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      Your avatar reminds me of some bloke from back in the day, but I can't remember who it is.

  2. How are you y'all and how things going on the ol' BZPRPG?
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  4. ebic meme. xDxDxD So what's up, how's the old BZPRPG going? I'm probably not going to start posting again but wouldn't mind a recap of recent happenings over the last couple months. Just thought I'd check in on you folks.
  5. IC:. Arius smiled at the Lesterin, and tried his best to answer the stranger's criticism, even if they had little to do with anything they had said. "No being is an island, without civilization only the strongest, most ruthless, and luckiest would survive, and not for very long. People gather to accomplish things that would be impossible alone. "Why must one's faith be measure by how well they can gather"? Because every thing else is. Commerce, war, the technological advancement you are so found of, all of these grow stronger through people gathering together, becoming more connect and unified, not less. Contrary to what you seem to think, it is rahi that can live with no concern for others, following only there own whims, knowing when it is better to submit instead is gift given only to those that can reason, and there is more value in following then in leading, even if few see things that way." Hopefully he understands at least a little better, Arius though, even if he knew there was little likely hood of that. Funny how some could let skepticism blind them to the point of being just as blind as they claimed the strongly religious were. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a lot to do, and the day is no getting longer," he concluded, leaving the Lesterin and begining to climb the rogue-hewed steps up to the temple.
  6. Only Hubert ever PMed saying he'd complete a profile, but if anyone wants to join in I've started the paladin group up in Kini-Nui. Introducing the Order of the Temple.
  7. IC: The Ta-Matoran pulled down his white hood and looked out over the great temple's decayed and majestic ruins. Kini Nui had once been great, the center of worship for the whole island, but now it crumpled abandoned above the entrance to the home of Mata Nui's enemy, a symbol of the strangling hold the Makuta had once asserted, and the ambivalence of the Matoran towards their old faith following the master of shadow's defeat. There were gaps in the temple's domed structure, though which you could see the ramshackle rooms of its interior, uninhabited for centuries. One of the four towers surrounding the dome leaned precariously, as if a strong wind might send it tumbling to the valley below. It is easy to see where me must start, at the least, Arius though, beginning to descend into the temple clearing. He kept a hand on the hilt of his sword, the Makuta's sons remained, even if their father had been banished for a time, and Arius did not plan on any Rahkshi catching him off guard. There was something fitting about the home of the forces of light being so near the center of darkness, this was only the latest chapter of an old, old story, after all. He paused and turned back towards his followers, white robes clapping a little in the breeze. "Today begins an era, an end to disorganization and faithlessness," he said, arms raised towards the dome of Kini-Nui behind him."We will restore the Great Temple, returning it to glory, and from there we will begin spreading Mata Nui's word throughout his creation, calling his people to renewed faith in Him. The Master of Shadows still casts a long shadow of fear over many's hearts, and his servant still lurk in the far corners of Mata Nui, who must be purged. The Koros have made great strides towards political unity, but our people are still divided, and many have forgotten who our real enemy is. We must remind then. For when the Makuta returns, all must be pretty for the battle against him if Mata Nui is to be awakened and his dark brother cast down forever, or the Makuta will win. It is our duty to bring unity, else the destiny of this land is a bleak one indeed." Concluding his speech there, it was not the time for some long sermon, Arius turn back towards Kini-Nui, eager for their work to begin.
  8. IC: "I'll back that up."
  9. EVO 2014 HYPE

  10. IC: Kethrye swayed a fraction to his left under her weight, but did not stumble. His countenance brightened, in truth instead of facade, at Plagia and Helios's banter. He forgotten how good it was to be surrounded by friends, the hole the lack of camaraderie had left in his life. "No, Plagia, you're fine."
  11. IC: "If I jumped down his throat-" Kethrye whispered in dry return. "-I wouldn't get an answer." He knew that Plagia was right, however. No mater how uncomfortable he was with the situation, now was not the best time for that confrontation. Better to watch , and wait. All would come to light eventually. Kethrye's only fear was that it would come too late. "Um, excuse my outburst, Toa Zauk. It is not my place to make demands of you like that. Have one karz of a hangover, so neither my patience or tact are what they should." He grinned apologetically at the Toa of Lightning, the expression a sharp contrast to the suspicion still glinting in his eyes.
  12. IC: I didn't think "from dust we came, and to dust we will return" meant something quite so literal, Kethrye thought, brushing the Nui-Jaja's blood from his blade with his eyes intent on where the rest of the beast had disintegrated. Kethrye was long past being fazed by the laws of reality breaking down around him, but was still left uneasy. There were forces at work here; Unknown, mysterious forces. Kethrye hated unknown, mysterious forces. He preferred foes one could look in the eye as they tried to kill you, then at least you knew were you stood. As far as they knew this wondrous disappearing rahi could have been left as a test, and whoever they were dealing with felt them no ultimate ill will and was merely toying with them, laughing as only those types could. "Care to enlighten us?" the Toa of Ice hissed in Zauk's direction, leering at the Toa of Lightening, their employer. He tilted his head towards the stone that had been bonded to the Nui-Jaja, which Plagia had stooped to examine. "Or do you still plan on remaining all mysterious and aloof? I doubt you know as little as you let on originally, sorry."
  13. Whenever enough people have profiles done, ideally.
  14. The leader of this paladin group's profile is up, anyone interested can look at his biography for a broad look at the group's beliefs and goals, though obviously other members of the group can hold different opinions or preferred means of action. Now to get some sleep.
  15. Writing up a character profile as we speak, anyone that's interested shoot me a PM.
  16. . . .On one hand that wasn't quite the angle I had been considering, on the other hand paladins are pretty cool, yo.
  17. A group of priests or shamans or whatever it is the Mata Nui religion have setting up shop in Kini Nui and trying to make it an important religious center could be a cool plot arc.
  18. People remembering it has always been the exception rather then the rule, unfortunately.
  19. The Ta-Koro jail pretty much has revolving doors by this point, right?
  20. is there anything going on in the Kentoku Archipelago I could get my Dashi character involved with?
  21. IC: "I hope I'm not too late to join the party," Kethrye quibbed , stepping out from behind a charred husk of wood that had once centuries again been a tree. Grinning apologetically, he added "I might have gotten. . sidetracked. Sorry." His sword had already been drawn, and, gripping it in his right hand, he advanced on the Nui-Jaga, confident but reasonably wary. After the horror of the Rahskhi and the cunning of the Makuta's servants, he held little fear of a simple rahi, but a Nui-Jaga's poison could still prove deadly, and he had fought Rahkshi slightly less hung over. Kethrye shifted his grip to his sword's pummel, forming a thin coating of frost between the sword and his hand to keep to keep it from being knocking from his grasp by the flailing rahi, then lunged forward, stabbing at the Jaga from outside the reach of its claws and venom tipped tail. The Toa of Ice had watched the rahi shrug off stunning attacks from the other Toa's elemental powers, but he doubted it was immune to its veins bereft of blood.
  22. How are things in the ol' BZPRPG? Can't promise I won't just disappear again but I got the itch to jump back in again.
  23. IC: Kethrye slouched down next to Plagia as she interrogated their new employer, still hung over from the night before. Can't bring myself to care at the moment, sorry, he thought sinking into self contemplation to take his head off the creature trying to claw its way out of it. Why we're doing this doesn't matter to me. It's something to do besides drink myself, and maybe we get paid when it's over with. Maybe He discover that navel-gazing was a bad cure for migraines, and sighed.
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