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  2. It's a Barraki car. Unbelievable. Excellent MOC!
  3. In Kini-Nui, how far is the Amaja Circle from the Far Shore portal?
  4. The only things that physically make my collection unique are a misprint Tridax Pod that came with Hero Factory's Von Nebula (the parts in my set were clear plastic instead of black), and my signed Lord of Skull Spiders box from The Battle of the Gold Masks. Sentimentally, however, my collection feels special to me because it was a growing part of me that I carried for so many years of my childhood and even young adulthood. Right now I have all my parts haphazardly stored in the trunk of my car since there's no space in the house, even though I haven't touched them in many years and may never have time for them again. I guess what makes my collection special is the many, many memories that are stored in it. "Skate over to mcdonalds.com for cool snowball throwing action" I wonder if there was a unique Happy Meal Online Game I never heard of? It sounds intense.
  5. “Huna,” eh? They may not have gotten that term specifically from Hawaiian, though. I suspect it exists in several different languages both in and out of the Pacific region. By the way, has anyone else ever thought that Kopaka’s original shield does a pretty poor job protecting him? I mean, it’s full of holes! I don’t even think the piece was originally meant to be a shield. Years before I got Kopaka, I think I had this piece in a Star Wars Echo Base set as an antenna dish. Edit: Oh yeah, here it is, the Snowspeeder set:
  6. IE Temple of ???? + Door to Temple of ??? + Stannis | Kumu Upon Whisper's asking of the door, two symbols that hadn't indicated anything before glowed. One moment, Whisper was outside the temple, and the next she was inside the antechamber. On the inside of the door's threshold was a chamber, dark and warm like the insides of a living rahi's chest. A low, dim glow of red radiated from strange half-spheres that dotted the chamber like igneous cysts, glowing the way old coal chunks do as they gave off the final throes of light and heat before finally expiring to entropy. Whisper found herself floating at some indiscernible point inside, and her eyes could not seem to see the farthest reaches of the chamber. Sound seemed to vanish relatively quickly within, as though it got snared by some dampeners far before birthing echoes, and she could tell that the floor that felt wet with oil. Korruhn was off at some other point in the vast chamber. The only other thing she could sense was a monolithic presence ... no, an absence on a far end that stood five times taller than it was wide, and it beckoned to him like a well of gravity pulling satellites around it. An answer expressed itself in her mind, a note left by the door. "Who Built You?" a poem. To say I'm 'made of dreams' is not quite right, but hands that Build put me here. I'm a door, nothing more, a welcome mat on the path to see the Dream. Another pair of sigils came to life on the door, and in response Grime was whisked away as well. He appeared in a different place in the antechamber, different still from the others, and a poem came into his mind as well, planted by the strange portal's power. "Sing me a song, you're the doorman" a poem. See me? Hark! Sing a see-saw synth, skylark! Sync up! Syncopate—in C sharp! I'm a door, not a Post-It, but I tell you what! I'll flip a Quarter. After Grime passed through, Stannis spied around the darkness of the labyrinthine city of temples. Seeing nothing that stood out to him as a reason for concern, he turned to face the portal's runes and asked his question, in turn. "I have journeyed a long time to come to this place. It's not a pilgrimage, mind you—it's something more. I hope what I need is inside, for if it is not... the world will be cursed to be the same again. Praytell, good door, what is your name?" "Say my name" a poem. My maker was not the most creative; what's this grey door's name except... 'Doorian?' No voice called back out to him, at least not immediately. The monolithic presence simply stood abjectly, looming ever bigger yet no more threatening than before; it was, it seemed, simply a monolith. Upon some closer inspection on the block of inky stone that rose up high he could just barely discern inscriptions of faith and destruction. In it, people could be seen praying to a god of some kind, and all manner of things were seen being sacrificed on overturned bowls to the god's honor. Blood splatters were all over the base of the monument like red lichen, percolating up the flat sides of the monolith in a bizarre gory camouflage pattern such that it was hard to tell where the floor ended and the monolith rose up from the floor. Just then, the companions appeared in dull flashes of red like flares bursting to flame and then instantly being smothered. First one, then another in quick order, and finally a third after a few seconds of pause, each at different places in the vast chamber. Their footsteps were barely audible thumps, their words garbled gibberish muffled by the air, and a palatable electric sense of tension rose around them all.
  7. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) "Something isn't right. If it's not the equipment or an error, then it's something wrong with the island." Was Zakaz sinking? This certainly wasn't a normal island, the Toa of Magnetism had figured as much during her time here, but this was especially baffling. Nale looked over her shoulder at Knichou. "You may want to take a look at this," she said. Then, to the pilot, "Berys, set us down there--before any more of Zakaz disappears." IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose looked pleased until she realized her job was to clean up a mess, and not decommission the still-active Vahki on the bridge. She sighed and scooped up the remains of the other unit. "Yeah, yeah," was all she said in reply to NU's talk of free will. As if back in Metru Nui these machines ever respected the free will of the Matoran...these Squad Mother upgrades were a bad idea. The Ta-Toa veteran remembered how during the Silver Sea campaign Vahki units were used as cannon fodder more than anything. She turned to Knichou. He seemed occupied. "Where am I supposed to take this? Trash compactor? Throw it out a window?" @BULiK@Toru Nui IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter "Right," the medic said to Klawne. "How exactly are we getting to the mainland, then. The portal to Kini?" @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui
  8. Alright! Viltia has officially entered the golden light. Time for a new profile. PC Profile Name: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA Breed: Toa NUVA Faction: Refugees Brief Description: Deep Jungle Green armor with Violet Blue under armor. Golden Eyes. Slightly taller than average Toa height. It’s hard to tell under her mechanics, but her organic protodermis muscles are larger than they were. Physically stronger after the NUVA power-up. Background/Occupation: A Matoran on the Northern Continent for most of her life, her village was captured and enslaved by Skakdi under orders from the League. The Skakdi treated her and her fellow villagers with disdain, anger, and abuse. Often they would kill someone just to keep productivity up. They were being transferred to begin rebuilding Le-Metru when the giant robot broke apart and sent them all falling to an unknown island. For the past week, still enslaved, their Skakdi captors drug them through the fringes of the marshes, looking for a place to set up a new home. Native Skakdi showed up and sought to loot all they could, allowing a chance for Viltia and her friends to escape. Since then she became a Toa, learned how to use her element, learned how to use her mask, fought the Grand Untethered, got bitten by a special Untethered, befriended a Tahtorak, learned how to forge Kanoka, learned how to craft Kanohi, healed a Vuata Maca Tree, and forged a Great Disc. Flaws: Hates Skakdi and would even break the Toa code to kill them. This has been lessened in one way by merging with Nektann, yet also heightened by him. If she dislikes a Skakdi, she’ll hate them more, but if she likes them, she’ll put aside most of her hate since she now holds all life precious. Despite the battle of Le-Metru Nuva, she is not a trained hand to hand fighter and she wouldn’t last long against those experienced with battle. Additional NUVA Psychological Flaws: After being bitten by Untethered Wing, Viltia now cares for all of Life, Death, and the Stars, wishing to merge with them all. These feelings don’t compel her to act necessarily, but she now thinks through the filter of them. Viltia doesn’t really like thinking deep, philosophical thoughts, and tends to just accept or ignore thinking about such things. Breed Quirks: -Viltia is stronger with NUVA. -An innate understanding of plant attributes such as poison. Additional NUVA Breed Quirks -You may wear kanohi masks and use their powers. -You may use your base element with similar power and control as a toa. Pick one element to be your base element if you did not have a base element before the NUVA power-up. (the Green) -You may concentrate and fire a beam of energy with the same power type and strength as the Great Kanoka Disk used in your Nuva power-up at a target within your sight. (Teleportation) -If you wore a mask at the time of your NUVA power-up it melted and fused to your face. You may still use its abilities as a breed quirk. If it was an infected mask it is no longer infected. (Golden Mask of Teleportation, Flight, Levitation, Legendary Growth, Truth, and Time Duplication) -You may share your breed quirks with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range. -You may be the target of your own breed quirks. Powers: Primary Power: The Green Secondary Power: Kanohi NUVA of Possibilities Kraata: Stage 3 Kraata of Fire Resistance. Stage 3 Kraata of Life. Stage 3 Kraata of Density Control. Stage 3 Kraata of Shapeshifting. Fire Resistance Stage 1. Cold and clammy surface provides protection from heat. Stage 2. Can burrow imperviously through the hot rock of Ta-Wahi. Stage 3. Able to survive short dips in the lava stream. Life Stage 1. The body’s healing factor is as fast as is naturally possible. Stage 2. Can sense all life in the area and instinctively know what type it is, regardless of what plane of existence it resides on. Stage 3. Rahi (Insects as well for all mentions of Rahi. Rahi does not include rite-born “Rahi” (Kaiju)) sense your connection to Life and refuse to attack you unless they are Infected, attacked by you, or under someone else’s power. Can create and mentally control one duplicate miniature Rahi that is half the size of the original. One must touch the Rahi one wishes to duplicate. Density Control Stage 1. Can briefly increase density to resist physical blows. Stage 2. Can focus density to a hardness of solid protodermis, becoming almost impervious to harm. Stage 3. Can decrease density for enhanced speed and agility. Shapeshifting Stage 1. Can wriggle free of all but the strongest of grasps. Stage 2. Has the ability to slither through the smallest passages. Stage 3. Can flatten or stretch itself to several times its original size. Additional NUVA powers: -You may share your element with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range. -Your elemental mastery is stronger than before, roughly halfway between an individual toa and an individual toa kaita (a toa kaita having the combined power of three toa). -You may place a portion of your elemental power into a pre-specified elemental effect that can be delayed to a time of your choosing. Until your pre-specified effect occurs, you can share your Elemental Power, Breed Quirks, and NUVA Kanohi with one less willing creature per elemental effect for a maximum of two delayed elemental effects. -You are a living key for a Kaita ACR and are its primary pilot. Your assigned Kaita ACR is the same element as the ruin where your Nuva transformation occurred. See your Kaita ACR’s profile for additional information. Equipment: Weapons: Lewa style Axe/Laser Crossbow combination Rahkshi Staff of Hunger, Stage 4. Equipment: Satchel with crude compass inside. A belt with pouches on the four cardinal directions. The pouches are somewhat rigid and are designed to hold masks, even when upside down, yet have enough give for Viltia to be able to take out and put in masks. Has created a GM approved Great Kanohi of Removes Poison: Removes any poison or toxin from a body or object. Can also purify any substance of its impurities. Or alternatively only purify to a certain level if the user chooses to do so. This doesn't affect mutations. When using the mask to remove impurities, the mask absorbs them into itself, eventually causing the mask to break and become unusable. Has created a GM approved "Lesser" Legendary Kanohi of Growth: The user may choose to grow proportionate to normal anatomy up to a total height of 120 feet. Physical power increases to that of a wearer of the great mask of Strength. Two faux-Exsidian canisters to hold enough EP for one Kraata creation each. 1 Vuata Maca Crystal. Taboos: Tethered Bonds Suva Affiliation: Air Suva. Forge Suva: Air Suva --------- Also, I was going through the NUVA rules again, and I was surprised to see that while NUVA requires a PC, NUVA Proxima just needs a non-specified character (Character being defined in the rules as a PC, MC, or NPC). So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I just accidentally made a Muaka into NUVA Proxima. MC Profile Name: “Muaka” NUVA Proxima Breed: Muaka NUVA Proxima Faction: Refugees Role: Fighter Brief Description: A three quarters-sized Muaka with a slightly hunched back. Yellow markings. He is physically stronger after the NUVA Proxima power-up. Background/Occupation: Created from Viltia’s Life Kraata power. He follows her as a loyal companion. Flaw: Since he was created by Viltia through the Life Kraata, his whole being is forever bound to obey her every command, even at the detriment to his health or even resulting in his death. This flaw is no mere psychological effect. It is his entire state of being. Powers/Equipment: Snapping jaws, extending neck, sharp claws. Breed Quirks: Muaka are solitary nocturnal hunters. They are incredibly swift despite their large size, and very powerful. They hunt by sinking their sharp claws into their prey, forcing their victim to the ground, killing with their teeth, and then carrying their new meal to a nearby lair. Muaka have a muscular neck that can extend several bios to snatch up prey. They are also immune to stasis. As one of the strongest Rahi, Muaka are powerful enough to kill most other Rahi. On Mata Nui, the only known enemy of the Muaka was the Fusa. A Muaka will give up a hunt if it decides that its prey is not worth the effort. On Mata Nui, Muaka were the apex predator of Ko-Wahi, where they were most commonly found. When under the control of Teridax's infected masks, Muaka could also be found in the jungles of Le-Wahi. Additional NUVA Proxima Breed Quirks -You may wear kanohi masks and use their powers. -You may use your base element with similar power and control as a toa. Pick one element to be your base element if you did not have a base element before the NUVA power-up. (Sonics) -If you wore a mask at the time of your NUVA Proxima power-up it melted and fused to your face. You may still use its abilities as a breed quirk. If it was an infected mask it is no longer infected. (Two Powerless Haus) -You may share your breed quirks with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range. -You may be the target of your own breed quirks. Powers: Your current powers (Sonics) Additional NUVA Proxima powers: -Your elemental mastery is stronger than before, roughly halfway between an individual toa and an individual toa kaita (a toa kaita having the combined power of three toa). -You may share your element with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.
  9. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui Her brow furrowed. Acting all-knowing fit what she remembered of the stoic Toa of Stone during her brief encounter with him in Dume's office. Was it just an act, or was there something more to it? It probably didn't matter, she decided. Unless there was another magical door somewhere that also required the Makoki Stones, Stannis was standing in the way of saving everyone, just as Sidra herself once had. "I'll see what I can find out," she promised. "But while I'm still here..." she looked around for a moment to make sure Vulimai, Ostrox, or Knichou weren't lurking anywhere nearby, before withdrawing the Krom Sphere from her belt pouch and holding it out for Nuju to see, "...I've heard you might know something about this." @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui "Stannis the Wanderer offering clues as to where he goes? I've seen stars give clearer warnings than him. He gave no clue, just pocketed the makoki stone and left me sitting here like a chained fool," Nuju replied. He clicked his tongue a few times as he thought to himself. Then he said; "Stannis said a few things about scholars and liars, and he made a few pointed attempts to suggest I knew something about him. I played along, figuring it would reveal more. I think he was implying that he knew what I knew, which is uncharacteristic because I don't know what I would know that he knew that I know, you know? Actually, do you know? I don't know. I don't like when I don't know what people think I know, because if I knew it then I'd know it and they'd know they didn't know what I knew. This makes my head hurt." OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  11. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "He didn't happen to offer any clues as to where he's going?" She asked, "And what were those suspicions you spoke of?" Even as she asked her questions, she found herself wondering if she perhaps did have the ability to track down the wayward Toa. More than once, the extent and strength of her psionic powers had taken her by surprise. She'd never really had cause to experiment with the range of her abilities, even less so with Wairuha boosting her powers... just how far could she push herself? @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui “I was aware of one stone being hidden within two possible timelines within the Far Shore. Stannis found one. I do not have the data to conclusively determine if there is only one of something within the Far Shore. Rather, the data would indicate there’s nothing in there at all. It’s beyond our reality after all, how can it exist in the first place? If you are not a tracker, perhaps someone you know can assist in finding our fugitive. If only I had a few good vahki on my side,” Nuju said as he fell into contemplation. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy IC: Takadox | Spiriah’s Labyrinth He coughed and choked a little on the blood in his mouth. Spitting, he felt a few teeth leave with the phlegm. He wiped mud from his face and let go of the mesi, satisfied they were dead. “I hate you all,” Takadox said with a grimace, patting the dead warrior he’d straddled and stabbed. “I hope you have a horrible place where you go when you die. Here’s hoping what you had in the present stayed around for me. With my luck you’d be greedy enough to take your stuff with you.” Takadox rummaged through what the two warriors had been carrying, his hands feeling more than his eyes saw: some weapons, armor too big for his body that he quickly threw aside, a couple kanoka disks, a few dirty scraps of fabric, and the dregs of something stale in a dried gourd flask. He held the gourd high, shaking it and tapping the outside to dislodge what was left before throwing the container further down the tunnel. “Guess I’ll just sit here,” he commented to no one in particular, knowing full well the shadows were watching. They were always watching. Lost and alone, he curled up against the side wall of the tunnel, hugging his new possessions for lack of a proper bag. It was a while before he stirred again. “Is that, salt water?” Takadox asked, incredulous. He stumbled to his feet, the left having fallen asleep and giving him trouble as he struggled towards the scent. He could definitely smell it now: the ocean! Or maybe he was just going in circles and was about to drown himself. Worth the risk, he figured...
  13. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "Okay, so is finding Stannis our priority, or are there still more of the Stones to be found in there?" She asked, gesturing to the portal. "I've worn a few different hats and badges in my time, but tracking has never been my specialty." @Unreliable Narrator
  14. It sounds crazy that Lego would base Toa off of Hawaiian gods, but there are so many coincidences! You just might be onto something.
  15. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui Nuju rubbed his mask with his hands, sighed, and looked back at the NUVA in his presence. He seemed a little calmer. Sidra NUVA could tell with her psionic powers Nuju was doing his best to suppress his anger. He said; “Believe me when I say I understand. Faith is a ruthless fanatic. There is no logic to faith. Faith is what got us in this mess to begin with. We put our faith in dreams, and they betrayed us for a single taste of mortality. Free Tren-Krom? Oh no Sidra, it is us who need to be freed. We’re the ones locked away, lost in the torment of repetition, not Tren Krom. We bathe in their light, we exist as them or even enact their will, but we are separate and adrift with nothing but our ever-growing nightmares for company. We need those stones. Stannis found the one I’d been looking for and now he’s gone. He holds a potential key to our deliverance, and I doubt his intentions after our prior chat. Why is he always in the right place at the right time? At first I thought it was a hero’s intuition, but now I have my suspicions.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, hey look -- a fetch quest! IC: Administrator | Ruins of Air "Are you sure that's wise," the Admin chimed in as Viltia approached the pedestal and withdrew her great disk. "All experiments with you air-breathers had a control group. Best to-" Any words the Administrator spoke were lost on Viltia as her entire being became golden light... She felt nothing. Honestly, she was nothing. Well, she was something: dead. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, stay tuned IC: Administrator | Elemental Ruins of Stone "A temple has been activated," the Administrator said without prompting. It spoke loud enough for those throughout the temple to hear plainly. "A temple to the South has been activated." OOC: anyone in the Elemental Ruins of Stone? IC: Administrator | Elemental Ruins of Earth "A temple has been activated," the Administrator said without prompting. It spoke loud enough for those throughout the temple to hear plainly. "A temple to the South has been activated." OOC: anyone in the elemental ruins of Earth? IC: Administrator | Elemental Ruins of Ice "A temple has been activated," the Administrator said without prompting. It spoke loud enough for those throughout the temple to hear plainly. "A temple to the South has been activated." OOC: anyone in the Elemental Ruins of Ice? IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula “Okay so we ask questions to the door and the door thinks about it? And then if the door thought really hard about it we get let inside? I can work with that.” Grime fiddled with the keys of his squeezebox, squared up with the door, played a sustained C sharp on the instrument, and said over the droning note; “What is this single note That’s the same in all places But changes depending on scales Printed on pages?” ooc: @Gecko Greavesy, @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua
  16. *checks GM notes* yes? Escapement may hold a solid clue to the answer to your question.
  17. IC: Whisper – Kumu Peninsula “This edifice stands not in the honor of a spirit of records and history, but of conquest and absconding. Things are preserved not for to be used by many but appreciated by one. He is long since defeated and resides here in what is both his sanctum and prison. Will it be dangerous? Absolutely—unquestionably so—but we will be able to find what we seek and more." “Very well,” she replied, turning her attention back to the door. If it could be opened by a question, perhaps there was a reason to Stannis being even more obtuse than usual. Whisper would have no reason to ask the door a question if Stannis had already given her an answer. “Who built you?” @EmperorWhenua _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Xaril – Relic Fields Following Aurax’s departure, Xaril had set up a makeshift command centre for himself inside one of the Vahki Hives, using empty crates for tables and chairs. He’d ordered the Vahki to set up radio equipment and slowly tune through the channels to listen out for any chatter. The League’s arrival in the ruins hadn’t exactly been a stealthy one, and he wanted to be ready for any potential approach or attack from any other camps or settlements nearby. It didn’t take long for a message to come through, crisp and clear, from somewhere relatively close by. "This is Ko-Pou. Over." "This is Tobduk-Koro,” came the reply, more crackly due to distance. “You might have noticed, but the sea level is rising quickly. Akiri Kanohi says we both need to go further inland, to the Aqua Sphere." "Yes, we... did notice. Ko-Pou has been cut off from the mainland, we'll have to evacuate through the Ice Ruin portal to Kini-Koro for the time being. You mention the Aqua Sphere, can it be assumed a reliable method of relocation to it been discovered? Over." Chuckling to himself, Xaril took up a handheld and decided to invite himself to the conversation. “This is Xaril of the League of Six Kingdoms,” he interjected, “Yes, we have radios too. The Aqua Sphere you're so eager to visit is currently under control of Ehlek, who is actively seeking Matoran test subjects for his experiments. So unless your Akiri is especially eager to see their insides turned into outsides, I'd tell them to avoid going anywhere near that place." @Toru Nui@Onaku
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  19. IC: Knichou & Taku Crew, Zakaz Airspace, The Taku Knichou was going to respond in kind to NU's outburst, but stayed silent as Nale walked past him to add her warning to his. The Nynran shot a grateful yet serious nod to the captain as she turned around to deal with the pilot's concern. Knichou stayed standing, facing the Vahki and the entrance to the bridge that Rose soon arrived through. From the veteran's question, it was clear she knew what was going on. "I'll deal with its problem later, just get it and this junk off the bridge, okay?" Knichou told the Ta-Toa with a sigh and a gesture over his shoulder to the scattered Vahki parts. He had enough to deal with right now, patching its malfunctions could wait until after he had time to talk to his partner. At the front of the bridge, Berys was glad someone was finally paying attention. If there was daylight, he would have been more certain of this problem earlier, but they were well on their course by the time the environment's oddities became apparent in the moonlight. He turned to Nale to give his assessment of the situation "Our position is correct... it's just... no land beneath us. Even if we were lost from the storm, that's where Ko-Pou should be." Berys stated, pointing at the vague shape of the island they were approaching. "Unless someone picked up Mata Nui's head without anyone noticing and moved it near some islet nobody has charted before in our prior expeditions, that landmark proves we have the right heading and haven't overshot it or had some navigational instrument error."
  20. It's been mentioned a few times that Aspects reincarnate. How different are these incarnations from each other? Are they exactly the same, or do they have different names, appearances, demeanours, Kraata Powers, Grand Wishes, etc.?
  21. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Radio Shack "Yes, we... did notice. Ko-Pou has been cut off from the mainland, we'll have to evacuate through the Ice Ruin portal to Kini-Koro for the time being. You mention the Aqua Sphere, can it be assumed a reliable method of relocation to it been discovered? Over." @Toru Nui
  22. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - A Recurring Pattern "That’s not all that is weak. 'Only Aspects may speak ill of Aspects, we are above you, we are above reproach, WE ARE THE SUPERIOR BEINGS', etcetera, etcetera... I’ve heard this nonsense before, just change the nouns..." Ostrox quickly switched from sneering mockery and condemnation, returning Parnassus’ glare, to transparently false cheeriness, acting as if he had said nothing at all. "Off to Kumu, then? Universe won’t save itself, you know!" @Eyru@Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: NU-8020S (Zakaz Airspace, The Taku, The Bridge) - FreeWill.exe "Yes, there is trouble. An error in this unit’s code, identified as free will has been detected. Beginning system diagnostic... diagnostic complete. Free will has been determined to be a feature, not a bug." @Tarn@BULiK IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - Don’t Touch That Dial Oh good. They weren’t dead. Just slow. "This is Tobduk-Koro. You might have noticed, but the sea level is rising quickly. Akiri Kanohi says we both need to go further inland, to the Aqua Sphere." @Onaku IC: Gnabol and Lawful (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone, Exterior) - I Will Suffer No Trespass Gnabol placed the infants he held in his mind’s grip down onto the ground. Green filth continued to drip from his body. He felt as if he were going to be sick. Probably because he was sick. "Alright... just put them down here, for now... I need... we all need medicine... don’t touch any of us... don’t let any of the green touch the children... or you." "I am a machine. I am not afflicted by organic compounds." Lawful moved to try and remove the poison from Gnabol’s skin. "Well then, could you not touch me anyway, for the sake of personal space?" He snapped. Lawful moved away from Gnabol’s skin. @Harvali IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - No Woman Is an Island "I don’t know. But I do know we can’t stay here. The mainland might not be stable either, but it’s better than staying here to drown." @Vezok's Friend@Harvali@Tarn@Snelly IC: Reckless (Tobduk-Koro, Sucordak’s Hut, Exterior) - Assuming Little Brother Isn’t Sulking "NU-8026S should already have informed him by now." Reckless followed Sucordak out. "They should also be heading to the Forge of Vakama." @Harvali IC: Wayward (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower, Exterior) - Little Brother Is Sulking Well then. That would be the last time he ever offered anything. Wayward scuttled after Kanohi. @Harvali
  23. I happened to notice the similarities in design between the Toa of Ice's shield and this symbol derived from New Age Hawaiian mysticism. Of course, this LEGO element existed long before BIONICLE was even conceived, and I doubt the designers intended such a reference. It's fairly well known that Hawaiian, Maori, Fijian, and other Pacific Island vocabulary were used as inspiration for the Bionicle universe. Just thought it was interesting to note the coincidences between the symbol and the Kanohi Akaku, as well as some terms and ideas that seem to describe other characters, items and events in the story.
  24. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) Nale wasn't bothered by the malfunctioning Vahki's initial outburst, but did give her a brief look before turning her gaze back to Knichou as he tried in vain to explain amidst the confusion. When NU continued, however, Nale's current emotions and frustration with the unit got the better of her and the Toa of Magnetism approached the Vahki, icy blue optics narrowing as she stared her down. "If you'd like to continue being on this ship, I suggest you settle down. Someone else can retrieve what's left of the other unit, but--" What was that last part again? "Captain, Commander... you might want to see this..." Nale turned and looked outside. The landscape was unfamiliar. She moved to the Le-Matoran pilot's side, concern on her Kakama. "--we'll worry about this later," she said, seemingly both to NU and Knichou. "This can't be Ko-Pou. Berys, where are we?" IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose climbed out of the ball turret, taking notice of just how much damage the ship had actually sustained during their battle with the monster, and headed to the bridge. "What is it, bossman?" the Toa of Fire asked once she was there. The immediate sight of the Vahki unit they'd brought along made the Ta-Toa sigh audibly and palm her fist. "Is there some kind of trouble?" She hadn't noticed the view outside yet. @BULiK@Toru Nui IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter Triage's amber optics doubled in size. "Sinking? Shouldn't we have felt something? Like, tremors or, I don't know..." He got to his feet, one last flash of Iradra's memory of fighting in the coliseum causing him to grimace and put a hand to his head. Once the medic quickly recovered he continued. "...how can we be able to travel from Metru-Koro to here one moment, then cut off from the mainland the next?" @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital Jutori managed to weakly nod to Onaku as he left, tired from the effects of the poison on his body and the adrenaline that pulled him from his bed prior beginning to wear off. The Toa of Gravity closed his optics, finding irony in being back in the hospital. His hammer was close by. @Onaku@The UltimoScorp
  25. I like Teridax as a way to differentiate it from the species name. I'll admit that my opinion may be influenced by the fact that I didn't get into Bionicle until 2006. I didn't really spend much time thinking about him as the only makuta or even THE makuta.
  26. For me, I think I would say MoCing brings me more joy. It's very fulfilling to actually create something. I enjoy instructed building a lot too, but that's more something to relax without having to sit in front of a screen.
  27. LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney, an artist that has astounded audiences with his LEGO sculptures, recently installed an exhibit of 38 pieces in Tennessee's Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. "Kenney's work blurs the boundaries between austere and the everyday, drawing from a belief that everything is interconnected," says their website. The works can be found throughout the gardens, the bright colors of LEGO bricks contrasting with the scenery. To get an idea of what he does, look no further than his 2016 exhibit Nature Connects. If you have the chance to visit before September 5, you're sure to be impressed. Details on the website. View the full article
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