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Cuz Omega Blademan Told Me To

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This is an entry.




Anyway, I'd like to go ahead an congratulate :bzpower: for great nine years, even though I've only been here three. I remeber joining back in June of '07, and how I was so excited to join a website just about my favorite thing...


'Course, then my Internet screwed up and I couldn't get on for another month, but... :P


So I'll enjoy these perks while I can.

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Hey look at that; we joined around the same time... of year. =P


And you're welcome. =P


And yeah, I'll be enjoying the Premier Perks as well. especially since I think I missed them last year... =P(But me being Premier for just about the rest of the year made up for it. xD)

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I've actually been thinking of going Premier, but i just gotta convince my mom to let me spend $20 on a website.

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Yeah, I can see what you mean. =P I was lucky enough to have someone donate me premiership, but that was pure luck. =)


/EDIT: Well... Knowing Robo and participating in his RPGs helped too. =P

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