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Fixed Computer, Broken Creativity

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My computer is fixed and free from the mystery cannibal virus, yaaaaay! :happydance:


Note to self - Internet Explorer is a evil zombie machine that is out to kill me.




Now I can focus on drawing. Finally! :happydance: :happydance:




I'll be opening up my commissions list in the near future. =D Finally done rearranging and unpacking and un...virusing? Er, or whatever I just did with my computer. XD So my art desk is finally all set up and I get to crank out my last few commissions, starting Tuesday. I'd start tomorrow, but holiday = plans with the family, so I have no time. :[ Wheeeee~


I need to draw some Bionicle art to soothe my brain on top of all this. Frankly, I am fresh out of ideas for brain-soothing Bionicle, though. :( ( Senjo, no, I can't draw Ackar right now. Long story. I fail at life! *cries*) HINT: IDEAS WILL BE REWARDED WITH COOKIES AND MAYBE SOME OTHER STUFF.


I'll prolly be popping MoL in tomorrow in between family stuff, so maybe I can draw something from that? I dunno~


*brain sizzles*


Anyhow - two months 'till Brickfair, and I've got work to do! Help me out with some ideas - I'd like to bring something cool with me in August. :bigsmile:


...Smeag, if you say anything close to "But you're cool enough by yourself!", I will feed you to Janus.



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Yay! To fixed computers!


Um... as for art ideas... *thinks* *thinks some more* *this a lot more* *brain explodes* =\ Sorry I've had no good art ideas since my last drawing I posted here... OH! I know! Teridax! *crickets chirp* Heh heh... Well it was worth a shot. =P


And something cool to bring to BrickFair... I know, me! *crickets start chirping again* I know! A Bionicle wearing a Snuggie! You would win awesomeness points for that.



:s: :a: :k:

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soothing Bionicle...uhm...Gali or Hahli doing something in Ga-Koro/Metru? I can't think of anything more soothing than water...

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I when that happens. You're all ready to do art, have the inspiration per say, but can't think of a durned thing to draw. I'm sorta going through the same thing...sometimes it's better just to start doodling, and if you come up with a semi okay sketch, take it up a notch. I also find that music is helpful sometimes to get ideas popping in your head.


as for ideas...maybe draw some favourite Bionicle in epic action poses or Tahu burning stuff. Mabe a kewt shipping pic, or some original characters of yours. Or Zaktan. <3

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Hm, here are some ideas:


The Mask of Life shining in the middle of the Toa Nuva, just floating. Them looking at it like they have never seen it before.

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You can draw my MOC of Smeag when I finish it. :)


Also, Smeag told me to tell you that you're cool enough by yourself.


I hope you feed me to Robert. I love him. :wub:

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How about making a fight scene between Takanuva and Teridax? You could have them both running towards each other, both of them holding their weapons high in the air. I hope this helps.

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Takutanuva. Don't know that I've ever seen a drawing of him. You could have him rising out of the EP pool or something.




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