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Scout Who Saved A Life

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There's really a lot of wonderful stuff they teach Boy Scouts.


Stuff like the Heimlich Maneuver.


It comes in wonderfully handy when a parent starts choking violently during supper.


It's even more handy when that parent happens to be your parent.


So proud of my little brother, BZP member krazyrapdude, for saving my dad's life tonight! :,)


(Dad's ok and resting at home - he's pale and shaken and went a while without oxygen because of how lodged the food was in his throat, but he is doing ok.)



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That's awesome, that your brother knew what to do. I'm glad it all turned out, it must've been pretty scary.



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Everyone hopes that they never have to use that stuff, but it's cases like that make it so important that you learn how.


It's a really good thing your brother learned. :)



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There was also a scout who endangered the lives of thousands because of his nuclear reactor experiments, and because of the information he learned through his Scouting experience.


He's my hero.


(This isn't meant to "ruin on your parade", or to say anything negative about the scouts.)

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That's pretty awesome, really. I'd say kudos, but I don't know him, so I'll just say it to you.


And Waffles, you post something that goes contrary to the feel of the entry, that's a sarcastic look at the Scouts, really is pretty much not relevant anyways, just because. What do you think you're doing, if not raining on someone's parade?


A social experiment?

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