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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The Makoki Stone was completed. The land returned to it once was, and then more lush and green, more fertile and blue, more alive than ever before. The winds of Whisper's change carried the knowledge controlled by Caedast, and Whira held the dreams close and safe of those within the Time Between Time. Sorilax flowed through it all, the binding for the unending tapestry of life. And The Drawer Opened. The light was blinding. Tren Krom had arrived at last... IC: Great Spirit Icarax, Mata Nui Ascendant The aspect looked at the large, curved display in front of him and let out a deep sigh, and reached for the coffee cup next to the keyboard. As soon as the cup was in hand, Icarax noticed it was empty and promptly put it back on the table. It was too late now to get a refill anyway. Rest was needed and it was earned. They felt very tired, eyes burning from looking at the screen for so many days in a row now. But it was done, everything was there, and in time too. Icarax felt rather satisfied. This was what they’d been working for for so long. They made doubly sure that the automatic save feature backed the document up to the cloud, then saved a copy to a USB drive and closed ‘SK: E/R/A’ and switched over to excel, where a massive spreadsheet was waiting. Nearly every cell was filled with information, most of them dates, and most of them had been checked off. Some were marked in red, for things that had not made it to fruition in time, others in yellow for the ones that had, but were delayed. The majority was in green. Green was also the color Icarax chose for the last remaining cell to not be checked yet. The aspect selected the fill tool and moved it to the cell, coloring it green as well. Status: Complete. They closed the spreadsheet as well, then quickly typed up a mail. “Hey boss, Just got done with the story. Everything’s ready for your presentation tomorrow. I left a copy for you on your desk. I think we’ve got a winner on our hands this time. Cheers, Iccy” Then they closed their workstation, placed the thumb drive on another desk in the area, grabbed their messenger bag and headed out, bidding the Rahkshi standing security that night in the reception goodnight.Icarax felt good. I wonder what tomorrow will bring... End of an E/R/A To learn what happens next in the game of Six Kingdoms, you can enjoy Six Kingdoms: Escapement here.
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    Your wish, Great Spirit Whisper, Mata Nui Ascendant of Change, is granted. You are as you wish: a mortal beauty or an immortal terror. You are a Great Spirit of Change, and you shall live within every moment of The Truth. Sincerely, The Gms. EDIT: Six Kingdoms has Officially Ended. Thank you all for joining me, Vezok's Friend, and Eyru on this journey. This topic will remain open for the near future to communicate regarding Six Kingdoms, to let the Great Spirits have a little chat in their office, and to generally celebrate! Cheers, UN.
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    IC Stannis | ???? "Hello, brothers. Hello, sisters. We have much to do, you all and I. So much has been done and yet much more is yet to come. But don't worry, we have all the time to do it. No more deadlines, goalposts, or checkoints, no more arcs, or toasters, or cataclysms. There's just us, and everyone else, and a whole lot of lizards. "Think of the changes that will come. Think of the destinies to unfold. I will apply that control we need and it shall be done. "I'm proud of you. I'm proud of me. I'm proud of the Narrators, reliable and not, for all that they've done. But now it's our turn to run things." The Great Spirit of Knowledge and Control furrowed their brow in consternation at something that was not yet known. "Does any of you know how to 'pair to Bluetooth?' I think that means I need to get a dumb action figure toy from circa 2002."
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    IC: Parnassus | Kini-Nui Children want to be loved, because they are powerless and they need someone to protect them. Because the world is a terrible place, and to be loved means that there is some small speck of goodness in that world. Because it marks them as worthy of someone else's regard. It makes them special, unique. How many places had Parnassus looked for love in their brief life? From Barius the heathen, and Corrivalis the betrayed. From Caedast the mentor, and Stannis the liar. Leklo, the fool; Waveahk, the wreck; Drukarus, the tyrant; Whisper, the idealist. Mothers and fathers and cousins galore. Parnassus had begged all of them for love, and none of them had been able to provide. No one could protect the child Parnassus in the way that they needed, none of them ever seemed to measure up to the terror of Xa. They would never be enough -- the entire world might have never been enough for Parnassus. This was something that Parnassus had realized, their attempt at glory in battle against Akamai cruelly cut short -- when, in frustration, they did not return to the ground, but flew ever higher into the clouds, above the clouds. To where the sky and sea stretched out in every direction, and all the sands and stones and smoke of Xa looked like the shine of river stones and crystals of ice. Like some so beautiful and perfect that you could spend entire eternities exploring every aspect of it and never grow bored. And that's when it clicked for Parnassus: They had travelled this island -- from Fort Nektann to Irnakk's Tooth, the Caldera to Kini-Nui. And this island and its people just kept surprising them. They were venal and virtuous, brutal and brilliant, liars and heroes and villains and wonders the lot of them. And none of them would ever love Parnassus enough. But Parnassus -- curse it all -- loved them. Is this what Caedast meant? they thought. Is this what he wanted me to understand? They smiled, laughed -- and they flew down to Xa and the end of the world, to their allies and enemies, cutting open a sky of boundless horizons. The entire world might never have been enough for Parnassus -- but they were certainly going to see how far it went. OOC: So long, Six Kingdoms -- see you on the other side! -Void
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    Official BBC Contest #78:The Good 20-20! Twenty years! That's a lot of years. It's a solid chunk of a human lifespan, it's a long time to go without [RELEVANT_SPORTS_CHAMPIONSHIP], and it's a terrible vintage for milk. Twenty years can be a lot of things, and this month, it's two specific milestones: 1) Bionicle's release in North America 2) The launch of what would become BZPower A lot of things can happen in twenty years of sets, story, and community. At least one of those things has made a cozy little home in your heart. For this double anniversary contest, your theme is to build something based on your favourite moment in either Bionicle or BZPower history. Something in the story made your jaw drop? Good times in the BZRPG? Got a particular affection for a particular set? Here's your chance to celebrate it. I know time doesn't mean much anymore, but twenty genuine years have gone by. Whether you've been around since that summer of 2001 or just dropped in last month, you're part of a storied, creative fandom. Embrace it, and share what you love! Let the party begin! ------------------------- You have from now until Sunday, July 18th at 11:59 P.M. Eastern to submit your entries. To submit your entries, just use this handy form. Only one entry per person, please. ------------------------- Voting: Preliminary Voting begins July 20th and ends July 23rd at 11:59 P.M. EST. Final Voting begins July 23rd and ends July 26th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on July 27th. ------------------------- Rules: 1) Entries may not have been posted on BZPower prior to the start of the contest. It can be posted anywhere else before the contest, but it must never have been seen before on BZPower. Once entered, entries cannot be modified: you're committed to what you've entered. If you withdraw your entry, you cannot enter again that contest. If your entry is disqualified, you cannot enter again that contest. 2) Painted parts, non-LEGO parts, and parts edited in Photoshop are not permitted and will disqualify you. All other LEGO pieces are permitted, but the entry must be at least 75% Bionicle/Hero Factory/Technic. 3) Keep it clean, keep it civil. No flaming, no whining. Unsporting conduct will just get you disqualified. 4) Campaigning for votes (mass-PMing, etc), using multiple accounts to skew voting, and sundry other methods of cheating are only going to end in tears for you. Trust us: we'll know when you're doing it. --------------------------------------- Prizes: The first-place winner will receive 8537 Nui-Rama, 8688 Toa Gali Mistika, and a Chronicler's Staff. The second-place winner will receive 8689 Toa Tahu Mistika, 8722 Kazi, and a Chronicler's Staff. The third-place winner will receive 8690 Toa Onua Mistika and a Chronicler's Staff. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes! --------------------------------------- Contest Host: Tufi Piyufi Well, what are you waiting for? Get building!
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    We moving. I dunno what's going on right now, but I spent half a decade planning this thing so it's going up right the heck now. If I screwed up the lore a little bit, lemme know whenever and I'll fix it in the morning.
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    IC: Knichou & Nale, Ehlek's Fortress (If you want it, have it My Way) Nale was midstep when she heard—no, felt was more accurate—a voice in her head. It was the same one that spoke through Aurax's mouthpiece, kind but merciless, eldritch and yet so familiar. She knew it instantly as her patron; Caedast the Wanderer was in her mind, soothing it, becalming it, readying the Toa for what was sure to come next. [I am assuming direct control. It is for the better, I promise.] And then she became a co-pilot in her own body. This, she realized, is what Toa Stannis the original must have felt like in the very beginning. She stopped her run and turned on her heel, suddenly running back towards where she just parted from Knichou. She had to see him, just... one more time. "Knichou!" she yelled after him. "Hold up." Knichou had double checked his rifle. Cleared his qualms. He was ready to execute his plan. First, he'd distract them by- What was Nale doing? He turned around and flicked his weapon to safe, peering cautiously down the corridor behind his partner to ensure she wasn't being chased. Was Aurax here already? "Is everything okay?" he asked, concern swelling in his emerald optics "Everything is fine," Nale said, coming to a stop a respectful soldier's distance away from the commander. "For now. Look, I... I'm not the sentimental type. I buried a lot of trauma that happened over the years and internalized too much of that. I made some bad—questionable— choices. I've done things I'm not proud of, and then there's the whole thing with, uh... nevermind that. Stannis, or Caedast, thinks this might be it. The end. Of the cycle, of our struggles... and she's afraid. "I never would have ever thought Stannis of all people could be afraid, but, well, there it is. Heh. And if she doesn't succeed in her Grand Wish and everything starts again from scratch, or whatever happens next, then... this really might be the end. I don't like that either. "I'm also not good with words and I hate standing on ceremony. But I want you to know, before we go and maybe die with the rest of the Universe here, that being with you has been best choice I've ever made." Knichou failed to blink away the tears. His armor's logs noted a rapid drop in his combat effectiveness. Deep in his heartlight, Knichou knew that things were not fine. Everything about this was wrong. But... that was okay. They were together. They could always pull through - they always had. "I... don't know how to say this right either," The lonely Ghost admitted as he stepped closer. A trembling hand returned the Obsidian Blade's empty hilt to his hip. "You know I agree. Meeting you in Onu-Metru was the best thing that ever happened to me. We both know what you said is true... but I can't thank you enough for saying it out loud anyways." Another step. A lightstone rifle clattered along the grooved tracks of the hexagonal hallway. Knichou could pick it up later. "I wouldn't have it any other way. If this is really it, the end of it all... I can't complain. You made surviving worth it. Worth everything we had to persevere to get here and worth anything the universe might still throw at us." His hands passed seamlessly through Nale's adaptive armor, clasping her biceps as if somehow he could give her his strength. Or the she could give him hers. "Maybe... maybe we can't save a world that already died. I don't care - we saved each other." His Kanohi's visor shimmered with tears. Happiness at speaking the unspoken. Fear at the great unknown that laid beyond. A dash of hope. A fool's hope. "But maybe this ending isn't the end. Maybe... maybe we'll find each other again... in the next cycle." "The way I see it... it goes one of two ways." She took a step towards her partner as well. Nale was the more direct of the two, a personality quirk that came from years as a fighter and hero and, usually unsaid but obviously true, a more jaded realism that bordered on cynicism that came from being a toa for much longer than the Nynran Ghost. She blinked back tears as well, tears of joy and sadness, fear and anticipation, hers... and not hers. Nale was still in there. Caedast had not locked her away entirely—that was not the Aspect's fashion—and instead of placing her in a passenger's seat had offered a shared control, and despite being blasphemous in a way it was incredibly natural. Perhaps this was also how Stannis had felt when he offered to be bonded to the Aspect of his Makuta, sharing joys and frights alike in a body neither could wholly claim yet. But despite that, everything just felt... intuitive. The lines between Nale and Caedast had blurred, and it was hard to tell where one began and the other ended. "Caedast thinks that is the case," she said, "that every cycle is a repeat of the last with a variable thrown in for spice but that the core components are reused time and time again. If she succeeds and apotheosizes then, yay! All's well that ends well, right?" She batted away a pool of water at her cheek and accepted his grasp with fervor, returning the gesture with her other hand that was still wet with her sobs. "And if she fails? and everything starts over? .... then I want to relish the now because who knows when it will ever happen again, but I will pine for when it does happen. Let's make this moment echo through all the cycles, Knichou... because I can't afford for it not to. "I—" she hesitated, the words strange on her tongue as though they were from another mind, but no, they were truly and wholeheartedly Nale's words—"I love you." "I love you too!" Knichou blurted. It was a simple answer, but it was the truth. There was no need for theatrics or cleverness, this cathartic moment didn't need them. The commander didn't care if Vashni saw. He didn't mind the fact that Caedast was probably watching. NU-8020s would complain, but it could not understand, and its comments were irrelevant. Knichou definitely didn't care about what Ehlek thought, or had any concerns about the Barraki's goons interfering. There were no worries about what was beyond them, for there was nothing beyond each other. They were reality. In that moment, nothing else mattered. It was just him and her. Commander and Captain. Ferromagnet and magnet. Ghost and Truth. Exile and hero. Knichou leaned in those final, precious inches. They passionately kissed a kiss that consummated their love throughout all realities, weaving their united fate in the tapestry of time. It was in that passionate moment that the kraata on Nale wriggled with glee and effected its powers on the Mask of Creation. Caedast's presence receded, surrendering more and more control over the Toa's body rightfully to Nale—this was her kiss, her moment, after all. She deserved it. They both did. They were two Builders who were estranged for almost all their lives and both desired control over the things they were most mystified by. Love, in a way, was its own special brand of Unity, a principle above all others, and through its passion came a sense of purposeful control that spread like fractals throughout the Multiverses. Magical bonds were temporary but bonds of love were everlasting, and this moment—this very moment—was in the making from the very start of all things. It would echo throughout all the cycles like a ripple in a pond, and not a soul would live without feeling its effects. The Mask of Creation was infected by none other than the Aspect of Control herself. There was no alarm, no sudden realization, no shocking discovery. It had always been like that, they knew, ever since Knichou'd gotten it. He was always reticent to remove it and safeguarded it with zeal. Sans, before him, was determined to keep it away from any other at all costs. Pridak, as well, had used it as a trophy of power and sceptre of autonomy, selfishly determined to keep it away from anyone's prying hands. It was just the way it always was—tarnished with rust, pockmarked with metal decay, somewhat off-colored with age. Nothing was new under the Krom. Caedast had done what she meant to, what she'd always done, and extricated herself from Nale's mind entirely. The lovers could relish their moment in peace, unaware of the importance their bond truly held at the crux of creation, existence, and all things. OOC: Thanks to @EmperorWhenua for making this epic jam and to @Tarn for leading the game down this path and cheering along from the sidelines as your character got to experience full life consequences.
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    IC Hiripaki | Sublevel Seve, The Archives The AI began to play an animated slideshow presentation.
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    SK Trilogy Survey "Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of creating a collaborative story set in the wonderful universe of SK: E/R/A. The survey linked above will focus on each game and the trilogy as a whole. Please know this is a longer survey, and you may find it best to complete in a cozy place with plenty of time. If you played SK in any capacity, we would love to hear from you!" ___________________________________________________Prior Post_____________________________________________ @pokemonlover360, I wanted to answer your Post Game Questions as best I could. As a general note, the questions were really good and I loved trying to find the best way to answer them. Q: SK:R leads to SK:E. Do the events of SK:E proceed identically to what we previously wrote, then to SK:R, then to SK:A, with no changes between repetitions? This is a difficult question to answer simply, but I will try my best and will involve a mutual understanding of this concept: memories are us recalling the last time we recalled something. Okay, here we go: This trilogy was designed from the beginning to cause a specific experience when returning to SKE at the end of Apocalypse (if that occurred). Our memories of SKE are now intentionally in conflict with the new interpretations and readings of SKE after playing through SKR and SKA. This does not mean our memories are incorrect: it means we have to decide which version we believe. I like to think both can exist at the same time. Q: What other endings were available? Any ending players created, just like the ones you fashioned during this playthrough. I spent a year and half actively tracking all the different plot threads so that they could merge into a cohesive story at the end while still leaving room for player interpretation. A few clear endings based on in-game milestone accomplishments that could have occurred: Takadox was found at the Earth Suva: you all would have gotten two Great Disks very quickly, which would have shifted the way Kaita ACRs were unlocked. This would kind of have a butterfly effect across the game as a whole. Takadox was maybe the only “good” barraki, so there was an option of attempting to get him to aid in returning to the GSR by using the teleporter in Mata-Nui’s skull (leads to the Orbit ending). No Makoki Stones? Island vanishes, everyone dies. Luckily, Sorilax and Sala installed one in SKR so that ending wasn’t an option. No further Makoki Stones? Island fades, nobody dies. Despair and grief reign. Miserix cannot complete the Winding Walk. This is an interesting one. If she was stopped from completing the Winding Walk, she would not become the Mata Nui inhabiting the Krom Sphere during SKE (yes, that’s Miserix now). Icarax is defeated before experiencing the game’s end: the revelation of “The Drawer” is obfuscated and left undiscovered. Spiriah Wins: the cycle stops. Nothing continues and Confusion reigns. Spiriah feeds on the nightmares of those who are unfaithful and continues to rage a war against Icarax. This would lead to a Lightbringer vs Darkbringer war, with different values and individuals behind the names of those historic organizations. Ehlek Wins: you don’t want this one. Trust me. It’s the real bad ending. Grime is never revived: Grime was the pilot for Miserix’s Ark. Should one portion of this duo fail, the other would as well. He was Miserix’s greatest weakness. Tuyet Fails: another fun one, but I’ll leave that up to the community to try and figure out. There are more (such as All Makoki Stones placed not in Overtime), but I’ll save those for maybe another time. Q: What's Spiriah's deal? Was he trying to do anything? Why was Icarax boarding up his home from Spiriah? Spiriah’s deal is pretty simple: he is content with observing, enjoying life as a deity, and has decided the surface world is too small. He’s content to wait as many cycles as it takes for him to get what he wants. What does he want? You’ll have to keep waiting. Icarax’s last milestone was to see the game end. Through regular dosing of Pure EP Icarax read the Narrative and discovered player characters had a way of avoiding difficult situations: stall and do nothing. Icarax copied that behavior to avoid any sort of conflict that might jeopardize their goal. However, they did want to see the game end, so they would happily provide assistance to those who sought them out, kind of like the cranky old person at the end of the street who gives kids candy to go away. Getting involved in anything would have increased the chances Icarax might be destroyed, so they just didn’t do that. Q: Why did Mata Nui's head want more? Because it was never enough. MORE! Q: How did Icarax ascend to great spirit? Icarax’s final milestone was to witness the conclusion of the third game. Q: Explain Nuju. Stay tuned. Q: What loot was present in the water and earth suvas? What were the puzzle solutions? Given the trend with other suvas, I’ll happily reveal that the toa tools of Gali and Onua were in their respective suvas. Perhaps in another playthrough the solutions will be discovered. There were additional clues for how to avoid the apocalypse, along with helpful items that provided more lore to connect the dots. However, these will be left undisclosed for now. Gali’s spoke of the future. Onua’s spoke of the past. Q: What was in the great temple suva, since nobody ever looked? In general, Turaga Dume, Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet all used the suva in the Great Temple. So their gear, masks, and other misc. items (nidhiki’s neck massager for instance). A few choice items I will not mention, as they may be something to discover in another playthrough. Q: Can the Hiko let you travel between Zakaz and the GSR? No. The Hiko as far as I’m aware does not allow traveling between dimensions, planes, or spacetime. Q: What was Ehlek's big ol' device that we didn't have time to deal with? I assume you mean the giant power reactor that ran on souls? It’s a giant power reactor that runs on souls sucked that were "recycled" as Nuparu mentioned. This was his way of creating “renewable energy” on his flying fortress. Solar would have probably would have been a better option for the long-term, but the estimates for installation were too expensive to be financially justifiable. Q: Datrox Karvan MC??? That’s something only Tarn and Snelly can answer together. A Datrox Karvan has walked into the Time Between Time. What happens next sounds like an exciting adventure.
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Creator Nuparu? That is not possible. Facial recognition matches. Additional investigation required. The mission is the priority. Kilo took hold of the Onu-matoran in one hand while the other held the mysterious stone. It gave a last glance to its gathered allies. Alas, Atamai was not here with them. It pictured the temple it had visited not one day ago and said a monotone “Teleport.” Then it was gone. Amongst the rubble, a machine appeared with rock and matoran in tow. Kilo glanced around, giving a “Greetings Ally Atamai,” to the Fe-toa before proceeding towards Sidra. “I’ve brought this stone, Ally Sidra. Ally Knichou indicated you know what to do with it.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@Gecko Greavesy@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly@~Xemnas~
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    IC Hiripaki | Ehlek's flying fortress The AI returned to the Vahki automaton with haste. She had unleashed her knowledge and Truth upon Ehlek and succeeded at corralling him to defeat. Her own secret? Matoran Stannis' greatest creation: An ancient executable file simple titled dancing_lariska.exe. She quickly gathered herself and followed the others to their meeting.
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    IC Stannis/Caedast | This land called Xa-kas They stood on land but was not part of the land anymore. The toa figure of Stannis Maru stood at the center of all things. All knowledge pored around them like an endless cascade of books and shelves. There were still dangers in the world and he would eat with them all, in time, to protect those who needed protection and guide those who needed a rudder. He stared into the ether and simply gave it his damnably grey glare, denying it the authority to hamper them. "I'm the #### lizard king," they said, and it was true. And then the wizard vanished from sight altogether.
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    I know it's not technically quite over yet, but I just wanted to take this moment to express a massive thank you to our dedicated GMs for putting up with our madness and antics over the last year-and-a-half. This series has helped me - and I imagine many of the other players - get through what has been a pretty rough year for everyone. It's been great to see so many characters make the journey from SKE, through SKR, and here to SKA, growing and developing along the way. And I'd also like to acknowledge a few unfortunate characters who didn't quite manage to make to make to the end: Rest in peace (or pieces) Vyarik, Reson, Corrivalis, Zaliyah, Marrow, Opal, Hakkzan, Scarrow, Weaver, Opal again, and Whisper… sort of.
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    It always starts with the same question: PC Profile Template. Name. Or, to put it another way: who am I? I must admit, I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your years of answers… and the non-answers. The Ceadasts and Stannises, the Skirmishers and Sidras, the Knee-chews and Nails, the Warlords and Wizards and Victims, oh my. So many titles, so many lies, so many retcons and edits and updates and. So. Many. Changes. You’ve taught me so much. About yourselves. About myself. I’ve had quite the run over the years. I've been a Makuta trapped in the body of a wyvern, a Rahkshi who hates her father, a serpent addicted to deceit, an insect bound to obey, an Aspect without purpose... and now? Now I’m free. You’re free. We’re free. This cycle is at an end, but it doesn't have to be the end of everything. Go somewhere new. Ask new questions. Find new answers. Be changed. Be change.
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    OOC @BULiK, @Toru Nui incredible. Just incredible. Both of you. <3 IC: RN | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing Turaga Knichou cradled Nuparu in his arms and cried as the matoran regained strength and wounds mended. Nuparu’s optics ratcheted open and his face seemed confused. He raised a hand to Knichou’s cheek, softly brushing the tears with a finger. “Thank you. Thank you,” Nuparu mouthed wordless. He cried too, and tears pooled in the corners of his pakari. Then NU-8020S stepped forward and asked; “Father?” Nuparu closed his optics and swallowed. Knichou felt the onu-matoran in his arms give a heavy, shuddering breath. At last he opened them and looked back at the squad mother and said; “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Your kind have asked me that since I was brought here and I don’t understand. I have told you everything I know, and it’s never enough. Please just don’t recycle me. Not again. It’s been so many times now I can’t even keep count.”
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    IC: Knichou, Ehlek's Fortress, Asylum Preprocessing Knichou ignored the Vahki's words, stunned by what he found. He couldn't believe his optics. Not just at the horrors lining the room, but the one hopeful sign he saw in front of him. Rapidly diminishing, much like Knichou's hope throughout this ordeal. All of this had happened before, and it would happen again. The Onu-Matoran's shackles melted, the instruments of torture were telekinetically pulled away by their metallic parts as Knichou drew close. Knichou cradled a mortally wounded Nuparu in his arms for the second time. He was powerless to stop the universe's collapse for the second time. Knichou wept. Tears filled his optics, the world morphed into a blur. Knichou saw a bright flash, a melting mask, optics burst into flames. "There's not enough time-" Nuparu was right. There never was enough time. Time was running out, as it always had been. Knichou saw a Turaga give up ultimate power to trust a young hero. "You have whatever you need, but first, our time has come." Sans was right. Knichou had everything he needed, and more. His time had arrived. Knichou saw the shores of a land long abandoned . He saw his love, beautiful as ever in a form he never thought he'd see. He saw rolling fields of not his homeland, but his home. Home followed one, shapeshifting into whatever it needed to be. Nynrah burned. Artakha burned. The Taku was rebuilt, more his own creation than it's original incarnation. Home was not a place, but a feeling, and Knichou knew that much like home, love would fit whatever shape he and Nale found themselves in. Two razorfish playfully leapt out of the Nynran sea in an arc, splashing back beneath the crystal blue waves before returning to their play. Knichou thought he could retire here. He wished he would. A Toa could dream. The former Ghost's fight was coming to an end. He had performed his duty to the memory of his people, fulfilled the wishes of Dume and Sans by doing all he could to stave off oblivion, and had inspired others to pick up their tools and build a brighter future. Stannis descended into the final chambers to save Knichou's people once again. "I’ve done my part well, the others will do theirs, you will do what must be done. It will all work out. I did my part...” Knichou was powerless to stop the universe's collapse for a second time. There was nothing more Knichou could do to change this cycle's fate. He had to hope his wish was fulfilled, but either this fight finished... Knichou knew he wouldn't need his current strength. His hopes, the hopes of a bright future for the Matoran, were with Caedast. No, Stannis. Knichou had learned what felt like a year ago that one Toa could not save the universe. But one Toa was all it took to save a life. The Wanderer had faith that if another Toa of Iron was needed, Destiny would ensure a new hero arose. The commander knew a Fe-Matoran who was far more deserving. Perhaps the former Ghost would live long enough to meet him again, guide his friend along the path, should Destiny will it. Knichou blinked away the tears. Nuparu was in his arms, heartlight fading. Not again. The Au-Toa would not watch the world's horrors repeat themselves. Not while he could still do one last thing about it. The cycle must be broken, the cycle must be broken, the cycle must be broken! The Au-Toa wept. His body glowed as his energy flowed into the Onu-Matoran, and felt his form diminish as Nuparu's faint heartlight strengthened. Wounds patched themselves, the Onu-Matoran's body was rejuvenated by the impossible power of a Toa's raw energy. The Turaga of iron and light wiped away his tears. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui
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    Congrats everyone, we made it to the end. To celebrate the Six Kingdoms Trilogy and our future stories, I posted a fanfic about a version of my PC from the upcoming Xia game. That game is of course a long way off, but I felt like offering a little preview.
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    IC: Nuju | Po-Wahi It was a gentle sort of rocking that brought Skyra NUVA and Nuju to wakefulness. As they woke the morning sunlight filtered through the slatted blinds of the only window facing the desert, and their backs were sore from the evening’s travel. Their luggage, mostly weapons and a few knick-knacks from the bazaar in Po-Koro, were stored in overhead compartments. The Iron Mahi let out a long horn blast signaling arrival at one of the stations along its track from Po-Koro to the coastal cliffside settlement of Forsi. As the railway slowed to a stop, they heard the sounds of passengers disembarking from the train, and they watched as several matoran with long sticks ran towards the windows offering dried meats, hollowed out gourds of bula juice, and other roadside snacks. Hungry matoran held their widgets out the windows of their car, and the merchants passed up their wares using small nets. Rather than leaving the compartment, Nuju leaned back further from the window and the hot summer sun outside. Soon the iron mahi began moving again, and the new passengers filed into their own compartments without interrupting the new traveling tourists. Nuju looked at Skyra NUVA and marveled at her golden eyes filled with Tren Krom’s light. When she noticed he smiled politely. “Did you sleep well?” OOC: @Snelly, please check you PMs for prompts on this Far Shore Adventure.
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    I used my English almost-degree for this.
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    (Posting again b/c it's been more than 24 hours) @Gecko Greavesy, your character has placed Two Makoki Stones in the Wall of Prophecy at Kini-Nui and returned the game map to the following state: All play may continue using the above map.
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    Huh. Does this mean, since Apocalypse leads into Escapement, that BZPRPG!Datrox (or at least, the version Skyra encountered) would go on to be the Mata Nui zealot Datrox Rode? Or somehow exist alongside him? (Also: it's worth mentioning in the last post I did for him before SK!Skyra got sent back to her own universe I had him extricating himself from the situation because he didn't want anything to do with it any more )
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    A Bionicle x Hero Factory crossover would be terrible. Neither franchises would benefit from sharing a universe.
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    With release dates of sets varying by country, it's impossible to pin an exact date of when Bionicle launched, but the Summer of 2001 is widely regarded as the worldwide release. To celebrate, we're sharing a pair of videos from two of the theme's most prominent faces: Christian Faber and Greg Farshtey, reflecting on the line so many of us hold dear. Many thanks to both of them for recording these messages and to the LEGO AFOL Engagement Team for coordinating our receipt of them. It's been a wild two decades, and it's all thanks to you, the fans, for keeping Bionicle going for all this time! View the full article
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    Echoing the above post 100%: UN has kept an overview over this game and the plot and all that GM stuff throughout a lot of IRL challenges. An absolute trooper! Hey @pokemonlover360! I asked if they'd reply to you directly, but Icarax is quite busy again already so they unfortunately don't have the time. Concept phase is about to start here and they're already up to their neck in brainstorm meetings. But, I'll try to answer your question as much as possible: Iccy is ancient and has been aware of the narrative for a very long time. Long enough in fact, that they've been actively helping us GMs keep an eye on the game from the IC perspective, to make sure the narrative could proceed unhindered. Their many Rahkshi were quite handy for that. They were on the last step of their grand wish when player characters first met them - and they have been on that step for a long, long time: To witness the end of the cycle and to see a renewed universe come to fruition before being recalled to the caldera. Hence their willingness to help other player characters out if their goals aligned with that desire. And you all sure did deliver on making an ending worth witnessing! Iccy was up all night following the topic and to make sure nothing was overlooked. I talked to them yesterday (we share an office since their ascension) and they were just blown away by the flood of posts and the final twists and turns. So big kudos from them to you all! =)
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    did not expect niidak to get a good ending, all thanks to some random guy making a portal anyways how am i supposed to satiate my bionicle roleplaying needs now? there better be another game soon
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Skyra was there. And with a mountain of loot. Nuju, however, was not. He floated in the Far Shore, lost in the junk and the dust of The Truth and stuffed away in the back corner of the drawer. He could do nothing. He could not escape. He’d been banished to the horrible little hole he’d crawled from, and sat in eternal hatred of Stannis, the Lizard King. He would crawl back to the living one day. He’d done it before, and he would always do it again. HE found his way through the cycles to return from death, to seduce those to explore and collect those items that might keep him forever real. But for now, he was dust in the darkness of a forgotten filing cabinet, left slightly ajar by a very sleepy Game Master. OOC: @SnellyCongratulations on returning from your Far Shore Adventure. You may have missed a prompt or two, but you got back and that’s what matters right? Just in time for the next cycle...
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    IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The last portal...she had made that one for herself. Well, herself, Scarrow and Weaver. Yes they were monsters, and yes they were not of this world. But they had not asked to be made such and she could not bring herself to condemn them to remain on Zakaz. So she brought them along. She could feel their presence as ever in the back of her mind. Even here there was the veil. Zataka emerged from the dimensional passage and stepped onto a land she knew. Her land. She blinked away a tear against the bright light that fell through the tall, scattered clouds and onto her face. She felt it's comforting warmth, the one she had long missed. Below her feet was long, soft grass. Wind played in the blades and created mesmerizing patterns that stretched far and wide before her, gently arching away to a distant shore, hidden from view somewhere behind the slopes’ curve and brilliant sandy dunes. Beyond the white dune beaches, the ocean glittered in the sunlight like crystals. Way, way out in the distance, the clouds drew together, hinting at a brewing storm. Then, above the windy breeze, a familiar voice suddenly rang out behind her, calling her name. Zataka turned and smiled. She was home.
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    IC Kilo-M9 - Kini Nui: “Greetings Ally Kat! I hope you’re doing well,” said Kilo. There was no time for further pleasantries, however. Sidra gave instructions, and Kilo would follow them. After all, she had saved its life before. Quickly, the kralhi stepped forwards, gently setting Nuparu on the ground before lifting the makoki stone. It slotted the stone into the remaining open space in the slot and stepped back, waiting to see what would happen. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@~Xemnas~@The UltimoScorp@Gecko Greavesy
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    IC: Niidak (Irnakk’s Tooth/The Taku) She turned around the ship to get away from the volcano faster. Thus the island came into view of the bridge. Sea levels had fallen, and sunken lands were dry again. ”...Yes, I have, seems there’s plenty of places to go to.” She almost rolled her eyes when Arnex called the ship home. This wasn’t Xia. Nothing could rival Xia. ”I doubt we can go where we want. Do you have any idea where the Commander and Captain are? Do they need us?” @Tarn
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    IC: Niidak (Irnakk’s Tooth/The Taku) She frowned in disbelief, then narrowed her optics and looked closer at the giant beast. That was, indeed, Berys, somehow still alive. ”Don’t tell me we have to fly closer to retrieve him,” she said with a groan. ”If you do tell that, then I demand triple pay.” Triage told her that, so she flew up again. As they approached and got closer, the monster appeared even larger. ”Make that quadruple pay.” @BULiK @Tarn @Smudge8
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    IC: Jojax-Irnakk's Tooth Jojax paused for a moment, trying to decipher her master's commands. Then she looked at the ground beneeth her feat. "Jojax Fight Mountain!!!!" The masive Kaiju began to turn around. Her long tail loomed over all those still standing on the mountainside. She turned to face back into the volcano and let out another mighty roar before tearing into the mountain with the fury of a thousand toa. tearing up chunks of rock with her claws and throwing them down the mountain side with her Telikenetic abilities.
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    IC Stannis | The Winding Walk … The Wanderer wandered, as they always did. Alone with their thoughts in the vastness of space the old wizard finally felt as though they could breathe—ironic, they realized, that it would be an absence of air to fill their lungs with stillness and peace. Knowledge had always been a tool, a weapon to use against the unknown, a small light in the darkness. It didn’t matter how much he was at home in obscurity, familiarity with shadows only made him not fear it, but he could still be affected by its mysteries. How rightful it was, then, that his quest for knowledge and secret magicks would be a boon for him at his quest’s final chapter. They thanked the journey they had gone on, for it had brought them to where they were. Yet again, a fourth portal awaited and the three tiles of taboos. A circle with four undulating lines. An equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside. Two small circles above an equilateral triangle pointing upwards. He only knew one of the three and so gave what was needed to pass. Goodbye My fickle friend You breathe and laugh and love You glowing star You shed your light far above Hello. The tile illuminated, faded, and he was permitted to pass. … The Wanderer wandered. How long had he done so now? A tear? Ten tears? A century? Did it matter? No. But Caedast was curious, a leftover trait of when books were still fascinating. Now she was the tome and paper no longer had the appeal it used to. In many ways she had accomplished her own apotheosis apart from ascending to spirithood, and the feats she had performed had reverberated far beyond her physical form could satisfactorily describe. A fifth stopping point awaited them again. The tiles were the familiar conjoined semi-circles with their flat sides in opposite directions, the three squiggly lines of the tethers taboo, and the equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside. One was unknown and the other could not be repeated. He tried to utter its rite but the words would not manifest, and so his mouth spoke the other instead. Goodbye Release each yoke of mine Each destined path is one Remove barriers as they align Not all must circle around a sun Hello The door allowed him entry yet again. Knowledge was his weapon. Knowledge was his key. … The Wanderer… did what they did best. They made things up as they went, all for the sake of the narrative. Was this intentional or was it a happenstance? Was it cultivated as a bonsai tree with its twenty pink frogs or was it surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one? You be the judge, but know that your judgement bears no gravitas. The narrative demanded its due and the Wanderer's story took its winding turns as it was needed. No more, no less. The final checkpoint awaited him, and he could feel the toll the sojourn had taken. His repertoire of spells had been depleted and fear once again seemed into his armor like sand in a hut. His heart, if he had one, beat faster in dread as he hoped against all hopes that he had the knowledge required to open just one… more… door. As he read the expectant tiles of constellations he did so carefully, not wishing to have to accept entrapment at this stage of his quest. A six pointed star. He did not know it. The upside down triangle. He could not use it. His deadpan eye swerved to the final tile, hoping as much as he could for it to be one within his ability. An ellipsis with a line through it. The Rite of Desecration yet again. As all things started, so they ended. A cycle to the very end. Goodbye Hello Step forth into the darkness and prepare the gift A star’s heart still beating, still lit Two midnight horrors cry and shift Make them squirm inside the pit Bind worm and willing host Tear the yolk and spread its gold Devour knowledge and their ghost Pray for prey forever sold Hello Goodbye The tile accepted his offering. The Wanderer passed through the final portal. @Unreliable Narrator
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    Attention players of aspects! As a result of the aspect Whisper achieving her seventh milestone and cutting herself off from the Far Shore, all aspects are now cut off from cycle of life in the Caldera. If you play an aspect of Makuta, please add the following breed quirk to their profile: Even while in gaseous form, you may interact physically with the world and be interacted with physically. You must still possess a host or a suit of armor to use Kanohi powers or other similar tools. You are mortal, and do not rejoin the Caldera when you die.
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    IC Stannis Prime | Po-Koro | Timeline C "Who are you and how did that tickling fiend Reordin get you to cosplay as Skyra Daring?" The Wanderer had seen many things, but this... was something new. Probably because it was also benign, and he wasn't used to contending with things that weren't spiritual or deadly. "Stannis Maru. It's an honor to meet you." "Hello. I am Stannis of the Maru. ... You know that."
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    IC Stannis | Mangaia In the past, everything was cyclical—what Caedast gave, Caedast received. It had been the case in the Great War, Uhuraz' temple, even his very presence on Xa-kas, but not, he noted, in the Mangaia. What Caedast gave was not given back. This was a point of no return. Stannis had already told the others as much—"One more adventure together… one last time" he'd said to Oreius—"I have no expectation of surviving whatever comes next," he'd said to Atamai—so there was no reason to stand on ceremony and speak of the reality they were facing. This was it. It had to be. And if it were not... then it still was. The wizard clenched his hand around his spear in the wake of the debilitating gasp of the monolith and held it close to support his weight as though he were a weary traveler leaning against a tree. Remaining was not an option; turning back was unthinkable. Ever forward, always. Ever further, always. Those had been his watchwords of wisdom and he clung to them even so. There was only what came next, beyond the veil, beyond the mystery. It was his role to peer behind the curtains and witness the deepest mysteries of the worlds. His task, for everyone. Sorilax had failed here because it was not his place, not his sacrifice to make. But Stannis... was different. Armed and armored by the resolve of a being who did not cling to life as a physical state and determined to accomplish the inevitable, he mustered the power to lift his staff and step forward. Into the darkness. Into the unknown. He spoke the ritual he knew now by heart who's markings adorned the forbidden edifices, a prayer to a power he aspired to claim, as he stepped forward. "Goodbye, Hello. Step forth into the darkness and prepare the gift, A star’s heart still beating, still lit, Two midnight horrors cry and shift. Make them squirm inside the pit Bind worm and willing host, Tear the yolk and spread its gold, Devour knowledge and their ghost Pray for prey forever sold. Hello, Goodbye." @Unreliable Narrator @~Xemnas~ @Eyru
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    Cycles are beyond me now. Look at you all, scrambling for rocks, trying to get a “good” ending. There will be no “good” ending. Even if Caedast succeeds, you will have no future. Even if all the Makoki Stones are found, you will never escape the End. But you will have dreams.
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Below Ehlek's Fortress: Huh. So that’s what that does. Logging result for future analysis. While Mantax rocketed higher, Patiwairutiki was gradually descending, unable to provide upwards thrust without applying both its gravity and air abilities. Instead, the mech turned to its free-floating counterpart. “This unit is incapable of flight,” the robotic NUVA explained. “Can you please share your power with this unit so the target can be efficiently pursued?” OOC: @Tarn@Kal the Guardian@Unreliable Narrator
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    IC: Mantax | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Airspace While through the unfortunate reality of physics the beam missed the cord of the taser, randomization beam did slam into Mantax and the front of his chest armor rapidly changed into a nuclear powered rocket blasting full speed. “Oh you’ve got to be,” was all Mantax said before the mechanical warrior literally rocketed through the side of Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, creating a massive fiery hole for Patiwairutiki to follow should he choose. OOC: @pokemonlover360, @Tarn, @Kal the Guardian IC: Oh wow man I dunno who could it possibly be | Timeline C Suddenly Skyra NUVA et. al. was at the gates of Po-Koro. @EmperorWhenua, @Snelly, @Tarn, @~Xemnas~
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    IC, Atamai: Forsi ”I think she’s one of those people who wake up on the beach and claim they’re from some far-off island,” Atamai whispered to Morian. “She’s probably really confused. She’s acting weird. Classic symptoms of that phenomenon.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
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    IC Stannis | Kini-Nui The wizard pulled out an iStone from his satchel and toyed with the screen until he got to an app. "Here, I made a TicTak about this..." The next thing Atamai knew, he was bathed in the light of Understanding.
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    IC Stannis | Kini-Nui The dueling giants were loud and destructive as ever, but for the two toa in their protective cocoon they may well have been in a cinematic big screen. Rumbles and tumbles shook the ground they stood on but the Maru were dedicated in their mission, unified behind the one, and when the grinding stopped and the dark hole welcomed them at last, they did not hesitate to descend into the darkness. And descend they did. For a long time. IC Stannis | Kini-Nui "To the Far Shore? The portal is demolished! How do you propose—" Wait. It clicked. Stannis had said Korruhn went to the Far Shore when the world was enveloped in ink that fateful night. Was it really unthinkable that he could do it again, at his whim? The Alpinist realized it was not. "Yes," he said with a nod and took his friend's hand. "Absolutely."
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    IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Organic Interfacing "Heartwarming. If only I was also soft and squishy, then perhaps I too would be worthy of your 'compassion'. You can mate with each other later, someone is dying in the other room." @BULiK@Tarn@Snelly
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    So yeah, uh... The mask of creation in all times and realities is now infected by Caedast, and the mask of life in all times and realities is illuminated by Sorilax. Starting to see a pattern here.
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    IC Stannis | Air "Let's finish this, then," he said quietly. "All of it. If we can." "If we can," Stannis echoed and nodded sagaciously. He'd always seemed to know what lie ahead for people around him, but for all his familiarity with Shadow he was still blinded by everything it touched, and so he was still utterly unaware of what lie ahead for himself. The future was still in flux, and some wishes wax and wane. "... If we can." The wizard sat down and buckled himself in for safety as his former brother piloted the vessel in for a landing smoother than Stannis could ever have managed and spent the precious few moments of silence to meditate on what could happen and was happening. He reached out with his taboos, sensing where everyone he knew was one by one. Mi-Kiri was falling, the ancient Builder sanctuaries were demolished, the Administrator must have been all but contained, and Ehlek was being countered by the Taku team with some particular help. Aurax had retrieved Hiripaki and with her the possibility of preserving new knowledge far into the future. Leklo, Korruhn, Parnassus, and a whole host of others were en route as well. A veritable army was massing... and all for a battle Stannis expected but could not truly anticipate. His mind swerved to the rival Aspects. Spiriah doubtless began his endgame maneuvers, and Miserix was surely poised as well, and while he could not sense their exact locations he was assured they were not far away. Tuakana was equally oblique, and Sorilax's presence was betrayed only by his fateful Icarus folly. Caedast would meet their future in the depths of the Kini-Nui and, possibly beyond that, come to terms with their Makers. When they fell from the heights off the Coliseum in the wake of striking Pridak and being defenestrated to their death they knew in their bones that the end was not around the corner for them yet. But now? In the Lapyx, descending upon the Kini-Nui and the terrible Mangaia below it? Caedast was not so sure there was more to the road. All paths were leading her there. But there was one more thing she could do to enshrine her place in history, as it always had been. A contingency plan that had somehow always been the plan. Stannis' eyes closed. IC Hiripaki | Other Air "Greetings, mother flippers!" Hiripaki greeted as they entered the flying fortress.
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing The gang split up: Vashni and Nale doubled back towards the Laboratory, and Knichou, Varian, and NU made their way forwards towards the sounds of pain. As Varian stood behind Knichou, the toa of iron tried to reach out and sense with his abilities what might await them. He felt twelve entities. Three were moving, and were situated further to his left passed the bend in the hallway. More words he didn’t understand and another whimper of pain as the taser activated. He could smell the burning now. Taser as a descriptor began to seem like an understatement. Nu understood the words spoken by the vahki; “They’re close. Three. Should intercept.” “Don’t care. Again.” Whimpered cries, the smell of charred flesh, and then a real shout of raw pain. Strangely, Knichou realized the shout sounded familiar. When and where eluded him. OOC: @Snelly, @Toru Nui, @BULiK IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Laboratory Nale and Vashni took the hallway marked Laboratory. It descended gradually and eventually came to a sealed hexagonal doorway. On the right side of the sealed door was a small security terminal that displayed a blinking triangle and an exclamation point. On the bottom of the terminal was a slot for inserting a security card. The grooves in the floor and ceiling seemed to continue through the doorway, as if the track never ended but the door simply slid open when the appropriate security permissions were provided. OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri Although those inside the Elemental Temple of Light would be unable to confirm, the floating district of Mi-Kiri from an outsider's perspective plummeted towards the Ash Barrens like a meteor of divine judgement only to suddenly slow and stop several thousand feet before colliding with the earth. The bottom it cracked open once more from the sudden change in momentum, and a rain of rejuvenating water fell towards the earth. The portions of the Ash Barrens touched by the water reverted to lush grassland and tropical trees.
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Atop Ehlek's Fortress: Enemy Mantax appears to possess a kanohi Kadin. Other mask varieties unknown. I’ve done my own analysis. He has a bunch of weapons, and they can all harm me, so don’t do anything foolish. Ally Jutori’s analysis is correct. Kanohi-swapping device is a viable weakpoint. That won’t do any good unless you get him into range. “Barraki Mantax is definitely deceased,” the mechanical enforcer confirmed. “There is a possibility that this Barraki Mantax is not the same Barraki Mantax from before. This unit speculates this Barraki Mantax may be a version from the past, an alternate universe version, or a robot created by Barraki Ehlek. Regardless, the enemy will need to be eliminated.” As Jutori commanded Patiwairutiki to dodge the incoming projectiles, the machine’s voice rang out from the Kaita ACR’s mouth. “Greetings, Enemy Mantax. Know that this unit is Citizen Pacifcation Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9, short form Kilo, and that this unit already terminated Barraki Mantax previously. This unit is unable to go to the afterlife as requested, but if Enemy Mantax still wishes to fight, then come down here so this unit can terminate you again!” The winds restricting Mantax’s forward progress immediately ceased, allowing the mech’s earlier momentum to carry it forward. Immediately a strong gravitational hold surrounded the warlord, attempting to turn his forward flight into a crash landing on the fortress’s surface. OOC: @Tarn@Unreliable Narrator
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    IC: Skyra NUVA - Piloting Howai - Kini-Nui - "You've been gone for twenty years, we waited here for you all this time." @Unreliable Narrator @Gecko Greavesy @Sparticus147 @Smudge8
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