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  1. Hey y'all, I'm looking for the Ant-man set that was released last year. I want the complete set. Name your price
  2. I think this figure is pretty good! I might consider picking it up one of these days. However, I'm not a big fan of how the head sits on the neck. I think it looks a little gappy
  3. Based Goomy

    2015 in Film

    Kingsmen was awesome, but Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation would be pretty high on my list Inside Out too.
  4. I've been pretty impressed with the other Force Awakens sets. I might just pick this one up to!
  5. I found it a great mix of old and new
  6. I'm a pretty big fan of this set bases on the pictures, and the Mask of Control looks fantastic. I might pick it up! I'm not so impressed by the smaller sets this year but this guy looks worth it
  7. I'll probably get this set in the new year. The other Star Wars VII sets are fantastic!
  8. I've always wanted to get an Imperial Shuttle and this one seems worthy of my money
  9. Anyone have one they'd be willing to sell or trade? I'm in Canada
  10. Someone on Bricklink is selling a trans-yellow KauKau for 300 US. They claim that it is the "last one in the world" ...
  11. It's awesome to see that BZP has lasted this long and is still going strong. Congrats everyone!
  12. Great review! This set definitely looks better in person, but I'm still unsure if I'll purchase it. That function is pretty nifty though
  13. I've got an NYCC Hau, as well as a prototype av-matoran arm and a malum body mismould Other than that I have a bunch of the stereotypical G1 items like vahis and the european misprints
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