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Note of advice from Niki!


Don't get stuck out in the rain for extended periods of time with a really absorbent coat!


You will be really really cold and wet and feel kind of yucky.


And then you will be achey the next day and go "GRAAAAH" all the time.




Also - having hot cocoa twice within the span of 12 hours is like, tons of amounts of yum! Cocoa cocoa cocoa yuuuuuum! =3


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You need to be exposed to rain more often. I was in a downpour in a super absorbent coat for three hours today, 'cause I had no way to call and let my mom know today wasn't a full day at school... That and the doors locked behind me... And no one bothered to let me back in. Not that I mind. I being in rain for long periods of time...

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I love rain but ironically my body does not like it, so yeah, it stinks. =(


COCOA. I've had so much lately, I think I'm addicted.

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