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  1. ..but for Wales!

    1. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      Your avatar reminds me of some bloke from back in the day, but I can't remember who it is.

  2. /toa/

    1. sunflower



  3. EVO 2014 HYPE

  4. "Video Games" - The Wizard

    1. Geardirector


      "I love the Power Glove... it's so bad"

  5. LIMES! :[

    1. sunflower


      i know


      i am ashamed

  6. Guys, go join the new Starscape game. Travel the galaxy, seek out new life and new civilizations, then kill them! Er-and play with a ton of awesome people, too.

  7. Noooo, not Beardless Riker! XD

  8. "There's two kinds of men in this world, those with loaded guns and those that dig. You dig."

  9. [Obligatory pseudo-philosophical status update.]

  10. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. . .

    1. Wade.


      Happy Birthday.

    2. CeeCee


      Happy late birthday, dear Javert...

    3. Highly Suspicious Person

      Highly Suspicious Person

      Happy several month late birthday!

  11. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

    1. BenLuke
    2. Leaf


      If I knew many quotes...

  12. Bandwagon partially jumped on, now to wait for my next name change opportunity. . .

  13. Life is too important to take seriously.

    1. Havelock Vetinari

      Havelock Vetinari

      Except if your chasing a criminal. Right? :P

    2. BenLuke


      Of course!


      Curse that Jean Valjean!

  14. . . .and a happy new year.

  15. Merry Christmas, folks!

    1. BULiK


      Yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum!

  16. Hello, welcome to BZPower!

  17. One more day to revolution / We will nip it in the bud / We'll be ready for these schoolboys / They will wet themselves with blood!

    1. Aderia


      It's the police!/Disappear!/Run for it!/It's Javert!!

    2. BenLuke


      Another brawl in the square/Another stink in the air!/Was there a witness to this?/Well, let him speak to Javert!

  18. "First person shooter" should really be "Second person shooter.

    1. CeeCee
    2. Simulacrum


      Are you really shooting someone? Or are you pretending to be in the body of someone shooting someone else?


      Wait, does this mean we now have fourth person shooters?

  19. New name.

    1. They


      Yes. It is new. Most ingenius.

  20. Welcome to BZPower, leave your sanity at the door.

  21. Holy crud, Series 2 of Sherlock is on netflix.

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    2. Simulacrum


      "Have fun with that."


      Moriarity is possible my favorite villan in any TV series, ever.

    3. Ramona Flowers

      Ramona Flowers

      The portrayal is wonderfully original, and it works! It really works! :D

    4. Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak
  22. "Squibbously" is now a word

  23. Oh cool, new spinny.

  24. Medieval Latin > Roman Latin

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