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Change Of Plans

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There's been a change of plans, everyone. I've decided not to renew my BZP Premier Membership. In recent times my interest has shifted toward other things. This is a regular occurrence, so fear not - I will likely return someday. Until then, however, goodbye...

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So no BZPRPG? And no more grammar points? :( Well, hope to see you again sometime, Carakki. The moderately short time I've vaguely knew you was fun. :P

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You guys act like you're never going to see me again. Certainly, I will be around BZP (and possibly the BZPRPG), but the money for another Premier Membership here (which may not seem like much, but it's plenty for me) I feel would be better-used on my most recent interest. I have little doubt however, that this interest will fade again (it returns in bursts sporadically) and Bionicle will return to center stage as it has in the past.


Then again, previous times during which Bionicle rotated out have not been the end of the line. Therefore, I suspect that my interest in Bionicle will renew when I gain interest in a Bionicle-compatible line, so my collection is not wasted. (Sound like the new summer line to anyone?)

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I'd apologize for double-posting, but closed or not, this is my blog and I'll do what I like with it.


Anyway, I thought I'd just drop by here and say I'm really starting to miss this blog. Unfortunately, Hero Factory is proving to be highly unsatisfactory replacement for Bionicle, so I don't see myself coming back any time soon.




That's all, I guess.

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