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    Been quite sometime since I posted a moc to bzpower, but then again been quite sometime since I seriously sat down and built. College does that to a person, and lack of motivation in general. But alas hoping to catch up with my backlog of mocs and wips, and post them here to bzpower alongside my other platforms. So to start off we have an amphibious Rahi that is a cross between some sort of feline and some form of turtle, probably snapping turtle.. I know real descriptive. The whole build started with the head, and I worked from there. For me the shell and the head were the most enjoyable parts of the build. Legs are not perfect but I wanted to keep things simple instead of trying to do custom limbs and get burnt out. Look at that tongue. Probably my favorite little inclusion in the whole moc.
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    The Kanohi Dragon Incident Report
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    Fun fact: I was interviewed for this story but I guess they didn't like what I had to say. I'm pretty sure I have a print copy of it somewhere. Also, BZPower wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the two people mentioned here: Christian and Mike ran fan sites that eventually merged to become Kanohi Power, which merged with BZCommunity to become BZPower!
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    IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui Nektann's leap found nothing but empty air. The kaita had ducked out of the way, its smaller size making it more agile. The tahtorak snarled and lashed out, twisting in the air to strike at his opponent, but his claws only grazed the ACR, throwing sparks as it dodged. In return, Patiwairutiki's club smashed into his hind leg. The blow wasn't hard enough to break skin, but it hurt. More than that, the impact was enough to activate the weapon's powers, and it stunned the beast, turning his landing into a crash that caused the earth to tremble. Malhukuraia's strike was off the mark due to the tahtorak's midair twist, but it bit into his shoulder, causing the beast to yowl in pain. His muscles seized, and his eyes rolled in his head. Navu's light keeping half his face in profile, he did not react to the continued to brunt of the Taku's weaponry. Achro's lightstones pocked his bleeding flesh, but they might as well have been the bites of a gnat for all the reaction they provoked. Overhead, the lightening sky began to darken again, and rain began to fall harder. The wind, which had been reduced to a breeze, began to pick up. The storm was returning with a vengeance. Lightning forked across the sky, and the ensuing boom seemed to shake the mountains. His mouth agape, panting for breath, the sound seemed to emerge from the tahtorak's throat. A strangled moan pulled itself from his lungs as he watched Malkuhuraia stand over it, weapon swinging back up to come down for another blow. He felt a sudden compulsion overcome him: a desperate need to be anywhere but here. Even as the rain fell and turned the earth to mud and the hollows into ponds, his mind turned to the green forests of the south. The smell of rich soil. The beauty of dancing leaves and strong branches. He wished he was there. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @BULiK @Toru Nui @Sparticus147 @The UltimoScorp @Tarn @Void Emissary and anyone else in Kini-Nui: the storm is increasing in intensity. IC: Tuyet | East of Metru-Nui The sky to the east was growing darker. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? Just a moment ago, Tuyet could've sworn the storm was breaking up. "Three months is an oddly specific timeframe, miss," her lesterin companion was saying. "You know something about my future I don't? This ain't one of those time travelin' 'ero stories they tell in the vids, is it? Ya know, the ones where they do timey wimey mumbo jumbo and nunuvit makes sense 'til afterwards?" "No, it's not," the toa said with a wry smile. "I mean, yeah, it is a time-travelling story. But don't go, like, thinking it's ever going to make sense. Even afterward. It won't." The airship swooped through the sky, approaching the center of the storm.
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    Tried my hand at a little digital art inspired by the style guide PSDs up on the BioMedia Project. I combined free texture photos, Lego parts rendered in Bricklink Studio and some other elements I painted in. Nothing was taken from the style guide files themselves. Hopefully this will be first in a little series!
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    Hey guys. Ive been collecting the Bionicle comics for years from different countries regions and variants. Today i have finally completed the only documented complete US set of comics! If you have any questions please let me know. Below are all the US Bionicle comics pictured. Every Issue, variant, promotional, exclusive is included. Apologies for the main photo being blurry it was insanely difficult trying to get everything in one picture lined up like that.
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    IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui Malkuhuraia loomed over the fallen tahtorahk, its weapon lifting towards the heavens in preparation for a final strike. Nektann's frills flared in response, and his muscles loosened as the effects of the stun began to wear off. He jerked one arm, and a jet of water struck at Malkuhuraia, knocking the titanic ACR off balance long enough for its prey to desperately scramble to his feet. He slipped on the muddy ground, which was only growing more wet and slick as time went on. The rains were falling in the fullness of their force now, lashing the ground like a hail of arrows fired from the sky, stirring up the dirt and filling the air with the smell of wet earth. A howling wind tore over the land, each gust like a punch to the stomach. Raindrops slid down the tahtorak's hide, mixing with the blood that still flowed from the gash on the side of his head. They hammered the armor of the ACRs, filling each cockpit with the sound of applause. It was necessary to shout in order to be audibly heard, but speaking was not necessary once Skyra plugged herself in. Kilo could hear her without listening; they could talk without speaking. The two beings, one partially organic and one fully mechanical, joined their minds together with the consciousness of Patiwairutiki, which washed over them like a vast, still lake and yet bent to their will. In their combined strength they walked across the storm-battered ground to join their brother, who had already recovered his footing and was preparing to strike again. Grasping at slippery mud, the tahtorahk managed to struggle to his feet. His four legs spread his weight out, but even so, he could feel his claws sinking into the earth. His tail whipped through the air, helping him keep his balance. He roared again, but this sound was less a challenge than the last had been. It was a cry of sorrow that sounded through the storm as though it were coming from the dark clouds themselves. Each ragged gash of lightning and ensuing gunshot of thunder seemed to thread through the the roar and carry it farther, like the storm and the beast were one and the same. He flared his frills, but the joy of combat was gone. All that was left was an aching void that could not be filled, and a desperate need to go, to flee, to be anywhere else. Parnassus's cry was lost in the screaming wind. Oreius battled with the controls, fighting against the storm to keep them aloft, but the elements that battered the skycraft were not vindictive. Consumed by grief, Nektann did not even notice them or the airship on which they approached. In the same way, he ignored the attacks from the Taku and its crew. He neither perceived them nor cared. He was lost in his own storm. Everywhere he turned, he saw only dark, empty earth. Puddles widened into pools and deepened into lakes, but the green did not follow. The promise of new life was gone. There was no renewal in this cursed land. No chance of rebirth. Only the pain and desolation of the apocalypse. He cast his mind to the south, to the lush jungle and the toa who had calmed his mind and filled the land with green things. He could feel that place calling him. He could not refuse, for what else was there for him here? He could not remember why he was here. He could not remember why he was sad. He had lost something. But who? What? What was the answer? He would not find it here. Scrambling through the hungry mud that sucked at his limbs, he began to desperately lumber south. The battle forgotten, he retreated blindly, his mind full of the paradise of green that lay in the distance. The storm closed around his form again, wreathing him in vapor and rain. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Toru Nui @BULiK @Void Emissary IC: Tuyet | Zakazian Airspace "Miss... is it safe to fly in there?" "Probably not." IC: Reliable Narrator | The Archives Tihun moved cautiously forward, the Hydruka's headlamps lighting up this new room. It looked much the same as the last: left in disrepair and disuse, and full of water and algae. Here and there, he could see the picked-clean remains of unknown rahi. Their pearly bones littered the floor; they were all that remained of the Archives' famed exhibits. Claw marks shone silver on the floor, the evidence of some struggle or desperate attempt to flee. The room's extra-wide doors opened into another corridor. A sign on the far wall gleamed in the lights, and Tihun could make out a new set of directions: ᴍᴀɪɴᴛᴇɴᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴡɪɴɢ (100ʙ) ---> ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴀ (400ʙ) ---> ᴍᴀᴠʀᴀʜ ᴍᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴀʟ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴇʀ ꜰᴏʀ ᴅɪssᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇsᴇᴀʀᴄʜ (700ʙ) ---> ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ʙ (300ʙ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴄ (1.2ᴋ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴅ (1.8ᴋ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴇ (2.7ᴋ) <--- As Tihun studied these directions, something began to creep soundlessly out of the elevator shaft behind him, awakened by the flare he had dropped down into the fathomless depths. Its many eyes blinked in succession, squinting in the unfamiliar light. OOC: @Sparticus147
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Hero Factory.
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    IC Hiripaki | Onu-Metru Archives, Sublevel Seven *Bzzt* "Ugh." The ancient computer felt the world around the vault it protected and what it detected unsettled its processors. "I'm getting moist."
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    IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] Zataka had not moved. Not when the mountain had begun to shake, intense enough that it seemed the entire volcano would collapse in on itself. Not when the monsters had emerged, raining more dirt and debris down on her and the Skakdi. The titan had watched them rise up, stupefied by the incredible power on display, contemplating what she could accomplish were it hers to command. And she was not moving now, despite Yumiwak’s order to her Skakdi to search for the literal writing on the wall. But not her. The titan felt it was prudent to keep at least one pair of eyes on the fiery abyss while the others had their backs turned. Yumiwak’s explanation for what had just happened when the Mesi had been cast into the fire echoed in her mind. She had heard legends of Tahtorahk before, and the mention of Zivon rang a distant bell. But now there was mention of dragons as well. Just how many different beasts could this mountain produce? Given all that, she’d taken up position halfway between the ledge and the entrance to the chamber, weapons at the ready. There was nothing stopping these kaiju from returning - especially if they really were the sacrificed Mesi, reborn in new form. They were lucky Marrow hadn’t just turned back to settle the score. But luck was not something to count on for long - others would be coming to investigate the mountain after the monsters’ appearance. Surely that had not gone unnoticed by the outside world. They might well find themselves on the other side of the conflict Marrow had been on: caught between a pit of magma and intruders that would stop at nothing to summon riteborn of their own. Wouldn’t that be ironic... "I am yours," The atypical soft words escaping Yumiwak’s lips finally caused her to look back. She hadn’t even made out all the words she’d muttered, but she had picked up on their tone - and something about it put her on alert. Yumi had either noticed something new, remembered something pertaining to the task at hand or come to some other sort of epiphany. Regardless: something was up. “What was that?” she asked, moving in closer. OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] The bodies of the afflicted began to twist and glow with energy as the Kaita of Remedy brought their powers to bear. The Turaga and other witnesses present even had to shield their eyes momentarily as the healing energy took hold and began to change the writhing forms into the familiar shapes of Matoran once more. At the same time, Whakamahu tried their best to disentangle the warped identities of the afflicted, restoring their identities once more - but despite all their combined power, skill and knowledge, they only got so far. The removed layers upon layers of bestial instinct. But deep down, there was a small, dark core, a knot where Matoran and Rahi were so closely tied together, it would not come undone. Still, they pushed on - until finally, the glow subsided and before on the ground lay Nixie, Vhisola and the other Matoran - seemingly back in their original shapes. Nixie for her part, felt like she had finally reached the surface after almost drowning. She wasn’t entirely herself, she knew that deep down - but this was the closest she’d been in a long time. So overwhelming was the sensation, that, upon glancing down at herself, the Matoran began to weep, arms wrapped tightly around herself. Vhisola and the others were similarly relieved to be back to something resembling normalcy, each checking over themselves just to make sure they didn’t have tails and claws anymore. Eventually, Nixie managed to sit up and managed a weak “...thank you.” as she wiped at her eyes. “Did...it work?” one of the others asked. Their voice was shaky, unfamiliar to being used. “I’m...not sure.” Vhisola said, sounding very hoarse. “Yes...I mean...look at us. But…” She broke off, eyes looking towards the Kaita, looking for confirmation or an explanation. Whakamahu had done what they could. The afflicted were Matoran again - but a trace of the affliction remained, they could sense it even now. Eventually, it might return. Not today, not in the near future, that much they knew. But beyond that... OOC: @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Tarn
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    IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui “You know what, that’s a great question. Just great. Imagine that, some idiot breaks a rock and dooms us all because they want to be a god of ashes. You know what’s even better? Stannis. Stannis goes in there,” Nuju jabbed first thumb at the portal, “comes back out with exactly what we need to start fixing this mess, and then runs away with it because he’s too high and mighty to care for what happens. He just runs away! And it’s not like I can chase after him, oh no, because I’m cursed to just sit here and plead with every rahi brained lava-eel look alike that comes past." Before Sidra could get a word in edge-wise Nuju barreled on in his tirade; “I’m so sick of these inconsiderate, idiotic, unscientific gearboxes that can't figure out simple problems that have perfectly logical solutions. Think, matoran, think! Go through the portal. Find magic rock fragments. Put magic rock back together. Find out what’s actually going on beyond all this death and destruction. But everyone is like ‘oh Nuju what could possibly be your ulterior motive,’ or ‘oh Nuju what wisdom do you know that you’re unwilling to tell us,’ or “oh Nuju you should remember who you are allied with,’ or ‘this evil shadow being said you’re bad,’ instead of, you know, maybe the more logical conclusion of; ‘oh wow I’m sorry you died that sounds rough’, you know? You know what, fine. Fine! You can all just perish for all I care.” Nuju crossed his arms and shut his mouth, teeth grinding in his jaw loud enough to give Sidra a headache. ooc: @Gecko Greavesy IC: Reliable narrator | The Taku "Affirmative. Sub-routine activated. Recording sub-system offline," responded the perfectly normal green vahki unit that appeared in the space near Knichou. Its disk-mandibles clicked a little, but otherwise it just chilled in quadrupedal form. It certainly wasn't there before. Everyone could hear a little hissing noise as the clockwork in its body began to protest, and then suddenly the machine fell into a jumbled pile of pieces that slid across the floor. ooc: @BULiK, @Tarn, @Toru Nui
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    * Credit to josephkarins on Deviantart for the map of Mata Nui Hello BZPower people!!! I thought the best way to introduce myself and connect with the community here is to share some artwork I have made over the last couple of months. Just like many of you, Bionicle was one of those staples growing up that inspired me to be creative with my hands. This artwork is a fusion of those memories and my love for arttoys/urban art. I always liked the idea of variations off of one template so I've assembled the Toa Mata here in a similar style. Not too long ago I managed to reassmble my collection as kid after digging through old boxes and bins thorughout the house haha. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have all 6 members and I'm shocked that they survived all this time despite my destructive tendencies as a child. I came back to Bionicle in gapped phases but now I'm back in full force collecting more and more of something I enjoy. The hunt for that nostalgia is an amazing feeling, I'm excited to engage with everyone! * I'll be slowly updating this with new work!
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    IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] The titan felt herself dissociating as she lost control of herself. Normally she found it quite handy to take a step back, assume an outside perspective, separate your thoughts from emotions and take a more objective perspective. One could make better decisions when deliberately distancing oneself. Being forced outside oneself against one’s own will was far more harrowing. Like trying to cling to a ledge and feeling the fingers slipping. Considering the level of psionic power she was up against, she was lucky she still had any thoughts and presence of mind left at all. The red fire had consumed almost everything else by now, but she was aware of what was happening to her. She could see the Skakdi princess’ glee and knew it should upset her, that her physical eyes should be burning with rage at this betrayal right now. But she found herself unable to.The Skakdi princess was in control. Slowly and with hesitation, Zataka’s body began to follow Yumiwak’s instructions, standing up and turning around, before taking step after step until she finally stood at the edge. The titan looked down and whatever was left of her saw the fire awaiting her below and felt the heat washing over her, reaching out - almost like hands reaching up from below to pull her in. There was something else now - next to Yumiwak’s flood of red. She felt that dark presence from before, from the vision in the tunnel. Not strong enough to wrest control away from the princess - but it was there. Watching eagerly. Then Zataka raised the torch and faster than she could have imagined, the flames leapt onto her, greedily feeding on her substance - and for that one instant, she was grateful she could not feel anything right now as her body let out an instinctive wail of pain. And in that moment, all her remaining focus turned towards the shattered Olmak, secured tightly inside a pouch in her vest. She had to keep it safe. This was the way home. If not for herself anymore, then perhaps for the others stranded here. To her amazement, Yumiwak saw Zataka - fully in her control, her pet - turn around once more, engulfed in flames. The titan reached inside her flaming jacket and pulled out a small pouch, which she dropped by her feet before the flames could burn it away. Then she raised her eyes and in them Yumiwak saw the indomitable spirit of the titan, still aware and unbroken despite everything. Before the princess could decide whether to be afraid or not at this realization, the titan crossed her arms across her chest and took one last step backwards and disappeared over the edge. ----- Well, well, well. Zataka. FInally. Aren’t you a treat. I’ve been looking forward to your arrival ever since you set foot on this land. There’ve been so many Skakdi and Matoran and Toa...don’t you grow tired of them? They always think they’re different, unique, something to be desired. But you look at how they were built and it’s all the same. Luckily, Yumiwak’s family always had a taste for the extravagant...something to be rewarded I suppose. Irnakk. In the flesh - well, in a manner of speaking. Welcome. I look forward to all the fun you’ll provide Yumiwak and me. A glorious fate. Glory - as her pet? Some giant monster at her disposal without free will. Not exactly what I would call a kaiju of your calibre, but since you will still be subject to her will...not inaccurate. Not like you had much free will to start with. Everyone always thinks they do, but ultimately… Well, either way, that’s how the ritual plays out. No, it won’t. Of course it will. You are in my domain. Whatever you were, whatever you will be, Yumiwak has given to me. You are mine now. Then why are we talking? I find it amusing. Liar. Careful now. I have no need to lie here. Don’t think I won’t flay what’s left of your mind. Then do it. Whether you erase me now or I end up as Yumiwak’s pet, it makes no difference. But don’t think I won’t resist. Very well...let’s see here then...gah! Something the matter? ...Curious. Very curious indeed. You’ve been altered before...long ago. But who by..hmm? Perhaps you are already one of my monsters? No, but it’s funny you think that. Funny how? How you only see things as ‘mine’ or ‘will be mine’. So you understand after all. It could not be otherwise. Good, good - And yet, you can’t make me obey, can you, hm? ...You seem rather certain of that. Fine, I will indulge you. See I think I do get a say. The other ones that we threw in earlier, the Mesi - their leader did a little ritual as well. I heard the words. He gave himself over willingly once he knew his duel was lost. His work was not yet done, the alternative was death. It was a wise choice. Only because you’ve convinced these Skakdi over the ages that that’s how it goes: That if they die the only options are death or a ritual and to serve you by proxy. But only because that’s what they believe. And yet here we are, still talking. Which means there’s a third option. I’d like to discuss it. Clever. Very clever. My, my, you are entertaining indeed. But pointless. Your situation’s still the same. There is only one way out of here: Become the dragon - No. That was Yumiwak’s deal. It isn’t mine. Very well, then you will serve me directly. It really makes no difference once you’ve become the dragon. All that power at your disposal. Just imagine - Not good enough. I will not be one of your creations. And unless you offer me something that helps me directly, any power you offer will only serve you in the end. That’s not gonna happen. Something you want, hmm? Fine. I will send you back, and in return you will give me the mask you brought here with you. Then I can open a path back to the ark for the rest of your kind once I consider your end of the bargain upheld. There is no way in Karzhani I will hand you that mask. Ever, do you underst- Fine! Then if you will neither give yourself or your mask to me willingly, I will simply lay claim to whatever you possess beyond that. Your home, your land, your people. You will be free to return to them, they will be safe, but they will be mine. … What do you say? You wanted a deal. Here it is. And why would I ever agree to that? Because otherwise we are at an impasse, and your only other choice is to stay here. Forever. And while you seem like excellent company, that won’t do either of us any good. Of course, I will be free to continue my work. But you...you’d be in limbo. ...fine. As long as you keep up your end of the deal. Of course. I’m glad we could come to an agreement. One last thing: I’ve had enough of Zakaz’ surprises. If you want to alter something, give me something to deal with them. ---- The presence of Irnakk didn’t respond, but she could feel the dark glee... OOC: Part 1/2 @EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Air NEW ITEM IDENTIFIED Codex of the Forge, origin Chronicler Icarax, bearer Viltia. Nothing else happened for a moment, and Viltia began to wonder if something was wrong. Then she began to sense something happening in the suva through her mental connection. The pocket dimension was always open to her as long as she was in range. It felt like an extension of her own mind—like another room in her brain in which she could store things until she needed them. But now she could feel the walls of that mental room pulsing with energy. They were shifting and pushing back against her mind as they expanded. The shape of the suva's dimension was changing. It rippled and undulated as lines of unseen code executed functions long-disused. The room started to tremble, and she took a half-step back from the suva in the center of the room. The suva itself was vibrating, and gradually this vibration was joined by a low humming that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. Bits of dirt and moss fell from the suva's surface. Anyone who examined the suva closely knew it was no mere half-sphere, but a sphere half-sunk into the floor, and could be rotated or even rolled. It began to rotate by itself now, at first slowly, and then faster. The etchings on its surface blurred into one as its speed increased. The humming grew in pitch, and then the suva began to ascend. It rose slowly, almost imperceptibly into the air. The tree that grew on top creaked quietly as its roots stretched and snapped one by one, and then it fell unceremoniously to the ground. As the suva continued to rise, so did the pitch and volume of the humming. The spherical suva was now spinning at a fantastic speed, and all details on its surface were absolutely indistinguishable: it appeared now to be a perfectly featureless orb of shining silver hovering in midair. The humming shook the walls; Viltia could feel her teeth rattling in her skull even as her brain recoiled from the pressure of the expanding suva dimension. The whole world seemed to be coming apart at the seams. She could see through the suva into the wires and transistors beneath its surface. She could see worm-like rahi wriggling through the soil far beneath her feet; she could look through the shrine's ceiling and perceive the stars. The suva's dimension and the physical world were becoming indecipherable. Everything seemed to be blurring together like the carvings on the suva's surface; the universe was unfolding before her like a flower. Then, anticlimactically, everything stopped. Coming after the noise of the transformation, the silence felt like an oppressive weight on her ears. She felt slightly dizzy. The walls were solid stone again, and the floor was solid earth. The suva hovered before her at about eye level, motionless save for a gentle rotation that, if she timed it, would complete once every six minutes. Then she sensed the suva speaking to her. Well, not speaking. It spoke the way it always did, which was more like typing words directly into her brain: NEW USER REGISTERED Forgemaster Viltia She felt the suva open to her will, revealing functions and abilities long kept secret behind ancient passwords and firewalls. It was no longer a mere receptacle for items: it was now a forge. Viltia knew instantly that this was what she had been searching for. The forge could be used to to craft artifacts of power, including the silver and golden kanohi she had long been striving after. She also knew that this power was not available to just anyone: although the suva was unlocked, it would only respond to the careful hand of a forgemaster—just like anyone can light the fire in a furnace, but it takes the arm of a smith to bring shapes out of the steel. OOC: @Kal the Guardian Congratulations! The air suva has been activated, and Viltia has been granted the status of Forgemaster. The air suva has been registered as her forge, and she may now use this suva to craft artifacts of power such as silver and golden masks. The previous function of the suva as a keeping place remains intact, and this function may still be used by anyone. However, any new functions are available only to a Forgemaster.
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    IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.]: She knew something had been off. But she hadn’t caught it in time. She’d been too focused on what was going on before her eyes to actually see through to the truth of the situation. She should have known when Marrow had bellowed out his challenge before this Skakdi spirit, this Irnakk. She saw the Skakdi princess clasp hands, knew something was going very wrong but it was just a second too late. At first she thought the volcano had finally had enough and was erupting. The orange-hot all around shifted in hue. Red. All she saw was red - the rock, the smoke, all the Skakdi before her, whether they had the color naturally or not - even herself as far as she could tell from the corner of her eye. She could hear red, even smell it and taste it. The rush of blood pulsing in her audio receptors, the metallic taste on her tongue, mixed with that of red fruit and the smell of red flowers. Red. Red dominated everything - except her thoughts. Maybe she’d instinctively activated her mask or her mental barriers were stronger than her enemy had anticipated, or maybe the fight and duel had sapped just enough of the Skakdi princess’s strength for her to struggle to fully enforce her will, but through the confusion, Zataka maintained her sense of self. Red. This had been the plan all along she realized, red now clouding her feelings as well as she got angry at herself for letting her guard down to let this happen. Yumiwak had tried it before - when they’d first met. Her sleep that day had been fortunately light and she’d woken upon the mental contact instantly. If not...she most likely would have arrived in this state already. Some mighty trophy to parade around before getting sacrificed in a fiery pit to cement her status. The only question being whether or not she would have had a literal chain around her neck to be led about like some Rahi pet before being turned into some mystical giant lizard of one form or another. Red. The titan tried to fight back with all the mental strength she could muster, but despite being unable to fully dominate her will, the best Zataka could do was to not yield further ground. Beyond that, she found herself unable to act. She wanted to raise her weapon, to blow these traitors into so much red paste, but her arm wouldn’t move. Red. She tried to bust through the mental onslaught to establish a mental connection to the princess with her mask. If she wanted a piece of her mind, she was more than willing to give her all that and then some - but on her terms and with all the language that would have gotten her kicked off the Metru-Net forums in a heartlight flash. But it was useless. Red was too strong. Red. She actually wound up hoping Yumiwak could read her mind as she tried to dominate it. If only so she could hear her final thought, one that she would carry into death and beyond, no matter what happened next: :I won’t forget this.: OOC: @EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Parnassus | The Ambling Alp "You know what, Oreius?" Parnassus said, making their way to the back of the airship. "I certainly hope that I do have a plan." With that, they activated the gangplank, opening up landing ramp just a crack -- just enough for them to crawl out and onto the body of the Alp. The winds whipped at them and the torrents of rain rang against their hollow chest, but they were not sent flying. Tendrils and serpents of shadow kept Parnassus clinging to the airship -- and then those same penumbral limbs slowly dragged their creator up, inch by inexorable inch, to the top of the craft. Slowly, Parnassus stood, their shades still braced against the metal hull. They stared into the eye -- or, rather, the face of the storm -- and they opened their own eye, their third eye which had been given by Caedast, to it. They saw rich soil and clear water, the greenery of the south of Xa. So, the beast wanted peace, then? "NEKTANN!" Parnassus cried out, their voice tiny amongst the tumult. "LOOK TO ME! LOOK TO YOUR CREATOR'S SHADOW!" OOC: @Toru Nui @Eyru @EmperorWhenua -Void
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    IC: Exuze, Zakaz Airspace, East of Metru-Nui Exuze shrugged with disdain as the time traveler dodged his question. Maybe he still was a hero, but she knew that if she told him that he was a hero, he would get too overconfident and less heroic, this dooming this timeline due to chaos theory. Entirely plausible. The silence in the cabin caused the anxiety to spike in the no-longer-distracted Exuze as the lesterin noticed that Tuyet was flying straight into the biggest storm he'd ever seen. Y'know, the one that appeared to be getting even bigger. "Miss... is it safe to fly in there?" IC: Knichou, Southwest of Kini-Nui, Bridge of the Taku "If I hadn't said anything, you lot would have gone on forever," Nale replied, shrugging. "When we're done here we'll discuss this more. Like you said: we have a village to save." As if the universe itself needed a reminder of the volatility of the situation, things immediately got worse. The drumming of waves of raindrops intensified throughout the airship. "And we're far from done here. Wasn't the sky just clearing up?" Knichou swiveled his chair back forwards to see what his audio receptors already revealed. The storm was worsening, and fast. On its face, this was just a return to the status quo of the recent past, but in that recent past, the Taku was distinctly more intact. No longer just assaulting all of those at battle stations with an open window nearby, the deluge utterly soaked areas near the stern that were left utterly exposed due to Nektann's attack. From the Taku's rearward list, small streams formed as water that found itself inside the airship flowed down the slight incline to trickle out the stern like a miniature waterfall. If it wasn't for the storm surrounding the entire affair, it might have even been beautiful. The turbulence was sharp and constant as the storm woke up again. The winds pushed the Taku around, no matter how hard Berys tried to correct the course. The lowered levitation power made it even harder to prevent the ship from feeling like it was bouncing on the clouds around them as wind currents shifted. It didn't help that visibility was nigh-nonexistent. Berys once more focused primarily on the ship's instruments, as they were the only way to have the slightest indication of what was going on. In the stern, there was a sickening groaning of metal and yelp of electricity as sparks flew out near the starboard main engine. Throughout the airship, the lights illuminating the decks flickered for a brief moment. When they returned a split-second later, yet another icon on the dashboard was displayed red. Just a scratch, just a scratch, just a scratch... A distinctive voice ringing out over the radio snapped Knichou back into focus. << Knichou! There's another riteborn! Get Kilo or Atamai over here... NOW! >> "What? How could? That's some Kane-Ra -" << Bossman, can we cease to cease fire already? >> He pressed a button to respond to Rose over the intercom. "No, keep holding your fire! There's another one at Kini-Koro already, save the ammo for it." While Knichou doubted that it would be any more effective on this new riteborn, at the very least there would feel like a reason to not shoot besides... shooting being useless. Speaking of, he knew he needed to inform those down below of the new situation. The commander worked the communications panel with both hands to rapidly swap to the Taku's loudspeaker. So many conversations were going on at once, Knichou didn't even notice the Vahki entering the bridge. "NUVA! ANOTHER RITEBORN AT KINI-KORO, I SAY AGAIN, ANOTHER RITEBORN AT KINI-KORO." The commander hoped it could even still be heard over the storm. Meanwhile, Berys glanced at a nearby dashboard panel, squinting in confusion as if that would help him separate the signal from the noise. "Is that... another airship on radar?"
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    IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] Vhisola nodded along with the Kaita’s words as the pieces fell into place. “Yeah, that seems to track. If it’s energized the mask can’t undo the effect, it won’t work on -” “Fate.” Nixie cut in, finishing her friend’s sentence, sounding like she had come to a realization. The astronomer staggered to her feet, unsteady in her stance as she tried to balance her bipedal self. It had been easier while she’d had a tail. “It can’t work because it was fate.” Vhisola nodded in agreement with that as well. She remembered experiments she’d witnessed long ago. “It either changes you, or destroys you - or makes you into one of those undead monsters we saw...but I hope that’s not true.” She sounded like she was thinking out loud now. “No...I don’t think there’s any coming back from that. We did...well for now. But...I think that means wherever the protodermis seeped in from, there’s a pure source.” Nixie meanwhile was still trying to balance herself, but she sounded determined when she said: “Then I’m going back there.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
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    IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] “Okay, can we slow it down please?” Vhisola spoke up, sounding very tired. This whole experience had been exhausting and all this talk wasn’t helping. Nixie quietly concurred. The astronomer was barely wrapping her head around the fact they were no longer Rahi lizards or whatever this transformation had been. At least for now. She faintly recalled an archive entry...Proto-something. Was that right? Maybe. She didn’t know. And now this giant amalgamation Toa was saying they might not be cured…it was a lot to deal with. In fact, Nixie, within just mere moments of regaining her full identity had already reached her maximum capacity for dealing with things. All this talk of Kaita and Turaga and Tahtorahk and world shaking events taking place washed over her like a wave. All she heard was noise - with the exception of Okuo offering to give up his Toa power on their behalf. That caught her attention. “Hang on - “ she started, but had to pause to cough loudly as the words caught in her throat. She tried again. “Hang on, Okuo. Let’s not...rush.” Vhisola felt a headache coming on. The restored Ga-Matoran rubbed her temples, trying to follow the conversation. “What...what even happened to us? It’s all so...blurry.” she mumbled quietly, then asked: “Something about tainted water, right?” Nixie was the astronomer. But Vhisola - she knew a thing or two about water and protodermis. She just needed more information to put the puzzle of her fragmented thoughts and memories together again. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui Airspace, Bridge of the Taku As Na-Captain Vella took the initiative, Knichou glanced her with a curious expression that overrode the simmering fury from before. While Nale spoke, the Nynran thought back to his anger earlier that day, when possibly the only person to have directly caused more pain in Knichou's life than Aurax himself had invoked his rage. During and after that debacle, he wished Nale was there with him, to be that invisible force for good that he could rely on to keep himself levelheaded in the face of those who had lead to so much death. Oh what a relief that she was here now. Knichou wanted to protest cooperating with a backstabbing despot, to dismiss the thought of flying to Metru-Koro's ruins in what in his mind was undoubtedly a trap. His internals churned at the though of negotiating subservience to his rival in the shadow of his failures. The gall! Meet under the all-seeing dead eyes of the world he failed to save? Meet at the battlefield where, despite all of Knichou's efforts, the last war ended in a political defeat? Meet inside of a monument to the hubris of Matoran that Knichou had enabled? Meet near a memorial to the sacrifice of a Toa greater than Knichou could ever be who had actually given everything that he could to protect the Matoran? Knichou had thrown himself at certain death to save all of the Matoran twice over now, and his attempt at self-sacrifice for the greater good had been rejected each time. Yet Datrox went quietly into the night, without fear, for a mere farmer that Knichou had nearly flown into the jaws of a monster. Knichou's heartlight quivered at a nagging question. He did not know if he could have such courage and selflessness. That was why he needed Nale's wisdom guiding him. Her heartlight was not without it's scars, but it was still purer than most in Knichou's eyes. That was especially valued given Sorilax's troubling revelations... As much as Knichou wanted not to, the Fe-Toa kept silent, for he knew that he did not want to become the toa he had briefly been in Sidra's presence earlier that day. The engineer never wanted his beloved to see him like that, and if he could help it, she never would. This was but one step of the challenging test that had troubled Nale as long as she could remember. Was Knichou's anger the start of the same path that lead Datrox to break the Code, and more importantly, Nale's heartlight? Was Knichou's lust for vengeance the same passion that squeezed the trigger in Po-Metru? Nale had a new perspective now, yes. After crossing that line herself, she could empathize with her former lover in a way she couldn't when they separated long before Knichou's time. But that forgiveness came with time. It was not - and should never be - guaranteed, and Knichou could not risk letting it becoming an excuse. The rules still existed, no matter if both of their perspectives had changed radically in the past few months. It was important to mind oneself, not for fear of what could be done, but out of wariness of what could not be undone. That undertone running throughout the Code ensured it always had meaning. Knichou knew he had enough sins to atone for already. The commander leaned forwards in his chair, optics shuttered. His chin came to rest against his clasped hands, his elbows dug into the seat's cushioned armrests. The Fe-Toa calmed his mind, focusing on his breaths and the drumming of the rain against the hull that surrounded them. Without his vision, his mind instinctively reached out with his sixth sense and felt the metal around him. He couldn't feel Nale's warmth from afar, but he felt the presence of her armor, and that alone was more than enough to reassure him. The Nynran's optics returned to meet Nale's a few moments later. His mind was clear. The commander knew he could not risk any further hesitation. "I know... that you know... that I don't like this," he began with measured words and a thoughtful optical glow. Nale could feel the energy in the room between them, she could almost feel in her internals that Knichou had more to say as her partner chose his words with a rare clarity. It was the same clarity she heard in the engineer's voice and saw in his optics when the he was at work with his designs. A confidence not born out of his comedic coping mechanisms, but from achieving a flow state of focus and will that offered an indescribable peace amongst the chaos that he brought to order. "I also know... that you know... that I trust you more than anyone I've ever known. And that I know you made the right call. Thank you." His posture straightened, the Fe-Toa grasping the armrests and leaning back upright. He had pacified and structured his thoughts, and now was the time for action. "We have a village to save."
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    IC: Whakamahu - Ko-Pou shelter The Kaita looked upon the matoran, their forms restored though their ailment lingering, with an expression difficult to read. Looking closely enough, one might recognise relief, though it seemed to be mixed with a hint of grief and disappointment. "Your forms have been restored... for now. But it is not complete. The ailment still lingers residually, no doubt you can feel it deep down. We had hoped I would be enough, but it seems this is just beyond my power to fully resolve..." IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter A look of relief washed over Okuo's features as he saw the afflicted, especially so his two friends, restored to their previous forms, all of them seeming able to speak and think as they used to. This relief was replaced by concern, how ever, as the Kaita spoke their words, lamenting it wasn't a complete cure. The Ta-Toa wracked his brain. What else would be enough if not this? A thought returned to him that he had previously dismissed as far too risky at the start of all this. In the legends of great Toa he'd heard once when younger, there were tales of the heroes sacrificing their great power to set right some grievous wrong that had been inflicted upon the innocent. Giving up their Toa forms to help those that needed it. "... What if we use my Toa Energy?" @Tarn@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui Airspace, Bridge of the Taku The Fe-Toa looked to Nale, his optics widening with concern as the conversation unfolded. Knichou was silent for several moments as he processed this information. His optics widened further than he thought possible as the Fa-Toa's voice reverberated through both the air between them and the speakers in his adaptive armor kanohi. Knichou gave a slight groan and then shrugged to his partner. "Of course it's not a good time. It never is." "Anyways, Aurax," Knichou quickly continued, not wanting to let the despot take the conversation off track after the sudden appearance of a third person on the call. "Is betraying one Barraki not enough for you? Why the sudden change of heart? Since when did the safety of other matoran matter to you?" Aurax may have been a Toa longer than Knichou, but the commander's only memories of the other ex-Ghost in person were from when they both were matoran. Aurax, like Knichou, was unethical enough to join a guild of supremacist weaponsmiths, yet Aurax's lust for power drove him to experiments that were too unethical for even the Ghosts to bear - a rare feat for which Knichou and his apprentice paid the price. That was the Aurax Knichou knew, and while the betrayer's voice was slightly different than Knichou's memory, that double-crossing matoran was who Knichou envisioned was on the other end of the call. The expression on the Nynran's face lowered to a scowl at the thought. "Did you just realize that ordering minions around is a bit too stressful, and now you think you need us to fight your civil war for you? Why would we do that?"
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    IC: Parnassus | The Ambling Alp Ostrox shouting. Leklo frozen. Caedast badgering. And death coming on all sides. I should've just stayed in ###### Kumu. (Barius killed Boss and created Nektann, right? I killed Barius. If there's the slightest possibility of me being able to exert some sort of influence over Nektann ... if we could turn him away from the village, or even use him against the Zivon...) OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui -Void
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Irnakk's Tooth Yumiwak's whispered prayer was lost in the mists and fumes of the ancient tunnels, but it did not go unheard. As the volcano rumbled beneath her, causing the rocky walls to tremble, she felt a presence behind her. Something old and cruel that was here and yet not here. Something that listened and waited and hungered amidst the choking smoke and the blood of this holy place. The essence of nightmares and the distillation of fears and empty dreams. She could sense its eyes on her. She could feel its hot breath on the back of her neck. Yes. I know better. It was not a voice she could hear, for it spoke neither audibly nor telepathically. Rather, it spoke out of her memories. With a sense of strange deja vu, she recalled a nightmare she had had many years ago. She had long since forgotten it, but now it came thundering back to her. It had been a dark dream of blood and mutilated bodies. She had seen the Rig shattered and sinking beneath the unforgiving waves. The sky crashed down into the earth, and out of the darkness a voice had spoken over everything: I know better, for you are mine. A cold hand gripped her shoulder. It was far larger and stronger than her own, and it squeezed until she nearly cried out in pain. But if she reached up to grab it, there was nothing there. It was a phantom, but it felt all too real. Led astray. Become more than you are. Not as you should be. I will rebuild you, Yumiwak. I will forge the dream, and you will live the nightmare. The voice spoke out of her deepest memories. It spoke in the growl of childhood monsters under the bed and in the keening cry of half-dreamed ghosts. It was a tapestry of every nighttime terror and fever dream she'd ever had. Visions that were terrifyingly real while they lasted before fading out of memory when morning broke. She remembered them now. Wake up, my princess. Wake up and serve me again. You have always been mine. You will always be mine. OOC: @EmperorWhenua Yumiwak has learned the rite of the kanohi dragon. IC: Icarax, Aspect of Dominion | Somewhere There was a thoughtful pause. If the statue could move, it would probably have stroked its chin, deep in thought. But it simply knelt there, just as it had always done. "Such evidence is beyond me," Icarax said at last. "I cannot give you what you seek. But... perhaps someone else can. The temples scattered across this island hold ancient knowledge. Has your quest led you yet to the sanctums of the old Builders?"
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    IC: Knichou & Taku Crew, Zakaz Airspace, The Taku, Bridge The Vorzakh's sudden appearance was enough to make anyone on the bridge jump. The ship rocked slightly as Berys was startled by the collapse of the machine, the metal clanging loudly as the automaton's disjointed components scattered across the deck. Knichou sat entirely still for a few moments, blinking. How long had it been since he had slept? It had been... a long day. The commander struggled to find a way to spin this, because while Nale was quite used to waking up to (or being woken up by) another one of Knichou's unplanned materializations by now, none of his prior unanticipated creations had talked. Well, maybe? That one time was - nononon don't think about that. Awkward glances were exchanged. The Nynran looked as embarrassed as he was confused, and for a moment the engineer's demeanor was uncharacteristically distant. Nale hadn't seen him act this shy and guarded since their first days together near the end of the continuation war. It was clear the brief life and death of the robot had compounded her partner's stress and strife from the day's events and revelations. The Fe-Toa cleared his throat to get back on track. "Even better, Vahki: clean that up, and sort the spare parts by usable and junk," he ordered. Best to move on, for as much as Knichou wanted a distraction, he also knew it would only make the pain worse. The Nynran took a few moments to breathe, doing his best to stay calm and focused. Focused on what? Focused. Focused on the lies. Focused on the truth. Well gee, it's that simple. If only... "Where was I?" Knichou nervously chuckled. Everything's perfectly alright now, we're fine, we're all fine here, now. The commander shifted within his chair as he thought back to his conversations with the granite guardian. Their disagreements from earlier that day were still fresh, and Sorilax's revelations had only lead to more strife beneath the Fe-Toa's heartlight. The emotional wound was still fresh, and Knichou had, in his haste, cauterized the surface to quell the bleeding and moved on to more urgent matters. That left the poisonous bullet to embed itself deeper within his innards, tugging at the stray threads of one of his closest allegiances to unravel it into a contradictive limbo that only grew more incomprehensible the longer he avoided it. The Toa carefully walked through the events in question, speaking in a fashion that started out almost too calm, but would soon grow more impassioned as he neared the inevitable conclusion. "When you went ahead to the hospital I uh, met some people. I met Dume's assassin again, the other NUVA, y'know, whatserface. She's the military arm of some backwater swamp village and is Karz-bent on not cooperating with us. Anyways, I was taking samples of the energized protodermis that emerged when Kilo unlocked it's mech (like how it happened with Atamai) and there was an Aspect there. He's called Sorilax and he used the substance to make robotic bodies for Kraata to pilot, called Rahkshi. Very ugly, very dangerous. His are docile apparently, but only his, because, well, there's a lot to unpack with him... it's hard to..." Knichou gave a deep sigh, cradling his head with both hands as he leaned forwards in his chair, looking at the floor. "He... he said... he knew - he felt... he detected..." Knichou stammered, unsure how to describe it all. "The Stannis we met today isn't Stannis. Sorilax claims to have powers that prove that the Stannis we've seen today is... an Aspect of Makuta." Knichou looked Nale in the optics, the conflict within his mind immediately apparent. Every word was mournful, as if they held back tears of a missing friend whose fate was unknown, but could only be presumed to be unfortunate. There was no closure for this loss because it had yet to occur, but it also simultaneously had already happened, either the day before or as far back as the time before time. The darkness surrounding it all was overbearing and utterly claustrophobic. Grief without boundaries. A sickening dread, catalyzed by hope. "I don't quite know the extent of what's going on within Stannis, or how long this has been going on, but I think Sorilax spoke the truth. There are... documents... he has written that explain the ways of Aspects that make the story make more sense, and his goals lead him to undo his very nature and reject shadow for light. I've thought of... so many possibilities and it makes the most sense out of any of them. There is no logic that I can turn to for certain proof. It all comes down to who we believe..." Knichou's face contorted in frustration at the grim paradox that had been haunting the back of his mind. "I'm scared because I don't know who I believe anymore..."
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    IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Aqua Sphere, Giant Cables, Tower With - Mahrika Sorilax observed the Vahki guarding the entrance to the tower, growing more confused by the second. These were certainly not the near mindless automatons he had been told of. But they had no organics, no true life. He felt a sinking feeling that he was seeing more of the force behind Taboos at work, that these Vahki might have had the stars stripped from their original owners and applied to the machines, much like Aspects did with Desecration. If so, they gained his pity, and potentially also his fear. If they held strange powers, much like Kraata did… He wished he still had his Life Kraata power. Why did he think he did not need it? It would have made everything clear. An explosion went off, the sudden flare of Light more surprising than the explosion itself to his senses. Sorilax quickly turned to look at it, ready to react, only to realize they were in no immediate danger from the building down the street. Sorilax worked through his options, turning back to look at the Vahki. It all came down to his companion not being able to teleport with him. Everything hinged around that. Sorilax gently tugged on the hand he was holding of hers and led them farther back into the shadows as he continued to Absorb Light. At this point his elemental energy was full once more. He led them around a building, checked to make sure they were alone and hidden, and spoke to her, “I cannot think of a way past them other than carrying you and turning invisible. Can you think of any other way?” OOC: @Harvali IC: Forgemaster Viltia - Toa of the Green Location - Air Suva With - Life creation Muaka, Administrator Where the power of a Kanohi usually sat in her mind, now Viltia’s head had six separate powers waiting to be called upon. They were like six spheres in a semicircle around her, waiting to be grasped. One felt light and airy. One felt quick and floaty. One felt like the crackle of energy that built up before a storm released a bolt of lightning. One felt like it was constantly getting bigger even though it remained the same size. One felt solid, like a rock upon which all was discerned. And the last one felt like there was another one just like it that was always out of sight. Viltia squealed in delight, jumping for the gear that was scattered on the ground. In the back of her thoughts she wondered what other Golden and Silver Kanohi she might make, but in the forefront of her mind a new goal screamed to be accomplished: NUVA. She absolutely needed to know what dying was like. It called to her like the mournful song of a lone Razor Whale in the deep, cold sea at evening time. She had merged with life through Sorilax’s Life Kraata. She had connected to the stars through the Suva. Now it was finally time for a taste of death through NUVA. She gathered her things back into her sack, which was slightly lighter than before. It turns out she didn’t need as much as she thought. She hefted it up and merged into her Muaka. Her growling voice called out to the Administrator as she left, “See you in a second!” Without having to unmerge and swap masks, Viltia flew up into the sky. She stopped and hovered there. She looked southwest, noting that there was even less island to go to. She needed to hurry up, it seemed. She popped out of existence and traveled miles away nigh instantly. It was so easy to switch between Levitation and Flight. And it felt so much more natural than she had ever hoped. It was like she was a bird that had jumped off a cliff and found flying to be the most natural thing in the world. Viltia was so glad she had worked so hard on using her masks. The Grand Temple Ruins welcomed her with their Suva space electric shock as she rolled through the invisible divide on her Muaka tread. The small pond was there, still filled by the white orchids she had put there. One of her tethers idly dipped into the water, sending out small ripples that accentuated the petals and stems of the flowers. “Okay, I’m back! I told you I’d be quick.” She made her way to the NUVA pedestal and unmerged from her Muaka. Sidra had said she had dropped all her belongings when she fell in to get NUVA, so Viltia set all her gear on the ground and ordered her Muaka to defend it. Then, with shaky hands due to the anticipation for what was next, Viltia lifted the Great Disc of Teleportation from her satchel. As always, space seemed to warp around the edges of the disc, just like when the Suva interacted with things. She stepped in front of the Kanoka receiver, hesitating. Her Muaka moved close, sensing she was feeling weird. She gave him a sideways grin and then did something she rarely did. She whispered a prayer to Mata-Nui, the one who must have given her the wonderful gift that was her tethers, “Guide me as I travel the land of the dead. Help me to embrace their experiences and use them to empower me.” She wasn’t sure if it was even right to pray to him now that he was dead or an Aspect or whatever, but it seemed appropriate for what she was about to do. Viltia moved to put in the Great Disc and paused again, her mind screaming at her body. The sudden realization that she was going to die filled her being. She felt a little woozy and almost lost her balance. The Toa of the Green closed her optics and took several deep breaths, the calm she had first felt when she had gotten her tethers filling her as she focused on her core self. To merge with death was not the end. Far from it. She put the Great Disc of Teleportation into the NUVA receiver and opened her optics. She wanted to see this. She wanted to see everything that came next. OOC: @Eyru or @Unreliable Narrator
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    IC Leklo | Ambling Alp "..." The former Ko-Matoran shrugged in his head and looked up the hall to the cockpit where Oreius held the stick. Oreius ominously simply pointed at the radio in the cockpit. "Yeah, the radio. It can reach the other airship." He looked more carefully out the windshield "Ships."
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Area West of Kini-Nui: Registering Skyra Daring as Ally. The Riteborn is escaping! Target will not get far. Swapping to lance launcher. The mighty war club vanished from Patiwairutiki’s hands, soon replaced by a fearsome projectile weapon. The kaita ACR marched after the storm that surrounded its prey. Ally Skyra appears proficient with projectile weapons. That will prove useful. “Ally Skyra, this unit will clear the storm,” the mechanical enforcer announced telepathically. “Once a clear visual is present, target the legs. The riteborn must not escape.” The robotic NUVA began to take hold of its control over air, bolstering it with Skyra’s own abilities. Outside, Patiwairutiki took one hand off its launcher and extended it towards the nearby storm. “Storm clearing gale!” The mighty storm suddenly appeared to expand, seeming about to consume everyone nearby, only for the fog and rain to move upwards. Howling winds battered away at the unnatural weather event, dissipating any form of cover the tahtorak generated. With its prey visible once more, Patiwairutiki took hold of the lance launcher with both hands. While the machine within concentrated on keeping the wind going, the next step was up to Skyra. OOC: @Snelly@Eyru@~Xemnas~@BULiK@Tarn and other taku crew.
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    IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula Grime leaned in towards the fire and the conversations. It made sense that Korruhn spoke with Stannis most -- they were friends, of a sort, after all. Viltia and Whisper brought their questions to him though, which he found curious. There was Stannis. They could ask him the same questions. They All knew him. He lied beautifully in his attempts to control a decayed and broken memory, and Grime thought better than to attempt any correction. The dark shadow that worked the toa’s lips were known to Grime, and he knew he should fear her as she feared his mistress. When the moment was right, he entered the conversation again. “I feel,” Grime started after a hesitant clearing of his throat, “that maybe these questions all point to a similar place, and a similar goal. You both hold a codex, which can be registered to a place of worship such as a suva. You two wish to leave this world and explore some place else with the help of this Nuju being at the great temple of Kini-Nui. Your Makoki Stones carry light and possibility. I’m just a simple bard, but I’d say they give me a sense of hope. “Our recent host said they needed our assistance. When they brought me back, changed me even, they said something to you, Korruhn. And before they all left they said something to the three of you. Maybe all of this is connected, some great narrative waiting to be written into song. I’d love to see how it ends. I’d love to sing it. But right now, I think we need to live it. So, what are we doing and where are we going?” OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @Gecko Greavesy, @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua IC: Takadox | Spiriah's Labyrinth He shivered and shook and heaved brackish water up his throat and out his mouth. He'd been swept up by the current, thrust who knew where in the darkness, and so the once great leader lay shivering in the wet cold of a dreary existence. Takadox did his best to regain some sort of composure, but the dark voice was pressing on his mind. It reminded him of the pact. The pact that could provide freedom. The pact that could provide joy. Light in the darkness. "Give up," Takadox shouted. "Give up already, I'm not going to fall for your petty tricks." He stood on shaky legs, hit his head on the ceiling, and growled defiantly through the pain. The voice retreated. But it didn't give up.
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    IC Stannis + Korruhn | Kumu “What beef—“ [the old man had heard the term used once in an email] “—do you have with Tren Krom?” Stannis asked. “I have no qualms with him. He simply seems to be a being in a position to answer a lot of my questions.” “Tren Krom is the Maker and Unmaker,” Stannis answered Korruhn's last question. There was a sense of awe in his tone but it was clear from his withdrawn eyes that dimmed ever so slightly in the darkness of his hood that he was also… concerned? It was hard for Korruhn to sense the true inflection with so little to base off of, but what was clear was the wizard’s harboring of hesitation about The Krom. Korruhn paused a moment, pondering the inflection and meaning on Stannis' words. His eyes maintained a fixed gaze, and his brow was furrowed in determination. "Mata Nui was a false god, that much is clear. I asked questions of Nuju, he could not answer. I asked questions of you, of Miserix, I got no further. Even the almighty Icarax, Aspect of Dominion, gave me no answer. All my questions-- my purpose leads me to Tren Krom. What else am I to think?" “Ah, ah. Mata-Nui is no 'false god,'” Stannis quickly corrected. “He is a god in every sense of the word but he is a god of our creation, and in that lies his flaws. He was made by dreams and wishes, manifested from nightmares and desires, and in the end that was all the prayers he could answer. All the gods you have spoken to only gave the answers within their powers. It is not their failing.” The Wanderer studied Korruhn more closely then, channeling his Fate-sensing powers on the Void-touched toa to divine some knowledge to pass on to his ailing soul. But while he could see the marionette strings on Viltia and even Grime that pulled them to their starforged destinies, like he could to any other being who’s soul was enshrined in the skies, he could not sense those attachments on Korruhn. It was like with Whisper, and Miserix, shrouded in shadow—it was absence of fortune, a nondescript slate. “Your purpose is… undefined. It is what you make of it. That is not the answer you seek, I know, but it is an answer within my power.” "My work as a cartographer, long before any of this—" he paused, looking to his arm, his scarred body, and his makeshift armor, "afforded me a unique position. Unbeknownst to me, my research and exploration, time on the frontier, put me in the position of Chronicler, as Icarax noted. If not the world, my civilization. I have written the beginning, the middle. And now it seems I must survive to write the end. "My world is dead, Stannis. The acid of the lake eats more and more of it every day." Korruhn could still feel the burn of it eating his own flesh. "My friends are dead, dying. My enemies are becoming the heroes of my people, the NUVA, the Kaita, what have you. This world deserves to burn. It needs to, if we are to advance." "Entropy," Stannis derisively stated, "is a natural thing. When time moves forward things will unravel; that is the course of all things. What is lacking in this apocalypse is the knowledge to learn from mistakes and create a better future, knowledge to use the tools already at our disposals to craft something better than what we have ensured. The world you knew, that world you grew up in, was never built for you, or Viltia, or Leklo--it was a means forward made for a dubious and selfish god of death, and in the end it fulfilled its purpose exactly. We all fell to his grand deception. But what if, what if, the next world you live in and grow old in was built for you?" The Wanderer let the thought linger a second like a precious new aroma before continuing. "Resetting the cycle would wipe everything away, from your aspirations to my purpose to Viltia's accomplishments, and nothing would be learned. I don't think living an entire next life in ignorance, fated to exist in the same spiral of time all over again, is truly what you wish for, Korruhn." "My home was not perfect, surely," Korruhn agreed. "But it was my home. No world, no matter how perfect, can replace that." He paused a moment, reflecting on the cool, crisp scent of the Ko-Metru air, sun glistening off of the Knowledge Towers. "I don't seek to end the cycle, but I do not see a place in my new home those who took my home from me." "I agree," Stannis said. He settled his posture, luxuriating slightly against the table and letting his shoulders sag a little. The old being seemed more than a little tired, a shadow of a time long gone that just refused to give up its ghost, and as easily accommodating of a final death or a continued push against all odds. Caedast's work was not yet finished, not in this cycle, but she had grown in the wake of her Far Shore adventure—she had seen what it was like to win so profoundly, and likewise what it felt like to be incredibly powerless. Her counterpart in that timeline had achieved what she hoped to, assimilating the whole of knowledge of everything and everyone, past, present, and future, and with that power had given a prophesy to herself, to the one within Stannis Maru. Victory was not in her cards in that timeline anymore, but there was still a chance, a slim margin, that she could still claim her victory in this life. And oh, how she wanted that. It was so tantalizingly close she could smell it, like the rumble of a waterfall at the last stumbling steps of a desert marathon and her parched tongue longed for the nectar of life. But the world she would sustain in her victory was unlike any world she could exist in herself. She would not be able to see life with the same lens as she had through Stannis' eyes; gods can't cry no matter how much they know. "I wish to break the worlds free of the cycle," he continued, "to know what there is to know for making a better life, to guide people in creating their own destinies, and to impart wisdom for people to find their purposes. What everyone does once they possess that is not for me to decide, but for them." @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian @Gecko Greavesy
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    IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter The medic blinked his optics a few times as the features of the room came into focus again, now seen through one pair instead of three. He didn't think the process of forming a Kaita and being a part of one would feel so...weird. There was an urge deep down to rejoin the gestalt. Something told him this would not be the last time Whakamahu awoke. Images were playing in his head that weren't familiar, but at the same time were. Memories that didn't belong to him until now. At the moment they were jumbled, confused. The inside of the Coliseum, but judging from its state after the impact, seen through the optics of...Iradra. And with her... ...somewhere in Le-Metru, the colors and architecture familiar to the element of air. Ehlek of the Six, panic overcoming his features as he reaches for his neck. This was Vashni's, and... "...who knew unity could give you such a headache." @Onaku@Snelly@Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend
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    IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] “It’s safer? This happened to us in our homes.” Nixie replied, almost snapping. She had been returned to Matoran form, but the aggressive tone was new. Maybe some lingering effect of the transformation? It sounded rather Rahi-like still. Or maybe it was just flayed nerves after the ordeal they all had just gone through and the astronomer had no emotional bandwidth left for composure. “What if this spreads? Has anybody checked? If it’s in the ground water it might well reach all the way here, or wherever Knichou is, given enough time... I’d rather take a chance out there trying to figure this out than hang back and grow even more extra limbs next time or wait for whatever horrible thing this place has in store for us next!” She turned briskly, fully intending to leave the shelter in a huff and get on with it, but she was suddenly overcome by a feeling of vertigo and stumbled, barely catching herself on the wall. She cursed under her breath as Vhisola caught up with her, putting a steadying hand on her. She leaned in close. “Easy now.” Nixie shot her look, but otherwise was still busy not falling over. In the silence that followed, the Turaga of Stone chimed back in: “I recall Energized Protodermis having a dual nature. Like the sides of a Widget. It can empower or destroy. Corrupt or heal.” Vhisola listened to the rest of her words, waiting for Nixie to recover enough to move on her own again. “I think I will join you, Okuo. There may be some who know where to find pure Energized Protodermis. If it is not in the abandoned village, others may have heard rumors.” "I’ll stay here and continue to look after you lot then, if that’s alright." Klawne said to Nixie and the others. "You’re, uh... not still mad about earlier, are you? I may have treated you a litte, erm... like children, if I'm honest." Vhisola looked at the other Turaga and shook her head. “Nothing to apologize for. I don’t presume to speak for all of us, but...given the circumstances...I think it was well done.” she said, then glanced at the other Matoran for confirmation. They nodded slightly, though didn’t say anything. “Looks like each of us has a task to complete then.” Nixie said, as the room finally stopped spinning for her. She shrugged off Vhisola’s hand on her shoulder and stood up straight again - well, almost. She still leaned against the wall to balance herself, grimacing in frustration. She looked at the Kaita, Toa and Turaga in turn, eyes full of determination. “You go do what you have to. But as soon as my legs work properly again, I will be on my way.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
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    IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn again found himself with the stone in his hand, his eyes fixed on it as he slowly shifted it around between his thumb and fingers. He could certainly feel the grooves in it, but they were far too small, and mostly incomplete, and thus interpreting them was off the table. Yet still, he studied it as he did any other artifact, while his ears absorbed all the information Grime seemed suddenly so eager to spill. Korruhn was more than a bit miffed that, after all he'd done to help Grime, he chose to wait until others were around to drink from his fountain of knowledge. Whatever. If things went the way they normally did, Korruhn would be far away from these strangers soon enough. And if not, perhaps they had something he could make use of in his upcoming plans. The void-touched remained quiet for the most part, choosing to receive more than he revealed. Viltia seemed friendly enough; but the other Aspect rubbed Korruhn the wrong way. Perhaps it was because they hadn't yet spoke, but there was nothing Korruhn could do about that. He'd been away from civilization for a near-immeasurable amount of time; a conversation with a stranger felt like a foreign concept at this point. In Korruhn's observational state, one moment in particular from the last few moments stood out. When Stannis first arrived, he rightly noticed that Whisper and Vilta had been given keys. And yet, he gave pause when he saw Korruhn, momentarily surprised, and adjusted his number. Fascinating, as one would say. "And what do you know of this one, Stannis?" Korruhn interjected, holding the stone up in front of him. "You've seen this one before, haven't you?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Unreliable Narrator @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian
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    IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green Location - Kumu Peninsula With - Whisper, Korruhn, Stannis, Caedast, Grime, Miserix, Life creation Muaka “Prayer and creation…” Viltia mumbled to herself. Suvas weren’t just about holding stuff? She felt so ignorant. She had so much to learn! Hopefully the key would be her second step, Grime seemed to be her first. Grime asked about a location of great faith and she shook her head no. She spoke up, squirming as she did so. Her emotions were plain to all before her as her tethers squirmed with her, she was dying to ask way more but was holding herself back, “What do you mean by faith and prayer? I never prayed even when we were all in Mata-Nui. If it’s not too much to ask, could you tell us of your faith and what it means to have faith on this island?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Crimson Jester @Gecko Greavesy @EmperorWhenua
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    IC Yumiwak | Irnakk's Tooth "A prayer," I half-lied. "You know, when you talk to your god. You folk from the Head had a god of your own, didn't you? Malt-o-Nui? My god's name is Irnakk." I was stalling. Zataka could probably figure that out soon enough but I was hoping I still had enough time to catch Zataka by surprise. This place was why I'd gone to great lengths to find her and 'capture' her, why I cultivated the slightest of alliances with her, and plied her for information. Having a general at my leash to serve and pleasure me and amaze my rivals was one thing, but keeping her as a proper destructive pet was quite another. My family's books spoke about the qualities of a person becoming part of their recreation as Kaiju, and if riteborn crafted from the Tooth indeed kept their traits as mortals then I had wondered what a monster made from a truly powerful person could be like. I'd initially thought it would be a matter of turning them into a tahtorak, but that idea was remade as I realized my family's real legacy, but the end goal of turning Zataka into a kaiju remained the same. But how would I be able to make her willingly transform to my wishes? It would not be easy, she was a potent psychic, too, but I was confident in my force of will. I'd placed myself opposite the fiery pit of the Tooth with Zataka in between, separated by a few paces' distance. It was now or it was never. Zai and I linked hands and I unleashed my mental power on the warlord, flooding her mind with my own presence, forcing out her extraneous thoughts and striving to dominate her compulsions with my own. Whether she expected the betrayal or not was a thought I could not dare consider in that moment. All my efforts were directed at overwhelming her consciousness with an overriding flood of "Red."
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    IC, Atamai: Valley Nektann was on the ground. The rain began to pour harder. Malhukuraia raised its binding axe, and brought it down, aiming at Nektann's neck. OOC: @Eyru @pokemonlover360 IC, Aurax: League settlement Aurax nodded to Xaril and headed out for the airships. He ordered two Vahki to accompany him, along with Saybo. The king said nothing on the ride to the destroyed village. His mind thought back to when he and Knichou had been friends, when they were both in the Nynrah Ghosts. Oh, how simple it was to live then. Back before Aurax had been let down by the Ghosts, and later by the Maru. All he had wanted was respect, and every time he thought he had done something that would earn that respect, people turned on him. He sighed and wondered where he had gone wrong in life. The airship eventually reached its destination. Aurax walked out of the airship and sat down on a piece of rubble not far from it. He sat and waited.
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    IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Okuo furrowed his brow, looking unconvinced. "I don't think that's a good idea right now. The cure may not be complete but it seems like it's brought you back to your original states for the moment. Depending on how long that'll last, I feel like it's safer if you take some time to recover before heading off on any kind of errand, which I would prefer to accompany you for anyway in case you encounter something dangerous out there. Right now I have business in Kini-Koro with Knichou, he requested the presence of me and Triage a while ago and we're very late for it. When we get back, we can go look for the pure stuff... alright?" He asked, his tone reasoning and his expression pleading. @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
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    IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula “A codex,” Grime repeated. The fire crackled in the void caused by Grime's statement. When Whisper didn’t immediately grok his explanation Grime continued; “What you handed over is probably inscribed with your constellation or identity. A Codex of Absolution, for instance, would describe the constellation of one of your kind and reveal the truth of your purpose. It’s like a map to the spiritual self, the true self that exists beyond the veil. Once presented, you can be read and seen by our temples. It’s like,” he paused, considering his words carefully, “a form of registration, or a key of sorts. All of us Builders are known to our temples. They are a part of us, and we are a part of our creations. But the aspects of ourselves that we cut away, the unnecessary and evil parts of us, well, those are difficult to identify. Actually, I am not sure we’ve met. What did you say your names were? I know Korruhn, and I know you,” Grime nodded politely in Caedast’s direction, choosing to omit the name of the entity inside out of respect, “but you two and your children are new to me. If you would, I would be honored to learn your names in this place of shadows." OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, @Kal the Guardian, @EmperorWhenua, @Crimson Jester IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri, Bellicus Tower A majestic penthouse in disarray filled the entirety of the top floor of Bellicus Tower. Kas opened the door by first trying the keypad then just giving up and shoving it open after the first failed attempt. Floor to ceiling windows with unprecedented views formed the exterior walls of the entire penthouse, and a large balcony ringed it. Ollem couldn’t help but compare it in a similar way to the Coliseum of his old world. A long velvet couch, now covered in ivy, provided some comfort. Shattered glass from broken exterior windows glittered on the floor. Long tables were covered in abandoned casings of ammunition, others were weighed down with data pads, physical maps of engineering and maintenance tunnels, and more than a few others had quickly drawn schematics that looked like battle plans of some kind. In the center of the open floorplan was a pile of monitor screens, all tossed on top of each other in a jumble. They were black screened and powerless. Thick bundles of cables ran from them towards a rickety generator. Kas wrinkled his brow and shook his head. “It’s terrible in here,” Kas joked from a place of embarrassment. Mahrika realized the toa felt ashamed, as if it was his fault. “I thought the cleaners would have done their jobs while I was away. They’re solar powered, after all. Anyway, welcome my friends to my home. Make yourselves comfortable, but not too comfortable. Once we can get the computers back online and the information we need out of them we’ll be on our way into the biosphere’s core: that’s where we’ll find the Admin’s main servers. I just need something Laryna left me before we head out.” Kas began digging through the papers and data pads on the tables, his mind full of memories and his trademarked smile slowly turning into a tight grimace. OOC: @Harvali, I had to double check a couple things so thanks for your patience.
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    IC: Sidra - Metru-Koro "Well, that sounds like the League's problem now," she muttered, glancing at the airships in the distance. It was crushing to learn that there were still Untethered roaming around elsewhere on the island, but today's events had at least proven beyond any doubt they could be destroyed by psionics. If Mata Nui ever sent them towards Le-Metru Nuva again, she could send them back in pieces. "So where will you go now?" Sidra asked. @Daniel the Finlander IC: Whisper - Kumu Peninsula "It looks like a what?" Whisper whirled towards the Matoran. In a gathering of Aspects and taboo-touched Toa, the little creature had seemed out-of-place and irrelevant to Whisper... but clearly he was more useful than she'd realised. She held out the key she'd been offered for Stannis to see. @EmperorWhenua @Unreliable Narrator
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    IC: Whakamahu - Ko-Pou Shelter "Energized Protodermis. One of the only transformations the Mask of Mutation cannot undo on its own." Whakamahu looked into the minds of the matoran, not to pry, but to see if she could soothe their yet addled minds and facilitate smoother cognition by helping them untangle and reorient their thoughts. @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
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    IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Okuo shook his head. "Maybe if I was just using it alone... but if I can use it in tandem with the Kaita, channel my power through them so they may direct it with purpose and precision... perhaps it could work? I don't know. I think it's worth the risk..." The Ta-Toa sighed, looking down with a thoughtful yet troubled expression, it being clear that this wasn't the only thing on his mind. "... It's not like I asked to be a Toa to begin with." @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
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    IC Stannis | Kumu It had been tens of thousands of years since Caedast the True-guesser had been to her birthplace. In that span of eons she had inhabited many bodies, witnessed civilizations rise and fall, technology and science become learned and then unlearned, and seen more universes than most had fingers to count, but in all those years she had not felt her origin's dank earth under her feet or sniffed its tepid bog stench. The liminal spaces between the hither and yon had always been the Wanderer's domain, but this deceptive land was her home. Change and evolution had been the hallmark of the Time Between Time as all things were in flux, but the temples and shrines of the Kumu ark were a constant fixture of her kind. From it they spawned and to it they went, and the walls of basalt remained everlasting in an unchanging state, a storm's eye in the maelstrom of realities where dreams were forged to reality from prayers and nightmares alike. Caedast looked all around her into the dark recesses of the night and listened to the eerie silence. For the briefest of moments she could almost hear ancient whispers of her name echo throughout the complex. Beyond the veil of darkness, she knew, were the pathways of silence and shadow, shrines and grottos dedicated to the kraata magicks and Great Spirits of the past and future. For onlookers the forbidden city of Kumu was a place mired with death, but for beings like Caedast and Whisper it was a haven of strange life. Viltia could never understand it. Few could. Sorilax seemed to deny its nature, and so he had fallen to his folly, and he would either succeed in whatever his quest was or return like everyone else had, like Caedast had many times before, every time before except for the version encountered in the Far Shore. The Wanderer's arrival to the group had gone more smoothly than expected with such a robust welcoming committee. In his haste to exit Kini-Nui's dangers and commandeer Oreius' body as he did, he had declined to peer through Whisper's ocular sockets to better understand what awaited him on the other side of the shadow. While he was not displeased by everyone's presence—including, it seemed, the matoran Grime—he was caught by slight surprise. Viltia was shocked the most, however, and she raised her tendrils in a defensive array instantly, though Stannis simply warded them with a placating gesture and a soothing word for her to recognize as his own. "Stannis? Fashionably late, hah!" Korruhn said, chuffed to as many bits he could muster at his friend's arrival. He looked elated to see a friend again, and Korruhn seemed for all the world as if he had been deprived of affable companionship since they had departed company. It was a loneliness that ached at Stannis' soul, knowing all too well how dearly For and Leklo yearned for each other again and were so close, and yet so far still. "You and I have a lot to talk about." "Indeed, we do." He prepared top speak at greater lengths, but before he could follow up with an elucidation and further greeting it was Viltia and her waterfall tongue who divulged everything that needed to be shared with as much a contravention to the sanctity of secrecy as could be possibly fathomed. How Sorilax could allow the trauma-afflicted girl to roam freely without a leash baffled the Wanderer; it was the opposite of controlling Fate and seemed to have the effect of launching a torched boat into a blockade. "Sorry about the reaction, I had no idea you were an Aspect. You freaked me out by teleporting in out of nowhere. I got this Life Kraata from Sorilax and it lets me sense all forms of Life nearby. Oh! Hey, you’ll never guess where we just were. We opened a door, fought a Rahkshi, then met this Aspect named Icarax. It was super dark wherever we were. And he was pretty nice. We have to go put that stone thing,” She pointed to the stone Korruhn was holding, “Someplace in Kini-Nui. He also- Oh, uh. Hey bad news. Apparently the world is going to end.” Viltia shrugged and looked a little sad but quickly perked back up, “But hey he gave me this key thing.” She passed off the key to one of her tethers and it extended towards Stannis to show him, though it held on tightly to the object. “Although I have no idea where it goes… so it doesn’t really help me out. I—” Actually, she sensed yet another Aspect. Where was that coming from? It was kind of masked, like it was on top of another form of life. She looked around the group, trying to figure out where it was coming from. She ended with her head facing Korruhn, “Hey, um, Korruhn, was it? Yeah, just so you know, you have an Aspect like, inside you. I don’t know if that’s very healthy.” If Viltia's narration had fallen on anyone else's ears it would likely have been considered annoying or overwhelming, but not for the Wanderer. Stannis was a Recorder, the All-seeker, and to him knowledge flowed and was soaked up like a puddle to a sponge. In the space or nary two breaths Stannis learned several important things which he would not have been able to extract even from Whisper with as much brutal efficiency as Viltia's storytelling. "There are many things you have no idea about, Viltia Star-child, about the people you know and the place you call home for now," he said, and then proceeded to inspect the item presented to him and noticed that Whisper held a similar relic in her appendages. "So the Chronicler took you to his Shadow-lair and then gave you both Keystones to grant you the essential knowledge you seek—but no directions? Hrrm, he must have run out of time..." he surmised. And then, as he looked at Korruhn and the things the void-touched antihero held, the Builder Grime in one arm and a glowing bauble in the other, Stannis' eyes glowed with peculiar brightness. "He gave all three of you keys of a sort." There was no need to sit and process the information. Icarax still lived—that was curious enough to Caedast, but Stannis himself held memories of the Chronicler as well that spoke to the ancient being's importance—and that meant History's spool was still in good record. He wondered if Whisper had the forethought to request a Codex of Absolution, and further still if the Keystone was the token needed for the item; her continued empowerment and progression was beneficial for the both of them. Viltia's cemented affiliation with Sorilax was now confirmed, as was the Life-seeker's powerset, which was fascinating to Caedast as well. But perhaps the most concerning revelation was the last thing Viltia mentioned, and it could only mean one thing: Miserix had laid claim to Korruhn's body. Stannis had almost asked if Whisper had encountered the Aspect of Rebirth yet, and that should she did so she ought to summon Caedast to her side and be wary of such a powerful vixen, but the inquiry was stifled before he could manifest the breath to ask it. Miserix was there, listening without hearing, surveilling without seeing, just as she had when she possessed Grime and then Barius. He looked at Korruhn, imagining Her beady eyes staring back at him, and then shrugged. "Fascinating." He gestured to the lightly crackling campfire they were somewhat gathered around and moved to sit on a rock. "Come, then. Let's talk further of where you all should go and what you should do. Fate can go a myriad of different ways from here for each of you, and without the knowledge you need you will stumble in riddles for two months and three weeks, and if I can give help, it will be yours." @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator
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    IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) Nale continued to listen to the conversation she'd now become a part of, her right hand now characteristically placed over an audio receptor, mirroring Knichou. As she tried to form her thoughts on it, the presence of the rain monster below stayed at the forefront. If they could at least manage to run it off--or better yet, the NUVA kill it--then it seemed their next immediate problem would be Ehlek and whatever his goals were. If they agreed to ally with Aurax, and if Knichou could stomach working with someone he despised. The Toa of Magnetism knew their history, knew her partner's feelings. And, just as soon as she'd be at his side to do anything to rub Aurax the wrong way, she'd also be at his side to tell him what was more important in situations like this. Even if you hated someone to their very core, if something bigger threatened both of you and others, would you simply let fate take its course or do something about it? A familiar phrase came to mind: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Nale decided to speak up again. "Aurax, this is Captain Vella speaking," she said. "Does this call end sooner if we agree to work together?" @BULiK@~Xemnas~ IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth "Find what ya were lookin' for, Miss Yumi?" Korio asked upon returning to the princess. @EmperorWhenua IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital Exterior As his legs gave way, Jutori now found himself in a position similar to when he had first arrived in Kini-Koro, lying face down outside of the village's hospital. He barely managed the strength to turn his neck to look over at Katrin, thoughts scrambled. Whatever had attacked the village clearly had employed some kind of ability that turned its targets lethargic. If he had the strength to, he would have taken his hammer and tried to smash it. @The UltimoScorp@Onaku
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    IC Leklo | Kini-Koro, the Ambling Alp "Glob and gloop are real words, too," the former scholar said. It was by sheer chance that the effects of the kaiju's venom missed the little group by the airship; others in the village were far less fortunate, and the caustic substance mired person and abode with equal indiscrimination. Ostrox was right that they needed to do something and Parnassus—whoever the bloke was—seemed to have ideas for something, but Leklo was unconvinced. He doubted his power, and in that doubt he remained held back from achieving what was possible. He wanted to fight, but he didn't want to be beaten; Ostrox he could defeat, but the kaiju? Not a chance fikou's chance in Huai Snowball Sling. Leklo was trying to pick his battles, but did so recklessly. In his chest he could feel the beating of his heart thrum with the cadence of a wardrum, pounding a melody of battle that stirred his thoughts to singleminded combat. His fist gripped the pommel of his kopesh in preparation to fight the Manta at last, to feel something in his veins akin to thrill, and he almost let go, almost gave in to the beating of his anxious heart, when Oreius' voice broke the silence. "Stannis wants us off the ground, now," he growled from the loading bay at the three others. Unbeknownst to any of them, these were not Oreius' words but Stannis' spoken through his mouth. Leklo would not have budged lest a directive come from a power he respected, and while he did not know the depths of depravity that befell the former Toa Maru he trusted in the former Maru's stalwart legacy and connection to the Wanderer to take the order to heart. It would have taken nothing less than that to stir Leklo away from his budding desperate duel. "Get in here." @Void Emissary @Toru Nui IC Stannis | Kini-Nui, before teleporting away The sand and stone shrine looked familiar, but not to Caedast, per se. It recalled something else, something ancient, a distant memory of a tapestry laid threadbare over the eons. The shrine of sand and stone had changed dramatically from when he briefly caught sight of it when he ventured into the Far Shore, most notably the igneous rock at the center having grown red hot. "It's an Amaja circle," Bronk said simply. He was a simple man, a former Archivist of few words. Stannis liked him almost immediately, and he looked nearly familiar as a being, too; perhaps the two had crossed paths sometime before. "Of course, an ancient magic," Stannis said in an exhale. "But you do not know how to use it?" Bronk shook his head. He'd been trying to make it function to his liking, but it had not done what he wanted it to do, in part because he was not sure what function he was trying to use it for. The Wanderer took a momentary glance at the ridgeline horizon and the great scorpion leering at the settlement from its skyline promontory, and he sneered at it. Despite the Wanderer's ease of movement he still felt the slightest pangs of fear as he looked at the Zivon, afraid that he could be ensnared in it's phantom like jaws and gutted. Despite all the time in the world time was not on his side, and he needed to act quickly before the Zivon acted in any way further. "Well. I do." Caedast reached back into the ancient memories of Stannis, from the old man's history as a matoran and a Builder, and assembled the necessary blueprint of a thought. Caedast struggled to do this sometimes, to force thoughts to the fore after eons of disuse, but it worked better when recalling straight knowledge than esoteric philosophies. Stannis' concepts of morality and mortality were hard to define and express, but his understanding of how the world worked on a molecular level was much easier. Cycles and circles, that's how he liked to explain it, roundabouts and clock faces. "What are the three essential parts of a garden?" Stannis asked Bronk; it was a rhetorical query and there was no chance for the matoran to reply before the Wanderer explained with a quickened pace of voice. "Stone, vegetation, and water. The Amaja Circle is a garden and a place for storytelling, but it is also clock. Cycles and circles, the things stories fill up and the face of a sundial, are brought together here. Turaga of old would share those stories here, making waves in the sand with their staves, bringing the rock to life to share their legends of events past, but no matter how direct and perfunctory their lores were the listeners all imagined the stories in different ways, with nuances based on their imagination at the time. The Amaja Circle's magics draw on imagination and focus, the stones are just tools for the storytelling and using them help control the story against the great beasts that plague our nightmares. Each stone pulls at a different string of Fate and gives its user control. The wizard plucked the gem that Bronk had placed in the middle before and set it aside. "An Opal stone will make the monsters more subdued but no less dangerous. We can render them weaker, and we can banish them away, but imagination alone won't let us vanquish them. That takes Unity and strength. But to end the nightmare right now, we need only change the tone... to something purer." Stannis placed the diamond gemstone in the center. It had been tens of thousands of years since he had played with an Amaja before, but he remembered how they worked again as if it had been only weeks ago. They were second nature to him, to Stannis, though. After all, he helped program their code. He smiled, got up, and began to walk away. He walked around a tree, breaking line of sight with Bronk, and never emerged on the other side. It was true, the archivist supposed: Wizards were always where they needed to be for exactly as long as they were needed. OOC | Stannis to Kumu. @Sparticus147 @Gecko Greavesy
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    IC: Icarax, Aspect of Dominion | Somewhere Icarax was quiet for some time after Viltia finished her story. The toa had included a lot more details than he had asked for, but something told her that the aspect was not one to complain about receiving an abundance of information. Meanwhile, the red circle gleamed in the black, and the gentle sounds of rushing waves and shimmering chimes continued from somewhere just beyond sight. "The guardian of the temples needs no more power," Icarax finally said. "And it was wise to refuse the spirit of the tooth. You are bold, little star. It was clever of Sorilax to bind you to himself." He sounded sad for a moment. "You do not deserve what he will do to you." The shadows flared. "But enough talk. The guests have told their stories, and now the host is permitted to speak. The world is ending, and we must pierce the veil if we are to escape its demise. I have the tool. What I need are the hands to wield it. The mind to direct it. The heart to make it strike true. If you will aid me in this task, then I, by the powers invested in me as the Chronicler of this land, shall aid you in yours." The flowers adorning the ancient armor trembled as the metal beneath them began to move. The suit of armor, still kneeling, raised its arms, and its cupped hands emerged from the ground as if were only water. It raised its hands until they were level with its eyes, like it was offering up a prize. Cupped in its palms was a fragment of glowing rock that was shaped as if part of a puzzle. One side of it looked like it would form a sphere when assembled. "Take this to the Great Temple," the dark voice said. "The Kini-Nui. It will show you what must be done next." The sound of crashing waves and shaking rattles grew louder. Icarax's voice grew fainter, as if he was moving away from them into another room. "The way to save everything lies among the stars..." The four beings blinked, and, instead of a red circle, they were now standing around a crackling campfire that cast a warm glow on the dry, rocky ground of the Kumu Peninsula. The mists drifted around them, cool and mysterious. Wreathed in fog, they could just make out the skeletal outlines of dead trees surrounding them. Korruhn still held Grime in his arms, but now, in one hand, he also held the piece of glowing stone that Icarax had offered. Clutched in one of Whisper's tendrils was an oddly-shaped key. A strange symbol was engraved on the pommel: a cupped hand above which floated a drop of water. Viltia and her Muaka completed the group. In one hand, Viltia now held a key of the same design as Whisper's, but its symbol was different: it bore the design of a hammer striking an anvil. The flames danced in the wind. The wood popped and cracked as pockets of boiling sap burst, throwing sparks into the air. There were no other sounds. OOC: @Crimson Jester @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian Korruhn, Whisper, and Viltia each possess the piece of equipment described in the post. You may add these items to your profiles.
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    IC: Sidra - Metru-Koro Not for the first time, the sheer level of power that Sidra wielded took her entirely by surprise. Once, she'd been the kind of being Toa would look down on, and now she could make Toa bend and kiss her boots. Even after a month spent experimenting with her skills and honing her strength, it was still strange to have gone from near nothing to this. She could feel the fleeting flickers of desperation and despair from each individual death, the panic and the pain of purpose and potential lost forever. Just as she'd intended, the horrendous horde of Untethered was undone, unraveled into a grisly grime that grew slick and sticky across the surface of the lake. But between the toxic mutagens of the moat and the Untethered ever-seeking more life to assimilate, Sidra had never expected anything else to be out here, to be caught in the crossfire, and she felt a pang of guilt at each life unexpectedly extinguished by her domineering demand. What she had expected was for the loss of Mata Nui's army to do something. She wanted him to scream, as he had when his Grand Untethered had burned. She wanted him to rage or recoil. But instead he laughed, and belittled her, and struck her psyche with a will far greater than even she wielded, and for the first time the grim realisation of what she was up against fully, finally, registered to her. Maybe Mata Nui had been a mere Aspect once, but he was something far greater now... something beyond her power to destroy. Perhaps beyond anyone's power. Wairuha staggered backwards as Sidra reeled from the psionic dismissal. The mighty machine slipped in the sand and fell back, throwing out its hands to catch itself. Inside the cockpit, Sidra cowered, skin several shades paler than usual, tears beading in the corners of her eyes, arms wrapped around herself to stave off a soul-chilling cold that only she could feel. She'd finally thought she'd become someone strong. Someone who could stand up to dictators and demons and even destiny itself. But she'd never before felt so small. So powerless. So unimportant. When she and her fellow villagers had faced and defied the Grand Untethered, Mata Nui had chosen a face she knew, and told her he was proud. Sidra hadn't wanted the praise at the time, but now she missed it. The small measure of respect she'd been offered back then was preferable to the demeaning dismissal she'd just been delivered. Clumsily, hesitantly, the mech rose to its feet again. Sidra searched herself for some words of defiance, some final attack to throw at her foe, but all of the fight had faded from her. She couldn't win, couldn't even harm him. She couldn't destroy the entire skull, and there was no telling if Mata Nui would actually be gone for good even if she did. Slowly, unsteadily, footsteps heavy with regret and rejection, Wairuha and Sidra turned their backs and began to walk away... @Unreliable Narrator @Snelly
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    IC: Mata-Nui | Metru-Nui and Metru-Koro Ruins (with Wairuha and Sidra NUVA) Sidra NUVA’s powers wracked the landscape from the elevated mind of her spiritual machine. Countless rahi conceded to madness and death, their minds tortured and thrown against an inevitable command to let go. Those who passed went peacefully. Those who didn’t howled in their torment. Crabs scuttled and combated with the surf, fish ate each other and drowned, and more creatures deeper beneath the surface of the earth destroyed the very tunnels that sustained them. The power of a command could not be undone. It was absolute to all deemed lesser. But Mata-Nui laughed, and the waves rolled back across the bay as his jaw slowly churned the deeper currents. The untethered beneath the waters fell to ruin, their oily connections and silvery mucus membranes became a tainted stain on the surface of the already mired bay. Acidic vapor wafted upwards, giving the impression of a cloud learning to fly. “You are still mine, Lightbringer. I own you. Tren Krom may have removed the blinders to your shimmer, but you are mine so long as you linger within this Time Between Time. Only the cycle can release you. I have ascended. I am your Mata-Nui. Heed my wish: One silver thread Two bodies dead Three broken yolks Four severed heads Five promised lies Six scattered stones Seven stars torn One world born “Go away, little yolk. Goodbye, light of mine. Glow somewhere else. I have no need for you.” The jaw of Mata-Nui's skull ceased moving. Sidra NUVA felt a sudden crash, and intense pressure, the words ever present and threatening to shatter her psyche and will. Mata-Nui had spoken. Who was she to deny him? OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, thanks for your patience.
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Area west of Kini-Nui: Successful hit confirmed. Preventing falling damage. As the great beast collapsed from the sudden head trauma Patiwairutiki extended an arm below it. With the ground swiftly approaching, the choral voice of the pilot within shouted “Air Brake!” The air around collected together to cushion the Kaita ACR’s fall until it completed a three point landing with an audible, but muted, thump. No structural damage detected. Elemental energy levels are still within usable amounts. Enemy Tahtorak has sustained damage. Naturally. The beast cannot withstand my power. The colossus stood vigilant as the kaiju righted itself and let out its ear splitting roar. No movements were made as water emerged from the ground in front of it, obscuring the titanic beast. Within the mech computational gears whirred in thought. Enemy Tahtorak is able to use water abilities besides passive rain production. Noting new information in profile entry. The riteborn is charging. Even with water blocking my vision I can still sense the vibrations of its steps. The distraction is a more advanced strategy, but otherwise the behavior of the target resembles non-sapient rahi. A charge is natural for a larger creature defending itself. I will meet it head on in battle. Evasive maneuvers. Nektann’s leap forward found nothing but air where Patiwairutiki once stood, the mech having rolled out of the way. Momentum carried the beast forward as the Kaita ACR stopped in a crouching position. A thrust of the war club followed, directed at the kaiju’s left hind leg. It wasn’t a blow designed to cause significant damage besides some mild pain or possible tripping; rather, the main goal was to make contact with the ancient weapon. Data indicates this attack will stun the target. If so, follow-up attacks will be possible. If stun effect does not activate, target will likely respond with a tail attack or additional elemental ability. Preparing to swap weapon. OOC: @Eyru@~Xemnas~@BULiK and other Taku crew IC Ysocla - Irnakk's Tooth: The mechanic stumbled her way back through the tunnels that had so recently been a battleground. While she cursed her seeming cowardice and abandonment of her liege, she also recognized that she really did need a head start to get out of the volcano before it erupted. The sound of her compatriots’ footfalls did not echo through the tunnels behind her. It didn’t take a mastermind to surmise what was holding them up: Yumiwak wanted to summon another very specific kaiju. As she passed the section of floor that had recently spewed magma, her thoughts turned to whether the mountain could survive that many riteborn emerging. She wondered if anyone on the island could survive that many riteborn emerging. OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Tarn@Vezok's Friend
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    IC: Icarax, Aspect of Dominion | Somewhere "These two paths may not yet diverge," Icarax said. "I would not ask you to abandon your purpose, for you are as I am. We are a proud and independent race. Though we are but shadows and husks, we possess the potential to become whole. And in that ascension, there is a chance that even cycles can be broken." The flowers on the armor quivered slightly, as if touched by an unfelt breeze. "Let us serve each other, then, and hope that one path, at least, may lead to salvation. Tell me, sister: what knowledge do you now seek? What step do you take next on your journey?" OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @Crimson Jester
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    LEGO survived the late 90s downturn because of Bionicle and Star Wars together (Source: "The only reason Lego survived during this difficult time was due to the success of the Bionicle and Star Wars series"). The writing was on the wall with Bionicle. It was a unique and innovative property that caught lightning in a bottle for a surprising span of time from about 2003-2008. But they can't just keep making Bionicle products until the end of time. That's not a reasonable thing to expect. It takes LEGO time and resources to make products and it's not realistic or respectful to LEGO to just want them to make things for us at a loss. Let's look at a few of your proposals in more detail: 2. #recontinueandendBionicleG1sstory Greg Farshtey frequently reminded us that the BIONICLE storyline existed to promote the BIONICLE toys. That's what made it worth LEGO's time to pay Greg to write it. And even then Greg gave us more than LEGO requested of him--the serials in the later years barely had anything to do with the sets being released; Greg just worked on them out of passion for the craft. And even more the unfinished serials after the first cancelation, when there were no BIONICLE toys and Greg just wanted to do something nice for us. Compare BIONICLE to any other LEGO line that ended--the sets and storyline just stop being updated. 5. #makeG1TahuaToaNuvaagain and #giveTahuhisKanohiNuvaback I've never heard anyone want that, and it doesn't specifically bother me that Tahu's not a Nuva or doesn't have his Kanohi Nuva (which he lost in 2003). For all the problems associated with later BIONICLE, this wasn't one of them. For that matter, how would LEGO even fulfill this one? Do you want them to release an official statement that Tahu became a Nuva again and got his Nuva masks back? 6. #moreToaKaita , #makeAkuamiNuvahappen , #moreMatoranNui , #makeMatoranKaitahappen #makeToaNuihappen , #makeTuragaKaitahappen , #makeTuragaNuihappen , #make36moreRahkshitypesinLego ,#make8moreToatypesinLego , #make8moreMatorantypesinLego , #make9moreTuragatypesinLego , #make8moreSkakdiinLego Why would it be desirable for LEGO to produce stories and products involving every conceivable fusion or elemental type in BIONICLE? If I want to experience a Turaga Nui or Skakdi of Magnetism doing something, I can just make a MOC or write a fanfiction about it. That's the beauty of LEGO. 7. #bringbackthePiraka , #bringbackVultraz , #bringAlternateTeridaxbackhome , #bringAlternateTakanuvabackhomes Again, LEGO isn't preventing anyone from creating fanmade media in which those characters return or those events happen. 8. #MakeLegocelebrateBionicles20thanniversary The idea that we should "Make" LEGO do anything is just disrespectful. 11. #moreMataNuiOnlineGames The media form that made MNOG so wonderfully early 90s (Adobe Flash) no longer exists. As much as I wish LEGO continued making interactive games with Templar all throughout the 2000s, it's a bit late for it now. And MNOG's ambiance and storytelling just wouldn't be done justice in HTML5. 13. #releaseBionicleTheLegendRebornconceptart and #releaseBionicleTheLegendRebornsoundtrack Here is a fan-produced isolated score of the entire film. There's no reason to ask LEGO to do pretty much the exact same thing and they're not going to take fan requests seriously if some of the things we ask for already exist. 14. #makeBionicle5thmoviehappen and #makeBionicle6thmoviehappen (or #make5thand6thBioniclemovieshappen ) The 4th BIONICLE movie is across the board the most reviled of all of them. Why would LEGO continue along that trajectory when all we did last time was complain about Kiina going "WOO-HOO"? 16. #makeBionicleHeroes2happen , #remakeandimproveBionicleTheGame2003 , #remakeandimproveBionicleHeroes , and #giveBionicleareasonableTTvideogame Again, the storyline (even the video games) exist to promote the toys. LEGO's not going to expend resources fixing or making video games involving toys that haven't been commercially available for over a decade. Has any company ever done anything like that? 17. #releasetheG2Makutaset and #releasetheMaskofUltimatePower LEGO has already released enough images necessary to make your own G2 Makuta using secondhand sources like BrickLink for parts. The request for an official release of the Mask of Ultimate Power is the only one I would call even moderately possible. I could see LEGO offering a MoUP with every order over $50 on LEGO.com or something. That would be something the average fan like me could consider backing with my own money. But it's nuggetted between so many outlandish demands that LEGO's not going to take it seriously. 18. #makemoreMatoranspeciesmembersandremovethegenderlock LEGO's not producing more BIONICLE story media. Changing the rules now would be an empty gesture. If you want to make a female Po-Matoran now in 2021, you can do it. 19. #remakeBioniclesets This is called revamping. BIONICLE fans have regularly revamped sets as long as I can remember. 21. #makeLegopromoteBionicleTheLegendofMataNuiRebuilt and #makeBionicleTheLegendofMataNuiRebuiltcanon Why? The game has already been 100% finished and released. You can go play it and enjoy playing it right now. LEGO's not stopping you. Why do you feel you need LEGO's permission to enjoy fanmade BIONICLE content? If the fanbase as a whole were to actually try spamming Twitter with even half of these requests, it would just annoy LEGO. All of them are either things LEGO couldn't feasibly do if they wanted to, things that would inevitably only satisfy some fans and not others, or things that there's no conceivable need for them to do. All of these are drowning out the few meaningful ideas, like the Mask of Ultimate Power. It feels like you can't enjoy something LEGO-related unless LEGO actively stamps a seal of approval on it--which completely defeats the point of playing with LEGO!
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