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Friday Needs To Come...

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...and it needs to come RIGHT NOW.


So, I was working on a school project (due tomorrow) earlier today. It's a book jacket, required to be at least 12x20, give or take. It had to include an illlustration for the front cover, so because I can barely draw a straight line, I decided to do mine digitally and print it at our local Kinkos. My jacket is 12x27.5, so it would have cost around $16 to print full-size (it's $7.25 per square foot).


Unfortunately, my family is experiencing some financial difficulty, and will be until Friday when my mom's paycheck comes through (hence the title). So the $20 I had set aside for printing went into our gas tank, making sure we could make it home tonight.


For the curious, here's the jacket. Personal info is edited out, and some text is misaligned, misspelled, etc. due to incompletion and transfer errors.

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