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  2. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Historical District, Wise Man's Archive] The Cy-Toa raised an eyebrow. He was merely humoring himself with the idea of taking on more work, but the nature of it intrigued him slightly. To copy documents meant to read them, have total access. Even change them, if needed. That kind of responsibility, in his hands, could be a great boon to further investigations. In fact... it would give him an excellent alibi. A freelance scribe wasn't the most inconspicuous of personas, but as a matter of fact, what Priicu had proposed was the exact same occupation as the lie Vrill had concocted for his disguised self before entering the establishment. He had the idea of such work locked and loaded in case the librarian got nosy, but this was an opportunity to make it a real fake job, and maybe that was a tool he could use later. "I already do that - just more freelance and less systematic. That's why I'm here, after all," the undercover guardsman lied. He neatly placed sixty widgets on the counter. "Are you talking about something... larger than my private clients? What makes this different?"
  3. IC: Priicu Busy as the Toa seemed, he hadn't expected him to show any interest. He straightened up subconsciously, encouraged by this response. "Copying documents and books is meticulous work, requiring one to always keep going back and forth from the original text to the new one. Your use of your crystal powers could drastically reduce the effort involved. I see a business opportunity as Ko-Koro's- if not the island's- first copyists." His delivery was as neutral as was to be expected of a Ko-Koronan, but his eyes twinkled at the thought.
  4. OOC: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bonkle magic IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Historical District, Wise Man's Archive] Vrill paused sorting his widgets and looked at the Wise Man™ with a quizzical expression - it was clear he hadn't been expecting a proposal. In fact, he was almost amused by the idea. "A job?"
  5. “Nothin’ to worry about,” Taro patted Dahkapa on the shoulder, stepping in front of the Pakari wearing guard and cutting her off from asking a follow up question about the old friend. “We've got all we need to know. Enjoy the new ice carvings.” He nodded, and the brand new gates slid open on runners of polished ice, opening the path for Dahkapa to renter the newly rebuilt main street of the village.
  6. Thanks for the info on these pieces, guys. I had forgotten about that green Takua and Pewku prototype. Wonder why no one seems to have Onua's weapons. The term mismould is already used to refer to pieces that have physical deformities, so pieces that are the wrong colour are called misprints. It's not the perfect word since, as you say, they aren't actually printed. And yeah, the 2001 European "misprints" are almost certainly not real misprints. -L
  7. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp The cross-wired vigilante had just finished locking his Volo Lutu Launcher’s barrel’s back in place when he heard Hakari’s words. He looked up to see Okuo flying off on his Kewa, disappearing to the south. Le-Koro, what did they need to tell— And then Kanohi saw the smoke pouring from the forest, spreading rapidly from the East. It’s birth was close to the border of Ta-Wahi, and they were already close to the volcano. A forest fire. Kanohi, he had not lived in Le-Wahi long, but he still knew the plumes of a blaze well. Some travelers complained there had not been enough rain, that the Mangai had been flexing. He was not sure, he only washed up on Mata-Nui a short time ago. Not very recently, but enough that his first friends period had been Stannis’s Companions. He did not know a time Le-Wahi was not like this. Kanohi began to hack out coughs as Rahi fled past. He could feel the wall of heat crashing against him like a tsunami, feel the smoke flooding his optics. He swayed he … he could feel tendrils of embers coiling around him, stuffing themselves down the gaps in his armor, puppeting him like that horrific parasite— What do you see? Then he heard a cry of help. He stumbled and clutched his mask as he continued to wheeze, before firing his Volo Lutu Launcher wildly. It smacked against the ground and recoiled into his launcher. He shook his head, trying to shake away the melting world around him. He … he knew Fire was a d-danger, he knew it. It was why he had been sure to treat his launcher and his armor to prevent them from burning. But he still was flammable. And the flames fed his visions, and in this inferno, he was overwhelmed. B-but there was that cry again. It was an Ash Bear cub, wailing for its mother. And there were other Rahi too, cries of a troop of Brakas gagging on smoke, of even a mighty Muaka surrounded by flames. Was he … was he seeing these things, or was his foreseeing them? He … he couldn’t tell. But either way he … he had to help. Helping was all he could do, it was his value, it was how he proved he mattered. And these Rahi they … they mattered too. Helpless, they needed someone to support them. Maybe it should be someone who also mattered little. Still hacking and his optics wide, Kanohi fired his Volo Lutu Launcher again and grappled into the blaze. He tried not to focus on the smoke as he hurtled through the canopy, before spreading his arm wide. His outstretched hand snatched a young Brakas caught in the flames, grasping her by the scruff of her armor. He swung her into his arm as he took in the sights of the troop cap outgoing, the nearby trees were ablaze so the Rahi could not leap to them. He needed to put out at least some of the fire. But … how? Then he felt a twig caught in his armor. He looked at it, twigs always snapped off trees when he grappled, he was not meant for the trees. But … if he could break twigs… Kanohi swooped over to a Brakas and offered the youngster before charging at some trees. With a crash he barreled into them, but this time it was his intent. burning branches splintered from the impacts, haired smushed from the collisions, he was trying to smother the flames with his body. He was only a Matoran, unworthy of being a Toa, of being a Companion. He had to try something. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  8. So I'm sorry if I'm bumping the topic into oblivion here (I don't quite know the rules on that here, haha), but I do still want to be able to continue to contribute to this document in a few ways. For example, I've got meticulous recreations of models like the prototype "Bad Guy" promo set and the Fikou Nui. The problem is, Volitak_Boxor has been MIA around these parts (if not also BS01?) since 2019, and the document has since been changed to need permission to edit. I have information to continue cataloguing these oddity models and I simply can't at the moment, what should I do?
  9. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp - Fire! The jungle was on fire! How was this possible? "Okuo! Fly to Le-koro! Tell them what's going on!" The words came out of the Lesterin's mouth before she even realized it. Okuo nodded and was already flying off on his Kewa as she turned to focus on all the rahi fleeing the fire. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404
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  11. Two new projects have achieved ten thousand votes of support on LEGO Ideas over the past couple of days. Take a look at Motorized Johnny 5 by RJ BrickBuilds and Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop - 20th Anniversary by DadiTwins, which are both iconic properties that are sure to be instantly recognized by their fans. Johnny 5 is super-impressive with its integration of a Powered Up hub and motors allowing you to actually control the robot in a variety of ways. I'm not as familiar with Naruto as I am with Short Circuit, but the ramen shop is a very detailed model that clearly had a lot of time and effort poured into it. The two projects are quite different, showing off the variety that the platform enables. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a favorable review result! View the full article
  12. If you've been looking for a new way to bring your LEGO creations to life and you know or are interested in learning Python, then you're in luck! Meet the Raspberry Pi Build HAT, which can connect to most Raspberry Pi computers and allows you to connect up to four Powered Up motors and sensors. The HAT will cost $25 in addition to the cost of the Pi, and you can read the full specs and check out the Python libraries for controlling the devices here. In order to get the motors to work you'll need a higher-wattage power supply, so make sure you also pick up a $15 Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply, which can power your Pi as well. It's an awesome idea that I would love to play with in the future! View the full article
  13. IC: Priicu - Wise Man's Archive The establishment's owner had returned to the front desk during the Toa's search and busied himself with whatever he could find to occupy him. He turned from his task as the Toa returned. "A day's access to the Archive is 10 widgets. But if you plan on coming back regularly, you can buy a monthly library card for 60," he answered, patting a neat pile of said cards. He glanced curiously at the collection of crystal copies the Toa had made, another idea for the archive floating in his mind. "I don't suppose you would be looking for a job..." OoC: By the way, obsidian isn't a crystal, it's glass. You could use smoky quartz instead.
  14. IC: Quoribay [Ga-Koro, Streets, Alley] See what I told you about this guy being bad news? He really didn't want to cooperate, all because he couldn't live up to his own mistakes. I really needed to get rid of him somehow. There was a way where everyone walked out of this happy. Whaddaya think happened, then? "Pfffffttt..." I added in a mocking expression and a hand wave (with the hand that wasn't wrapped around the hilt of one of my sheathed dirks). My negotiation skills are unmatched. As usual, I knew I had all the cards under my belt. Well, mostly. "You have nothing. This score can't happen without me, and if you start raising Karzahni and stop it from going down, I guarantee you'll never get anything out of me." "Besides-" a signature sly grin firing with the mechanically precise timing of Nuparu's finest patero. "Like I said, I can't tell you what it is because they've barely even coined a word for this contraption, that's how secret and high tech and secret tech it is. Catch my drift now?" "So, if you want to work for a living on this score with me and my partner Illicia -" me, namedropping? "- for your substantial, yet fair cut, then fine. But:" I snapped a finger gun at his chest, and any casual friendliness was gone faster than a Ta-Matoran in Ko-Koro. "You try to pull anything, you get nothing. You go with this, and when it's over, I'm out. Long as you don't run off or make it go to Karz, you get your cut, any 'debts' are cleared, and I'm never seeing your face again, capiche?"
  15. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, The Drifts, Ice Shelf Crevasse] Kreigero breathed a shaky sigh of relief, adrenaline still surging, as the sled skidded to a halt, kicking up snow everywhere in what was already a horrific storm. Completely exposed to the elements, it felt just as cold as when the otherworldly rahi swooped in to fight the Muaka. Wind chill was a dark mistress. The sled had rotated wildly when Savrehn's quick thinking lead to a makeshift anchor - if Kreigero hadn't been holding on to one of his arms, she might have been flung off into a tumble down the chasm from the centripetal force alone. Now the huntress was the matoran closest to the pit, where she got a spookily wide view of it's unending maw. The sled was still slipping. Kreigero froze as still as mount ihu itself in apprehension. Teetering. Only moments to think. She glanced at Savrehn, locking optics with the crusty old Ko-Matoran. It was a glare, but not of malice, regret, or even sadness. It was merely firm, with the only emotion on display being the emotionless severity of the situation, a mutually understandable acknowledgement that the situation they were in merely was what it was. There was no indication that they had any right to be sad that this was how Ihu took them. This was the risk they knew, and to be a true alpinist required the coolness under pressure that shone through the tinted visor of Kreigero's kaukau in that everlastingly brief moment the two Ko-Matoran loners shared. Her steely expression was of a woman focused on the situation. One who saw reality with the detached clarity necessary to make the right decisions even in the worst of situations. Kreigergo inhaled sharply, turned, and jumped off the sled, pushing it slightly back up in the process to buy a few precious moments for Atamai and Savrehn. Both her arms were outstretched forwards, hands squeezed tightly around the grip of her ice pick. It slammed into the ice wall on the other side of the crevasse, with the several bio of rope connecting her to Atamai and then Savrehn stretching across the chasm between them. Without her weight on the shield, it might not slip. If it slipped anyways and they dragged each other down into the pit, Kreigero would die knowing she made the best choice in the moment. For now, she just had... to... hang... on... The icy wall on the opposing end of the chasm audibly crackled, with the spider web of cracks around Kreigero's ice pick growing slightly. She looked up. No handholds, and even if so, it was a long climb to reach level ground several dozen bio above. Kreigero decided not to look down again. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Historical District, Wise Man's Archive] The Cy-Toa nodded to the matoran. He perused the selection of records, pulling several volumes off of the shelves before taking a seat at a nearby table. For a few hours, he sat quietly, flipping through books and unrolling scrolls. Occasionally he'd form a clear crystal sheet over a page, duplicating it by turning some of the glass into a darkened obsidian over the top of the original's markings. A crude elemental photocopier, but effective and cheap. The undercover detective started, naturally, with lists of the Akiri's new proclamations and directives. No matter what, he had to get a feel for all aspects of Tarkhan's administration. It was possible to obscure criminality, but exceedingly difficult to truly mask it. The guardsman was betting that some oddities would lead him to any murky truths he could hone in on. Most of it was stuff Vrill already knew about - the widely publicized re-investment plan, some trade deals that looked normal enough to someone who wasn't an accountant or a lawyer. Vrill's expression soured as he re-read the announcement of the compulsory military service that he and many other veteran sancum guardsmen had gripes with for yet another time. Similarly, the Toa Kalta being Ko-Koro's official Toa team was worthy of a roll of the optics. Vrill almost moved on, but in the corner of his vision, he glimpsed a remarkable footnote. Skorm, one of the group, had been on the run from the law in multiple other Koro... and they knew this when the Kalta let him join, and when Ko-Koro's Onu-Koronan Akiri appointed them to be the city's new apex protectors. The mention was light - obviously those reporting on it didn't want to draw more attention to it than necessary. Vrill found reports asking for official pardons, something mentioning an incident with antidermis, Stannis Maru, and Po-Koro. Hmmm... The Cy-Toa made copies of anything he could find on the Toa Kalta, which, somewhat suspiciously, wasn't all too much. Apparently they hadn't been active all too long, and that raised more questions than it answered for the detective. He walked back to the matoran at the front desk, reaching into a crystalline pocket in his armor and pulling out several widgets. "How much is the fee?"
  16. I wouldn't mind being kept posted on this, I've always felt strongly that a 2D animated episodic series is one of the most viable mediums for a retelling, the link is broken but if there was a new one I would like to pop in.
  17. I second this, I wouldn't mind some tips on that. Just even owning one piece would be neat.
  18. IC: Kehuri "It probably would be a good idea to do a role-call," Kehuri said in response to Plagia. "It's impossible to count us in the dark as it is. I'll start if you don't mind. One. Kehuri. Toa of Earth."
  19. I think I agree with all of @capMARVELOUS opening statement, especially about one being truly dead only when one is forgotten. As long as fan works keep being made, stories keep being told, then Bionicle is still not dead. I made my Lego Ideas project as I wanted just a single tribute from TLG and I wanted to gauge reaction to such a thing. It seems the community does not have much resilience as after Sokoda's was rejected a lot of bitter venom was vented about Lego and after that it is much harder to get people interested in a project. But yeah, I'm not too phased if my personal IDEAS project expires or makes it and gets chopped, building a detailed GSR model in time for the anniversary was reward in itself and hopefully more people will feel that way as they mature, that reward can be found in their fan works. Also about the canon contests, I personally think they are great, sure the first couple have been bumpy but ironing out bugs was always going to be a step, I'm very satisfied with the result for Artahka at least. One thing as well that makes them more tolerable is to think of it as a springboard for ideas, the winning model serves as inspiration for all. TLG has changed a lot even in the last 5 years so I think it's not a priority to them, they often jump on trends like toys to life late, if an action figure or robot trend happens again maybe they'll revisit it. But stating once again, learning to be self sufficient will be good for the fandom, already I see a lot of fan characters and original works, especially coming out of Studio and the fan made part packs etc.
  20. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “And I am nothing if not exceedingly so, Quoribay. I waited all day here for you, and here you are.” The other hand now had a brass knuckle to match. At this point, Surdo was hoping the other Fe-Matoran would give him even the slightest excuse to use them. Even if— “—I go with this, you still owe me. I want enough of this score to make up for your outstanding debt, and if I reach the end of this escapade and there’s nothing there?” Surdo chuckled, then his expression darkened. “I won’t be laughing.” OOC: @BULiK
  21. IC: "Course I can." Skri answered, walking over to the slab in question. She'd already absorbed the remnants of the plants by the entrance, enough to restore just a little energy, and now she considered the ones before her. There was no doubt that they had been grown to support this piece of stone, which was a little concerning seeing as the man whose hideout this had been was not a Toa of Plant-Life. "But I think I'd better play it safe. These things didn't get here naturally. So, shortstuff..." She took Plagia by the shoulders, and guided the Toa in front of her. And then she dropped down to a knee so she was fully behind her silhouette. "If something goes 'click', or anything like that, have that Hau between us and it." What she proposed to do was less direct, but much safer, than simply grabbing it and hoisting. Which she would have rather done because her element was in short supply here. But if wishes were fishes... Slowly, deliberately, she worked with what someone before her had put in place; she steadily absorbed the plant material on one side of the slab and used the energy to make the other side grow so that it rose above the ground while the other descended.
  22. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - The Drifts (Cliffhanger) So much for a clean getaway. As they approached the abyss Savrehn made noises that should have been words but came out as grunts resembling various known swears and other, less familiar noises that must have been new ones. His gut had been telling him things would go sideways, but not this quickly and not this badly. He could see it now: the mystery of the three Matoran who ventured into the Drifts and never came back. Would people debate over what happened? Would they even care? Someone would surely write about how it had been the doing of some unknown entity, undiscovered by Matorankind—and with whatever that was back there, wings and all, that didn’t seem far from the truth. Now, hang on to what he wondered, as he prepared for the inevitable conclusion of them falling to their dooms. He looked down at the ice axe still in his hand, tightened around the tool in a death grip. Then to the rope that linked the three Matoran. Savrehn took a deep breath as he realized what Kreigero meant. Had a good run. If it ends here…sorry I didn’t keep my mouth shut back in Rhanus’s. It was like slow motion as the makeshift sled reached the edge, and Savrehn twisted himself around and tried to lodge the sharp end of his ice axe into the ground. It caught snow instead of anything solid, and the Ko-Matoran was dragged by momentum for a few seconds (which felt far longer in his mind) until it just barely caught the edge of the abyss. The tug of their lifeline reminded Savrehn of his companions, and he looked over to see if they had made it as well. The ice axe would not stay there for long. The mountaineer could feel it beginning to slip, pulled by the weight of him and the other two Matoran. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  23. IC: Quoribay [Ga-Koro, Streets, Alley] I never would have gotten in this situation if I couldn't take the sleazebag on matoran to matoran, fair and square, or slip away from him just as easily. But I wasn't just taking extra care to not attract attention by causing a scene or trying to stick around to get Bazzy to be the muscle any good swindle could take advantage of - I also knew that this would be a perfect opportunity to kill two taku with one madu and ensure I had one less loose end to deal with when I retired with my newly upgraded infamy level. So, the threats of violence weren't scary. From this guy? Sad! Am I right? Plus, a blade will beat a brass knuckle any day - it's like rock paper scissors. But if I had two scissors. Or... does two daggers equal one pair of - POINT IS, then I said: "This score I've cased is literally classified, now ain't the time or the place. I'm on my way to pick up the crew I need first - I'll explain then." "Patience gets rewarded."
  24. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I shrugged, pretending not to see Hyan-Fei's expression by looking down at my knees. I wiped some debris off my lap, the traditional Long clothing, coloured with Chand markings I had made myself, "Nothing you wouldn't expect - old fire pits, maybe some discarded material - though not much. Or Soko tracks," I looked away. How I had not come across any of these things which lined up with the timeline of the Mountain's Death, I had not yet figured out. "If we are lucky, and if she-" I slipped, but corrected myself, hoping Hyan-Fei would not notice, "- they - would have left some guide stones somewhere, to let stragglers know what to go." OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  25. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “Not really,” Surdo admitted. “I’ve only known him for approximately—” he paused to quickly check a watch that wasn’t there, “—ten minutes. No, less than that.” The Fe-Matoran tucked a hand away in his pocket, checking over his shoulder as if Bazslin was listening in. “And, to be honest, I don’t really know what his deal is either.” Revenge, that much he understood. Other than that, the man was an enigma, and seemed particularly unstable. “I just needed to be one-on-one with you.” Surdo’s hand slid slowly from his pocket, revealing the shape of a brass knuckle over his fingers. He squeezed his hand around it. “This is about the offer you gave him. I want more details.” The Fe-Matoran’s cane clattered to the ground as his other hand searched for its own weapon. “Otherwise, I might just have to assume it’s all bunk and beat the widgets you owe me out of you.” OOC: @BULiK
  26. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae looked at his compatriot, then put his hands together. This would not be easy, and there was a good chance somebody uninvolved would be hurt. Such was the consequence of something as important as their work. They had to succeed in their mission - the promise of a job well done would come with an impossibly important prize. It would not help them in the long run, to hurt any of the Ussalry. But today, all they could do was hope to try again after yet another failure. Pae brought his hands up, creating a small iron dome around the pair, then he pushed downwards, creating a floor, and one long thick iron pillar down through the levels below to provide some stability for the new shelter. Then, he dropped to one knee, and closed his eyes, feeling out for metal in the walls and on the roof. He could tell that there were indeed beings outside as Nika indicated, but could not quite make out many details about them. He felt his teeth clench - an involuntary action he typically never fell into. The long length of time for the team's work had begun to wear down on even him. Nevertheless, Pae could sense some of the more structurally important beams of the building. All he would need to do, was bend them outwards, and the roof should collapse while he . Anybody on on the rim outside could be in danger of falling to the streets below, but anybody on the flat surface should fall inwards. But, the difficult part would be bending only the tops, and then pulling down the horizontal beams immediately after to catch anybody up there off-guard. The timing would be very difficult. He took a deep, deep breath, feeling his "fingers" wrap around the metal in question, "Prepare to get on my back." OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  27. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, The Drifts] Savrehn and Atamai clambered aboard the shield, and Kreigero began to push them both. It almost seemed futile initially, but within a few moments the inertia picked up and the makeshift sled was moving along at a slow pace. The huntress stepped aboard, her left arm wrapped around one of Savrehn's like a matoran pretzel in order to not fall off. In Kreigero's right hand was her spear, which she used to continue to push the raft along. Reyal sprinted alongside, though soon he couldn't keep pace. The mountainside's slope had made picking up speed easy - too easy - as it continued to decline until it had surpassed thirty degrees downward. Although it was clear that they were successfully speeding away from the battle, as could be heard by the distant howling and snarling of the Muaka in it's death throes, what wasn't clear when Kreigero decided on this course of action was the approaching break in the ice shelf that popped out of the storm's low visibility in an instant. The trapper shouted curses and turned her spear around, trying to slow down the sled. Its bamboo shaft snapped in twain. In truth, it was too late - even if they jumped now, surely the momentum of their tumble would take the three interlinked matoran into the dark blue ice wall ahead that stretched into the abyss below. Unless... Kreigero dropped the spear shard and pulled out her ice pick, steeling herself for the launch. "HANG ON!" Reyal was running far behind, the Hapaka attempting to catch up. OOC: Off we go into the dark below! Thanks for the distraction, @TL01 NUVA, but we're late for our appointment with the local plimbologist. Take it away, @Tarn
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