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  1. Bambi

    Wish all the cool guys would comeback. :c

  2. Hey, happy late birthday, if you'll ever notice this!

  3. Goodbye, BZPower. This place used to be fun until I discovered how egotistical the staff are.

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    2. Dr. Giggles PhD
    3. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      Egotistical? I know Takuma is, but other than that, I dunno.

    4. You just lost the game

      You just lost the game

      With some years and a bit of wisdom, I can now say that you weren't far off in your declaration.

      See you around, old friend.

  4. xon

    Notices that you're still premier and that you haven't made a blog post since December. Is disappointed.

  5. xon

    Mail Call

    I'm totally for having a custom skin contest. That would actually be a lot of fun.
  6. xon

    ⱳatching ỵou

    To have a phobia of fearing fear in general to causing horrific amounts of fear in other people's lives. They grow up so fast.
  7. Holy cow, I thought that model didn't come out until next year.
  8. xon

    Toa Mata Poster

    Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I see how flawed it is in so many ways (coloring, placement, etc.). Certainly not my best work.
  9. I kind of wish that people didn't join in on staff fads.

    1. Sumiki


      I don't think it's bad that some people do - but I don't think they realize exactly how long they'll be left with their names altered while we've all re-aquired our previous names. It always looks a little silly unless they're OBZPCs and thus have 30-day name changes.

    2. Kakaru


      Agreed. Unless you're doing it because you came up with a name that you like regardless of the fad and wouldn't mind being stuck with for a few weeks, you're going to end up looking pretty awkward.

    3. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      Man, you've got to be a clone of me. You think EXACTLY the same as me.

  10. Wonderful as always, MO. I love your style, and this piece of art certainly didn't disappoint. Great job!-xon
  11. All of these entries were great, but "At the End of the Tunnel" was my favorite. It was very well drawn and well created in general.-xon
  12. xon

    Toa Mata Poster

    Yeah, I noticed my lack of showing the "main part" of the image.Thanks. I might work on editing it later.
  13. xon

    Toa Mata Poster

    It's been a while since I've posted anything here, so here it goes. Link. I'm too happy with the final result, so I'd enjoy any (constructive) criticism. Thanks. -xon
  14. Strep throat.

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    2. xon


      Yeah, it really sucks. The sore throat is like unbearable, dude.

    3. WriterofReapers


      Ouch. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    4. xon


      Thanks. I feel better today.

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