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  1. Title says all. Getting back into it. Let me know if you are willing to sell! Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I am looking to acquire a Toa Mata Nui. 8998. Been looking for a reasonable deal on this for years. Also, if you have animal crossing amiibo cards, hit me up.
  3. That's what I have. I am in need of cash and was wondering what someone would be willing to pay for the lot. Not looking to sell individually as of yet.
  4. I'm on a hunt for some pretty hard to find stuff for reasonable prices. My big catch would be the Titan Toa Mata Nui set, which I know is a long shot at any decent price. I'm also looking for some Lego Star Wars sets from around 2002ish, anything attack of the clones related. Finally, I am looking for a hardcover copy of Star Wars: A New Dawn, and Heir to the Jedi.
  5. So I'm in bit of a tight spot. I bought Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle for my girlfriend's birthday and it looked factory sealed. She's a Disney Princess fan and I love Lego, so it was a mix of our worlds. We open it today and somebody had gone in and stolen the Elsa and Anna figures. I saw the prices online on ebay and the prices are pretty crazy. I was hoping anybody on here might be able to sell them to me for a pretty good price. She was really looking forward to the figures, so if anybody could help me out, I'd really appreciate it!
  6. I am interested in the Red Kakama, Blue Akaku, Blue Miru, Blue Pakari, Green Kaukau, Brown Akaku, and Brown Kaukau. How much for these? I don't have too much cash, so I can't pay a whole lot. Also, how much would you sell your Bohrok-Kal minus Lehvak and Gahlok for? Lehvak Va and Tahnok Va? Turaga Nuju? Takua and Pewku (or just Takua)? McDonald's Jala? Also would you be willing to sell the Mctoran disks separately?
  7. I would be interested in the orange Vahi, kaukau disk, red ruru, and a copper Huna. I'll wait until you have the rest of things posted you are going to sell before making any kind of offer though.
  8. Are these the only masks you have or do you have regular masks that came in mask packs, by any chance?
  9. I am honestly really torn between a 2001-esque reboot and a continuation on Sphereus Magna. If done well, a 2001 reboot would evoke so much nostalgia. It would be interesting to see a new take on familiar characters in a hopefully similar environment. If they continued to keep familiar characters, I would very much enjoy seeing new bohrok and rahkshi renditions, as well as a focus on lots of Rahi. The mystery and tribal feel of 2001 would be an awesome thing to have again. I would definitely like to see the return of the Turaga as well. I would also like to see how the story continued on Sphereus Magna. It wouldn't really matter to me if it was set shortly after or long after the events we left off with. I would really enjoy seeing the Toa Mata/Nuva reunite to confront the Element Lords and find the great beings (maybe off planet?). I would also like to see new renditions of the Toa Mahri. With a continuation, I would like to see a lot of 2001-04 influence on Spherues Magna. Having a whole planet really opens up possibilities for cool locations. A Metru Nui like capital would be cool to see on Sphereus Magna as well as smaller Koro throughout the planet. Either thing that happens, I would very much like to see the return of serious collectibles like the Kanohi, if not Kanohi themselves. That's really the biggest thing for me. As far as the serials go, I would like to just see them finished, without really being a part of the main story. They don't really matter too much to me, other than whatever is going on in the red star. They can use this chance to bring back old characters into the new line, but I would much rather happen to the red star where all those deaths were not cheapened. I want Lego to surprise me with the plot. As long as it is well done and well thought out!
  10. I actually asked Greg and he confirmed that the masks turn the primary color. He also said the Vakama knew the Metru Nui style masks, and that his Huna could have been acquired from a trade. Which I would assume why we see both Sarda and Balta wear great Hunas, since they were native to the Southern Continent and that style could have originated there.
  11. I really can't think of an example where the overall story really has an important feature that comes from an alternate dimension. I enjoyed the Toa Empire, and the dimension where Matoro failed, but I really don't think they were vital to the story. I would still have preferred it if dimensional travel wasn't part of the story. It would just allow less room for confusion.
  12. It doesn't bother me. I wish they would have made a lot more use of those powers, but maybe if somehow the story resumes, we'll see Tahu make use of some of them. The only thing that does really bother me is the absurd amount Kraata I have to collect!
  13. I don't see it as being impossible. If the great beings were able to create bio-mechanical life, they should be able to change a preexisting life form from one form to another. If not the beings themselves, then they probably at least have another way to do it. (Ignika, Energized Proto, etc)
  14. So then it could have been possible that the Huna Vakama wore was not the shape of a typical great Huna? Because if it was the standard shape of a great Huna, I can't imagine him not knowing that. Balta also wore the same mask on Voya Nui, so maybe it was a foreign varient that Vakama could have come to possess?
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