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The New Direction

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LEGO Preliminary Press Release, Oct 2008.



As 2008 comes to an end, so does an eight year-long chapter in the BIONICLE storyline. Makuta Teridax has obtained the ultimate weapon the Matoran Universe, and imprisoned the Great Spirit within the Mask of Life. Cast ouf of his own body, Mata Nui must set off on a long and distant journey into the unknown space. No one can fathom what awaits him there...




"A remote and forbidding planet, filled with strange inhabitants and creatures, that only the wildest of imaginations could perceive. Icy mountains, volcanoes and dense jungle regions are but a few of the diverse landscapes that sprawl across this eerie corner of the universe. The people of this planet have established a unique social system, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict and settle their disputes in a civilized manner. Once a year, a tournament is held at the grand arena to determine the most skilled ahd talented fighter."




"Though the people must beware, as there is a lot more to worry about on their home planet than just disputes over supplies. The Element Lords are powerful and hostile beings that inhabit each region, and govern it in their own way. You'd best stay away from them, if you value your life."




"Among the peculiar elements of this world are Water, Fire, Ice, Rock, Sand, and Jungle." Hardcore BIONICLE fans that are used to the old elements will hopefully find this shift exciting.




Aside from the new storyline location and characters, the new sets will include projectile weapons and a brand new scoring feature, that we hope will encourage social interaction.




Also worth a note is that we will be including tan as a major color for the first time in a long while, so fans of the first few years of BIONICLE will be very much pleased.




We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the direction BIONICLE will be taking in 2009. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any updates and news. The new and improved website will feature a cool new game, where you can play online with friends and win fantastic prizes. The first wave of sets will launch next month, so be prepared for a load of fun!










1999© The LEGO Company

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