might not be in control over many things going on that affect me, but definately know who I am and who I want to be and there is nothing in this world that can take that control out of my hands. So I try me best ^^

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When things go wrong for myself, I just look on the bright side and that improves my mood a thousand fold.


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You are who you want to be. It's hard sometimes, but how we react to what goes on around us shapes us into who we are.


And who you are now is pretty awesome, so I have no doubts you can continue to be awesome.

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This may sound weird coming from someone totally unknown to you, but you are loved, Nikira.



I always enjoy reading your entries, they are inspirational, and this is no different. I applaud you for looking back on everything so brightly, something I cannot always do.

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Don't think you're awesome, Niki. Know it. Whatever flaws you think you have are only temporary. Our source is perfection.



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